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My friend Thomas and I went on a 22+ mile mountain bike ride today. He is an amazing man and a great friend (and an ok mountain biker.) He will be traveling to France soon and hopefully will pass the Butterfly coin on to someone there!

My friend Thomas and I went on a 22+ mile mountain bike ride today. He is an amazing man and a great friend (and an ok mountain biker.) He will be traveling to France soon and hopefully will pass the Butterfly coin on to someone there!

This coin has been sitting in my desk drawer for a few months. My wonderful brother Jeff sent it to me. Finally I am passing it and a Starbucks gift card onto a co-op employee who I don't know well but is always friendly. Yay for kindness!

Rose in Arizona will be launching this coin to travel far and wide as it brings blessings and kindness to everyone it touches. :)

I sent this coin with blessings and gratitude to Rose in Arizona who is on our Amare team. :)

I gave this coin along with the last cash I had in my wallet ($5) to a homeless man in downtown Spokane. He certainly needed a act of kindness. I hope this one small act will trigger more and more good fortune for him. I asked him to "pay it forward" in whatever way he was inspired to do so.

One of the things I like about having a butterfly coin with me is i look for people that are doing good. I know I will know when its the right person to give it to.

I just ordered three of these coins today, the pay it forward idea of sharing the coin with someone that does an act of kindness is way cool. I am telling the people I share with to go to youtube and watch the movie trailer for pay it forward movie, pay it forward, a movement inspired by a movie.

This coin begins it's journey with my friend Joan Blaser who is a very talented musician with a big heart. May this coin bring smiles and miracles to many people all over the world as it travels!

This coin begins it's journey with my friend Joan Blaser who is a very talented musician with a big heart.

My friend and business partner Richard Cooper will launch this coin... I'm sure it will travel far and wide spreading good will and kind deeds to brighten many lives!

My friend and business partner Richard Cooper will launch this coin from the center of the country... I'm sure it will travel far and wide spreading good will and kind deeds to brighten many lives!

My friend Oen will launch this coin and I'm sure it will spread blessings and put a smile on many people' faces.

This coin begins it's journey in Gatesville, TX with my friend and business partner Oen Dollins.

I was doing some ' butterfly research " and found this non profit group that helps saves the Monarch butterfly by sending out milkweek seeds packs to schools, its cool. The site is

Douglas Sanders is a man with a big heart who always looks for ways to help others... he will launch this coin from McDonough, Georgia, with hopes that it travels the world and blesses many people on it's journey!

This coin begins it's journey with Douglas Sanders who loves to help others with good deeds and acts of kindness. Thanks Doug for Paying it Forward and participating in this awesome fun project!

One of the things I like about the coin is everyday when I put it in my pocket and take it out at the end of the day my thoughts are to making a difference.

This is a great idea and a cool site, thanks jeff for sending me the coin. Reminds me of the movie " pay it forward ". people are amazing when they open their hearts and care for other people. I do a lot with social media and when I had little money in 2008 I started marketing my book, ' The lobster and the chicken ' on youtube with short branding on a budget video's at lobster lab media. This site is a win win because its a social media marketing site and making a difference at the same time.. thanks Herb Palmer jr and p.s. I am going to buy 10 more of these to give away.

I launch this coin by sending it Tony and Jeanette along with a small gift. T & J have become dear friends in the last couple of years. They have big hearts and are always looking to spread kindness and good will. I'm excited to be working with Tony in a business that is growing like crazy and spreading radiant health and mental wellness as it grows... it's a perfect match with the Butterfly Coin project. We are totally blessed! I envision this coin inspiring great acts of kindness and love as it travels.

I felt inspired and excited to send this coin to my dear friend Joanne who is one of the most generous and giving people I've ever met. She could easily give out ten coins a day with the kind deeds she does. And when a friend REALLY needs help, she goes way beyond the call of duty. I have been in awe of her assistance (in every way) for our mutual friend Harry. Thank you Joanne for being so amazing and generous. This coin comes with love and gratitude and I'm sure it will brighten the lives of many people as it travels.

This coin begins it's journey with one of my best friends... Jim is a wise and talented entrepreneur, and is a fellow MultiPure distributor. I've been blessed to work with him for over 30 years and I'm honored to call him a friend. I hope this coin inspires and creates miracles in many people's lives as it travels :)

I send this coin along with a small gift to a dear friend who is a world class racer of sail boats and an all around awesome guy! I've known Peter for about 15 years and I have enjoyed our friendship immensely through the years.

This coin begins it's journey with my awesome brother Dave and my sister in law Brenda. Bro Dave has been an inspiration for me for my whole life, but mostly he taught me to work hard, do your best, have fun and laugh a lot. Thanks Bro for being who you are and for being such an awesome great brother! And thanks Brenda for being a bright light with a generous heart! Love you both so much!

