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I'm an avid bookcrossing-user and heard of butterfly coins through that website. I love helping others and make the world a better place.

Sending this together with two tubes of toothpaste. The toothpaste is no longer sold and I found two to send to someone who's child prefer this toothpaste to all others.

Received from my dear friend in Sweden. I was so pleased to receive this. Bless your heart. I shall treasure it for a while and then see how I can do a kind deed and let it fly on. It's so beautiful.

I'm sending this coin to a bookcrossing friend. I was so happy when they had clearly written on their profile a wish for a butterfly coin.

Fly on and do good, little coin!

This coin will travel to someone I met online. It turned out I have a pair of pants my son no longer want and this person's child might want. So the coin travel together with these pants to them.

Gave this to a colleague with nothing else than a greeting of a Happy Easter! Enjoy the coin!

Left this with a friend today after paying for this evenings takeout. I realized as we were leaving when I felt the coin in my pocket that that was a coin worthy act of kindness.

My first actual release into the world. Hurray!

I gave this coin to my son to encourage him to help others.

I will bring this coin with me to my New Year's celebration. Perhaps I find a kind deed to do on the way.

I received my coins a few days ago and this one got to come with me to work. I will try to make it spread it's wings soon.


I had to buy two even though I still have from the first batch. They are beautiful!

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I agree. Please remove all the spam posts.

And I agree on the spam being annoying.

I love having a coin in my pocket reminding me to do good. And they are so beautiful.

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You seem to have three sent out in the world already. Had you been closer I'd give you one of mine but I payed a lot of postage to have those sent to me. And I have plans for them too. :-)

And Sweden, cause I bought some. :-)

Really nice article!

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Wow! Really beautiful!

What is the plan, will these last all of 2019. That is, will you continue to produce them if you sell out before the end of 2019?

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Such a beautiful reason to do this.

I love this!

Wonderful! I just wish to continue to be anonymous and the coin will reveal who I am. But perhaps I could give it to the shopowner for letting me do the random act of kindness.

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Thank you!

I got mine in the mail this week. They were a lot bigger than I thought. A collegue fell in love with the one I borught to work. Perhaps I have to do something for her so she can have one. But she might keep it because it is so nice looking.

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Yes, absolutley - that was the given thing to do. But when it didn't give me any result I was confused. But now I know it can be tricky and reload or leave the page and come back and click again.

Now when I went back to the posts with more replies than visible it let me click the link and show the other replies. So I guess that answers my question.

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Now I could open the other replies and can see that you have orderd the coins with a lower shipment cost. Good luck with your random acts of kindness.

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I found the shipping cost high as well. Not that high though. It must be very heavy coins. However, before actually paying I had a choice of two different shipping costs so I could lower the shipping cost from 36 USD to 23 USD for 10 coins. I'm went through with it to support bookcrossing and because I like the idea. And because it is fun to have one of the first editions. :-)

I'd be happy to make a (not so) random act of kindness for you Delphi_Girl and send you a coin if you haven't been able to buy some.

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I love that idea. I would just want to be anonymous when doing that and the coin will give me away. I have to have a secret account as well I guess.

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