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I am the author of the relationship book, The lobster and the chicken 'You can find me on youtube at lobster lab media mentalwellnesss.com

Received this meaningful coin from dear friends that I happened to meet by chance through our mutual love of dogs. I have had this coin for three years and it has helped and guided me through some hard times that life throws your way.
I am passing it on so that this 'butterfly' may help others who are always kind in heart. Thank you.

I have held it for over a year. Now it's time to let the butterfly take flight. We met a nice couple from the next town over in the supermarket. They took us in and invited us to all of their holiday gatherings and made us fee like family. I am giving them the coin at tonight's dinner.

These coins remind me of the film Pay it Forward' When you are having a bad day just go to youtube and watch some clips of the film. We can all make a difference when we remember too. thanks Herb Palmer jr ad lab media

One of the things I like about having a butterfly coin with me is i look for people that are doing good. I know I will know when its the right person to give it to.

My friend sent me on of these ' BUTTERFLY COINS ' and I really liked the idea of a pay it forward, reminds me on the movie pay it forward. i have a branding on a budget youtube site called " lobster lab media " thanks Herb

I just ordered three of these coins today, the pay it forward idea of sharing the coin with someone that does an act of kindness is way cool. I am telling the people I share with to go to youtube and watch the movie trailer for pay it forward movie, pay it forward, a movement inspired by a movie.

I was doing some ' butterfly research " and found this non profit group that helps saves the Monarch butterfly by sending out milkweek seeds packs to schools, its cool. The site is saveourmonarchs.org

One of the things I like about the coin is everyday when I put it in my pocket and take it out at the end of the day my thoughts are to making a difference.

This is a great idea and a cool site, thanks jeff for sending me the coin. Reminds me of the movie " pay it forward ". people are amazing when they open their hearts and care for other people. I do a lot with social media and when I had little money in 2008 I started marketing my book, ' The lobster and the chicken ' on youtube with short branding on a budget video's at lobster lab media. This site is a win win because its a social media marketing site and making a difference at the same time.. thanks Herb Palmer jr and p.s. I am going to buy 10 more of these to give away.

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