I sent this coin to Roberta who just enrolled as a member of my new business. She is struggling to have enough money to cover her basic bills. She wrote to me with some ideas that might work for her to make some extra income. She has such a great attitude and is proactive so I am going to work with her to help her out. Also, with her coin, I sent some inspiring wisdom from masters (that has helped me in my life's journey), along with a little cash to help her with some basic and immediate needs.

I've known my dear cousin Elise for as long as I can remember.... and that's a mighty long time! We grew up together running and boating and skiing around Clarklake. We had so much fun!!! Anyway, I sent her a coin and a small gift to let her know how much I love all the memories, and all of who she is now. We are kindred spirits for sure, with a deep love of animals and a zest for living life to the fullest. Thank you Elise... I can't wait to see you again this summer! I'm sure you'll find the perfect person to pass this coin to. :))

I send this coin to my dear friends Greg and Olivia who moved from Sandpoint to Madison, Wisconsin. I always loved the bumper sticker that Olivia had on her vehicle... it reads "What Are You Grateful For?"
I thought of giving the coin to them because of their generous and grateful spirit. Then Olivia texts me out of the blue and asks a favor... I gladly helped out and that gave me the perfect opportunity to pass the coin on to them! I'm sure it will make them smile and be excited to FLY ON with kindness and good deeds, which are an everyday thing for them!

This coin goes to Herb in NJ who is an author and a great entrepreneur. I am fortunate to be working with him and I look forward to many awesome experiences together in the years ahead! I hope this coin creates miracles and blesses many people on it's journey!

I sent this coin along with a small gift to Dee Stratton, a new business associate who has a big heart and an awesome attitude! I'm looking forward to many years of sharing radiant health, deep gratitude, powerful inspiration and life-changing prosperity! Fly on!

As a young and enthusiastic 26 year old entrepreneur, I was incredibly fortunate to meet a man that has inspired me to achieve great things and live each day with passion and gratitude. Will McCoy is a true friend and a lifetime brother in love and service. He and his wife Gemma are humble, wise and grateful, yet powerful and passionate at the same time. Rarely do any of us have the good fortune to have friends as awesome as Will and Gemma. I send this coin to them knowing that it will warm their hearts to envision this coin touching the lives of many people in miraculous ways as it travels.

Over the past 20+ years David and I have been trading phone calls and stories many times as we each built huge businesses in separate companies. For the past year I have had the pleasure and the honor to work closely with David in the same business and I am grateful beyond words. David is a man of the highest integrity and is a leader of leaders. I send this coin to David with heartfelt appreciation for his wisdom, his vision, his compassion and his awesome ability to lead others to greatness. May this coin travel far and wide, blessing the lives of people all over the world!

Jeff - thank you for thinking of me! You are a great friend and I appreciate it! I have decided to pass this coin along to Elma. Elma is doing an internship as an office assistant and I truly appreciate her help. She is a wonderful person with an amazing story of growing up in the Philippines and moving to the US a number of years ago. I encourage her to be a blessing in her journey to happiness and to help others through sharing some of the experiences that has shaped her being. Wishing you all the best as you ponder the "Butterfly Effect".
- Scott

This coin goes to my mom along with a small gift and a lot of love. :)) I hope it travels all over Michigan blessing the lives of countless people. Can't wait to come to Michigan for a visit this summer!

I'm sending this coin to Daniel, one of my dearest friends in the world.
We met 27 years ago at a Super Bowl party and we've doing wild and crazy things together ever since. Daniel has been a great teacher for me both personally and in business. I am deeply grateful to have him as a friend. We've both faced some huge challenges over the past few years and we've both come out of them stronger and more passionate to live life to the fullest potential. With this coin comes a lot of love, appreciation and gratitude.

I send this coin to my dear friend Miranda with a joyful heart overflowing with love... we have a deep soul connection that creates joy and laughter every time we talk. We have had some awesome and amazing adventures over the past 20+ years, and many more to come! She is constantly "in service" helping others, so the Butterfly Coins are perfect for her spirit and her life. I know this coin will travel far and wide and touch the lives of many people.

I'm sending this coin to a new friend that I made just a few weeks ago. Larry is an awesome guy with a great attitude. He's the kind of person who loves to learn and help others every day. I am fortunate to be working with him in my business and I hope to have a long and prosperous friendship in the years ahead.

This coin begins its journey with one of my best friends, Scott Beals. He is a man of immense talent and a huge heart. You rarely meet anyone throughout life who is as generous, friendly and wise. I'm sure Scott will smile when he receives the coin and he'll immediately begin to think of who needs an "Act of Kindness." The question is, who doesn't! And that's the beauty of this project, we get to encourage, inspire and track one of the most important things in our culture... helping others when it's least expected. Scott is kind and generous to everyone he meets and he's always lending a helping hand. I have a feeling this coin is going to bless many many lives throughout it's journey.

