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Work as a Volunteer at FFRC once a month to usually hold kitties after they have had their surgery to spay or neuter. If not that, then help "dig for kitty treasurers" to clean their boxes and whatever other help is needed.

I take care of my neighbour since she lost her homemate. She lives alone, without any relatives or friends near by. Every saturday and sometimes also between the week, when I have the feeling she needs a talk I invite her for a cup of coffee. Now she needs to have surgery and I care for her and her home. This is only one of the things I spend time with people in need.
Thanks to Anne-in-uk. The coin will go back to USA again. God bless good friends.

My Name is Scottycat and I live in Glasgow Scotland and am one of the Cam Mods for FFRC.
My neighbour is 82 years old, lives alone and is fiercely independent and will not ask anyone for help whatsoever. Her two sons live abroad but do keep in regular touch with her. A few months ago I noticed when speaking to her she was showing what looked like me signs of a stroke, her left eye was drooping and her speech was slurred. I insisted that she should see her doctor , reluctantly she did and it was confirmed indeed she had suffered from a stroke. As she refused any help from Care Givers, I managed to persuade her to get a key safe installed outside her house so that if she fell or became unwell I could let myself in and call a doctor. She also agreed that she would pull her window blind down at night and lift it in the morning to let me know she was alive and well as she did not want me having to either visit her everyday or phone her. This is working perfectly for both of us, it gives me peace of mind and her sons know that I am looking out for her but respecting her independence and privacy too.

Hi I am Anne-in-uk
I was honored to have received this coin from Nancy.

My good deed was to help when a local rescue put the call out for assistance in rescuing 3 mares and their foals. I am pleased to report that they are now all safe and well and will be looking forward to new homes in the future.

I, like Nancy, treasure the friendships I have formed through FFRC. an amazing Nation, brought together because of Jacci Moss, a person whom has both inspired and educated me in so many ways.

God bless this coin as it goes on its way

Yvonne vdK - Frankfurt, Germany July 18th
First of all, I would like to apologize for not adding a story any sooner. I received the coin shortly before my trip to the most wonderful place on this planet for rescued cats/kittens (and humans): Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH.
Afterwards other projects came up... Again sorry for the delay.

Such a great idea to have this coin travel all over the world!
My good deed:
The office where I go to work is located close to a bridge where lots of doves are breeding. Unfortunately many of the chicks fall out of their nests and end up on the street with many cars/trams speeding by. I know that the majority of people think that doves are the "rats of the sky" but when I see those poor animals lying on the ground, I just have to safe them. So off I go, together with a box and all dressed up for the office, under the bridge to try to catch them. People driving/walking by of course think I'm a crazy nut collecting/chasing the doves but that doesn't bother me a bit. Luckily there's a rescue center for doves in Frankfurt, where one can bring the chicks or injured. The last couple of years I rescued approx. 10 doves.

I received this coin from a dear friend and supporter of FFRC. I donated to our local food bank and grocery shopped and make dinner for a friend who is homebound after surgery.

I have received this butterfly coin from Discats.

I have of late, tried to share my grief of losing my son and the joy it
was in having him for 27 years. A gift.

Many people are out there that don't know where to turn and although I have no answers, I share how it came, that I could again get out of bed and smile. I hope I have helped someone with the hope for Peace.

I love FFRC!!!!! They are a good part of the reason I smile.

I'm DISCATS. I received this coin from Sara H.

I participated in a women's retreat to help us discover the fire within us and to use it to light up our lives (yours and mine). I provided cleaning products and children's items for spring cleaning and an Easter party for parents and children in a low income housing complex in the area.

I hope this butterfly goes far and lights up each life it touches.

This is EagleFan4Ever98 and I received this particular coin from Kris M.

My good deed for the day was to spend a few minutes listening and talking to my friend who is going through a very personal struggle right now.

Something I also do to "pay-it-forward" because I'm a huge fan of doing that is heading up our local high school Parent Advisory (or PTA) group. We are in the middle of our busy season right now as far as events, but I put my time and treasure into this group because the rewards are SO great! I love impacting people's futures by doing for them.

I recently moved to Boise, ID. I found a quiet street, in a delightful neighbourhood where everyone is friendly and welcoming. When a neighbour needed to be in hospital for a blood transfusion she worried about her dog being in the house alone. For two weeks I fed and walked Zoe (and I am a cat person!) until Sue was back home. Darkcat

I received this coin from Jacci (FFRC), a wonderful lady who takes care of all of the cats and kittens at her rescue center. My "pass it forward" for this coin was taking dinner over to my elderly neighbor, who has been sick.

Kris Matheason
Shakopee, MN

JodyJ, Sellersburg, Indiana, March 26, 2019 I recieved this coin from my friends at Friends of Felines. Little do they know how much they have done and do, not only for the cats, catdog, horses, donkey, goat, peacocks, ducks, geese, etc... but for each other and the humans on the other side of the camera. All of them doing what they do everyday has brought joy, tears, excitement, and friendship to so many on the other side of the cam & brought everyone into the FFRC nation. Recieving this coin from special friends, who after all that they do everyday, thought of sending it to me. About my good deed, I am a nurse, I care for the ill & dying. It's my job, I was trained how to do it, but it's just a job until one day you find that you care more for the people your caring for than you once did. After a 12 hour shift & caring for a person that was dying, who had no family, I stayed for 5 more hours (off the clock) to hold her hand until the end. I wasn't asked to do this, but I felt she shouldn't be by herself when it was time.

Defiance, OH March 25, 2019 A person we know of had lost her job and couldn't take care of her cats. She was hoping it was a temporary problem because she was looking for a new job. She loves her cats and so wanted to keep them. Steve and I were able to supply her with a month of dry food and litter to tide her over. Jacci, Friends of Felines Rescue Center

Defiance, OH 3/24/19 We heard thru a friend that a person they knew had no money to put in their gas tank. They had little kids at home. We were able to "silently" fill the tank and leave a bag of food. Fly on, Butterfly coin to your next friend! Jacci of Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance OH.

Defiance, OH A friend of Friends of Felines Rescue Center was unexpectedly put in the hospital for what was to be a couple days. It turned out to be almost a week. She had a cat at home that she was worried about. We were able to get the cat out of the apartment and kept her here at FFRC until her discharge, so she wouldn't worry. Jacci

This coin is originating at Friends of Felines Rescue Center at 14597 Power Dam Rd in Defiance, Ohio. My "pass it forward" for this coin was to provide goodies for students that needed a snack for after school, that had no funds to buy any. Jacci Moss of Defiance, OH

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