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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I was given this coin a couple of months ago, mid-February, and until I found a new recipient for the coin did I realize I had forgotten to post this part of its journey.

I was given this coin by a coworker. We were planning for the day, doing our usual check-in, asking how the other was doing. According to my coworker the next day, she had been having a rough day. Not knowing the extent of her day, beyond her not saying she had a “good” day, I offered to let her pick the flow of the day’s work flow(we are both outdoor educators, and co-teach part of the day together).

I didn’t think twice about offering that to my coworker. It goes to show how small moments like that can be a turning point in an otherwise less-than-good day. I didn’t realize it was so needed. Looking forward, I want to do more regular emotional/mental check-ins with people in my circles.... Humans support and influence each other more than we truly realize.

This coin was delivered to me on February 4, 2019; a snowy Monday. I ordered this coin after reading the January 25, 2019 article about the Butterfly Coins in the Everett (Washington) Herald newspaper. One year ago, my mom passed away and the thought behind using this coin to pass along as a sign of kindness or thanks reminded me of her. I look forward to the day I can give this coin away in her honor.

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