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I’m gifting this coin to the person who stole my granddaughter’s heart. They were in college, and Noah was an introvert with his friends. He was from a totally different world than my precious girl, but they were both majoring in Biology with a minor in Marine Education, so they saw each other quite a bit.

After a few dates, I guess that’s all it took because 5 years later, he is THE ONE and I am a happy MawMaw. He is no longer an introvert but has learned to love birdwatching, hiking, fishing, wilderness camping, kayaking, gardening, volunteering for many environmental causes and has an excellent job as an Environmental Officer with the Air National Guard. He also mows my grass without me asking and helps maintain the plants in my garden and around my home. He and my granddaughter feed the turtles, birds, hummingbirds, possums, and racoons they find in my yard and are always looking for snakes, lizards and others yard animals and insects. They are both big environmentalists who love this earth and care about what happens to it.

Noah has a very generous heart and is beautiful inside and out and is always there for my granddaughter AND me if needed. He is very hard-working, creative, determined, fair, passionate, and generous. He has become my dear FRIEND and I look forward to the day be becomes “my Grandson”.

Noah’s random acts of kindness mentioned above make him the perfect candidate for this Butterfly Coin and I am proud to gift it to him. If he chooses to pass it on, I hope it is to someone with the same qualities he has.

I hope you enjoy the Butterfly Coin, Noah, I love you. For as long as you have it, enjoy it, but if you choose to pass it on and let it fly, I’ll be watching for your post and memories of having it. Love always.

As soon as I received this coin, I knew where it was going. I know I'm supposed to keep it in my pocket, but it was already destined for a new home. I am sending it to a person named Carol in Ocala, FL. She has been nothing but kind and is the meaning of a true friend. I know she will pass it on and make a difference in the world.

I'm gifting this coin to my daughter, on her birthday for her random acts of kindness to me all year. Her generous heart speaks volumes of her as a person for she is always willing to help others in a fun way or sometimes out of need without others knowing. She is a hard-working, independent, creative, strong, passionate, kind person who never slows down.

My heart is filled with so many memories that have touched my heart and changed my world forever thanks to my lovely daughter. I thank her for being the JOY in my life. I am so proud to be her mother. I hope that one day someone does something so special for her that she feels it warrants passing this coin on to them and give it wings to take flight and begin its journey so we can read about it.

Happy Birthday, Keri. I hope you have an awesome day. I love you.

On October 16, 2020 I gifted this coin and random act of kindness to my BFF, Linda. It is said that best friends are the family we choose for ourselves and I love her and her husband like my own family members. She is always there for me no matter what. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and reminds me of many beautiful butterflies. She is most generous and has a heart of gold and I hope she carries this coin with her until and if she decides to pass it to someone she feels deserves it. My hope is that this coin will travel far, but if it does not, I very much treasure our friendship always and love my dear friend. She is THE BEST.

I gifted this coin to my granddaughter, Kaylin, on her 23rd birthday. She is a senior in college and I hope these wings give her flight when she graduates and moves on to become her own life butterfly. My hope is that she will pass it on to someone as kind, generous and with the same heart of gold as she has. She is a very special young lady who will always have my heart.

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