I had a gut feeling that Shelly Lewis was the perfect person to have this coin as it begins it's journey. Shelly runs a non-profit organization and works with a couple others as well. She is totally passionate about serving others, especially those who are facing health challenges. Miracles happen when you combine love, service, a passion for natural healing and common sense. "Mental Wellness" is her specialty and she knows her stuff! She touches the lives of people every day and in the process she is showing people the way to radiant health naturally! I know this coin will have an amazing journey blessing lives all over the country and probably around the world.

This coin begins it's journey in the hands of Carol Caiazzo who, like me, is an Amare Wellness Partner. Carol has the best attitude... she is positive, thankful and generous. She has a dream to build a residual income and I have pledged to help her on her journey. In just two and a half months Carol has already set a foundation for great success. So I sent her a small gift to support her dream and help her stay focused. I'm sure she will find the perfect person to pass the coin on to and bless with a random act of kindness.

This coin begins it's journey in the hands of one of the most talented and passionate musicians I've ever met. Guitar player Jake from the band "Stone Cloud 4" is phenomenal.... and the really cool thing is that the other three band members are equally talented! This is by far the best rock band in Sandpoint and surely one of the best in the whole state. At 17 years old, these young men are just beginning their career, and I honestly believe they will hit the big time and become international rock stars.... they are that good! My gift to Jake is to help make his dream come true in any way I can ~ business consulting, marketing, creative ides, etc...

Christine is one of my favorite people... not because she has some super powers, but rather because she has a heart filled with love, gratitude and appreciation. She works hard, like most of us, and she sometime struggles financially, like most of us. However, she has a dream and she is determined to stay on the path of her vision to succeed and reach her goals by helping others. This coin makes me smile because I know Christine will appreciate it... I sent it to her along with a small gift today. :))

My amazing friend Bryan is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I've ever met! But he just can't seem to catch a break. He's doing OK now, but he has faced some serious health and business challenges for the past two years. Two separate accidents have put him on his back, unable to work, and on top of that he's faced personal and business challenges that are CRAZY. I sent this coin to Bryan along with some nutritional products to help with his healing and energy. Bryan, you are a "giver" to a fault sometimes... I love your spirit; I love who you are, and I am honored to be your friend.

Angelique is a dear friend, and like millions of people, she's feeling some stress financially (I think everyone except the top 2% is feeling the financial squeeze)... I sent her a gift of some really amazing health products to help her and her family. I know she will find a person to bless with a kind deed because she is a generous and compassionate woman. I hope her coin travels the world and blesses families like hers on every continent. :))

This coin is on it's way to Ocean Robbins... CONGRATULATIONS Ocean for your book making the Best Sellers list last month!!! I am SO excited for you and I just had to send you a small gift.
I respect and admire you as much as anyone I've met in my entire life. Thank you for inspiring, educating and leading millions of people to a better life. You are amazing!!! I know you'll find the perfect person to pass this coin on to. Enjoy!

This coin goes to my awesome brother in law Peter. Thank you Peter for being who you are... a man of integrity, passion, and clarity. I sent you a small gift with the coin and I hope you like it. I look forward to seeing you this summer!

My experience of my friend Jim Duffy is that he lives each day with passion and purpose as he seeks to help people live better and healthier lives. I sent this coin to Jim, to the far opposite corner of the country, and I'm sure he will find the perfect person to bless with an act of kindness as the coin continues it's journey. Thank you Jim for having such an AWESOME positive attitude and for trusting in me on this journey with Amare.

Happy Birthday Glen!
This coin is a small token (no pun intended) of my appreciation for your positive attitude. I sent you several Amare products with your coin to enhance your overall health in many ways! This is my gift to you as you begin a journey that will likely be the greatest business of your life.

I sent this coin to Lon Lindsey who has been one of my best friends in the direct mail industry. You will probably never meet a man who is kinder than Lon... he has a giving heart and a very creative mind. As a fellow entrepreneur who has been wildly successful, I sent a small gift with the coin, and I make a wish that we will be lifelong friends.

I send this coin to Hiep Tran in Irvine, CA. Hiep is the most impressive business man I've ever met... he's kind, generous, powerful, wise and humble. He's earned more money in business than anyone I've ever met and yet you would never know it by meeting him because he is warm, sincere and present. I knew when I first met Hiep that he was someone I wanted to work with and learn from. In 2018 Hiep launched Amare Global, a company to provide natural solutions for Mental Wellness. I am very fortunate to be a part of this awesome company and this movement to change millions of lives for the better. We're growing rapidly, and we're going global. Thank you Hiep for giving so much of yourself to help this world be a better place in so many brilliant ways.

This coin goes to Rich Higbee, a man of impeccable integrity. I've known Rich for over 20 years and in that time I have been very fortunate to be involved with him in business twice. Rich is now a founding Executive in Amare Global, one of the most exciting companies I have ever seen in my 40 year career as an entrepreneur. I am grateful beyond words to have the opportunity to work with Rich again. The next five years are going to be some of the most exciting, fun and prosperous years of my life! Thank you Rich for being a friend and believing in me. Our future is bright, and I hope your Butterfly coin helps to make many more lives a little brighter.

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