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Dear Mom,

It's my turn to pass the coin. Merry Christmas 2021! This year I placed little effort on purchasing material gifts. We're so fortunate; we don't need anything. We're healthy, we have roofs over our heads, and we have love.

I love the concept of this coin because often, we don't articulate out loud how much we care about and admire someone. I appreciate that this platform gives us the ability to do so and memorializes it as the coin travels.

Mom, you're my best friend, biggest supporter, and role model in so many ways. I admire how you live life with a grateful heart. You're kind and don't entertain gossip nor speak negatively about others. You live your life with integrity. You are always willing to lend a helping hand. You care for Grandma as if she were your own mother. You are an excellent partner to dad, displaying patience, grace, and teamwork. You raised Sean and me to be polite, caring, and respectful. Our success personally and professionally is heavily influenced by your leadership.

I know the pandemic has challenged us in ways we never expected. It's affected me professionally, and other events have impacted me personally during this time. I want you to know that although those events require my time, effort, and attention to navigate, I do love and appreciate your support. I don't expect you always to understand my choices or decisions, nor do I expect you to solve my problems.

Please keep telling $20 stories. We wouldn't tease you about your storytelling if we didn't love it. Look, Subway! I will close with this. Every day I become a little bit more like my mother, and I couldn't be prouder. I love you, mom.

Xo, Erin

(Sallie gave this coin back to me as I did give her one on her birthday.)

I am sending this coin on to my lovely daughter, Erin, for her 40th birthday. Erin, you deserve this kindness coin for your inspiration to the "you're such a catch community" as well as for your kindness to your family, friends and humanity in general. No-one is a stranger to you. You have rededicated your life to helping others by sharing your life experiences on a podcast. You are an intelligent, caring, humorous and kind person. You have permission to pass this coin forward to another kind, deserving person. Add your story to this coin's journey and "do good and fly on".
Remember, I will love you always. Mom

This coin is flying to my good friend, Sallie. Sallie is one of the kindest people I know. She has been a good friend ever since we met on the tennis courts in the 1980's. If I ever had an emergency, I know Sallie would be there for me. She is my personal "Uber Driver." We share our thoughts just like sisters, but with no sibling rivalry. We never seem to run out of topics of conversation. We walk at least once weekly and sometimes more. She has made my retirement years truly "golden". I meant to give her this coin on her birthday October 10, but she knows how I am with "senior moments". Sallie, enjoy your butterfly coin and then let it fly either here in Redding to a worthy person or on your next trip. As my dad used to say, "You're a Wonder."

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Stephanie. This coin is flying to her for all the kindness she has shown me throughout the years. We met in 1979 when she worked with my husband. We became good friends and she has been there with me through all the ups and downs of life. She also is a retired high school counselor and has helped many teenagers throughout her career. Stephanie, I hope you find someone you would like to pass this butterfly coin of kindness to either here in town or on a trip. Thanks for being wonderful YOU!!!!!!!

Having spent the past five days in the beautiful land of the Outer Hebrides, I am passing this coin on to Andrew, our extraordinaire tour manager.

Andrew has displayed a very special quality of kindness to our entire traveling troupe. Throughout our journey, he has been relentless in overseeing every detail, making sure that everyone’s needs of our tour group of 31 senior adults have been seen to in a very personalized way.

It takes a specially gifted person to continually shown such kindness and thoughtfulness to so many different people, who come from so many different backgrounds, from all around the world. Andrew has set an example of positivity, thoughtfulness, and kindness that we should all strive for in our lives.

This butterfly was passed on to me by my dear friend, Katherine, on my 65th birthday. She is a beautiful retired teacher who exemplifies giving love and sharing kindness with her students, colleagues, and friends. She is an inspiration of what a teacher should always be.

As I celebrate my 40th year in education, along with my husband's and my retirement, we are traveling to Scotland to fulfill one of our Bucket List dreams of attending the Fringe, the famous International Theatre Festival held each year in Edinburgh. We our both educators who were not able to travel during the 11 months of school teaching/planning/counseling/training, so we are looking forward to exploring our beautiful world during times when school is in session.

This butterfly is flying with us in our adventure. As we explore the highlands of Scotland, I look forward to passing this coin on to a very special person. I will update the story after our journey.

Happy Belated Birthday to my dear sister-in-law, Theresa. I am gifting her this butterfly coin as a symbol of all the support she has given to me throughout the years. She took me to my first job interview in California, helped me rent an apartment, helped me furnish that apartment, was the matron of honor at my wedding, took care of my dad for fifteen years, welcomed my children into her home both as kids and as adults, and continues to be there for me when I need her. She is kindness and love personified. Enjoy your coin and let it fly to someone of your choice.

I am gifting this coin to my friend Barbara for her birthday. I hope she will enjoy passing this coin on to someone deserving. Barbara gives her time freely by volunteering at the library. She is a voice for the downtrodden and wants the best for our country and world. She was a superb educator and continues to make a difference in the lives of others. Enjoy your butterfly coin! Happy Birthday!

This coin is flying to my resilient friend RoseMarie. Her house burned down last summer and her kindness to others continues. She and her husband are rebuilding and she treats the builders to donuts every week. She always has a smile on her face. Every day she brightens the lives of her friends and family.

I am gifting this coin to my dear friend RoseMarie for her birthday. She is an “energy giver” and one of the most positive people I know.
It all began when she was kind to my son as his third grade teacher. It continued as we taught special needs children together. It continues today as she shares her kindness with me in our retirement. RoseMarie, enjoy your butterfly coin and then let it fly to another kind, deserving person.

This butterfly was passed on to me by my dear friend, Katherine, on my 65th birthday. She is a beautiful retired teacher who exemplifies giving love and sharing kindness with her students, colleagues, and friends. She is an inspiration of what a teacher should always be.

As I celebrate my 40th year in education and my retirement, I am passing her butterfly on to a very loving and kind principal who gives of her heart in everything she does as she deals with children, teenagers, parents and staff. At the beginning of this school year she challenged all of our school population to “Love Your People”. She has had a very positive affect on our school, and, in turn, our world. I am so very thankful for leaders like her and for opportunities she gave me to “Love My People.”

A student of mine with many personal obstacles, including homelessness, just graduated from high school. In one of our last text messages he text to me, “Thank you for all of your kindness, the work, and most importantly, your nagging.” Isn’t it wonderful that a student would consider “nagging” a kindness? This is a result of the opportunity my principal gave me to "Love Your People."

So, Heidi, as you travel through your journey in education (and life), may you continue to inspire others to always be kind. Your kindness changes our world and makes it a better place. I know that you have forever touched my life and helped me to be a better person. Thank you!

This coin is flying to one of the most generous people I know.

I’m giving this coin to my friend for her birthday. Happy Birthday Cathy!

This coin is flying to my friend Cathy. She is a very giving person and loves butterflies. I wish her a wonderful and long retirement also!

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