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Steps to Access and Log into Old SBC Global Email Account
When you are sure about your old SBC Global email account is active and you have to obtain some information, navigate to the desired page. The best way to access your old SBCGlobal email account is to go to the recover page of AT&T (because SBC Global has been acquired by ATT Communications).

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to AT&T’s recovery page.
Once on the official website of AT&T, go to the recovery page, and enter your old SBC Global email address. You may want to enter your name in the desired field.
Go to the section “Restore” and select your recovery option “I’ll answer my security question”.
After selecting this recovery option, you will need to answer the asked security question appropriately. This will only allow SBC Global to match your data.
If the data matches what you had previously entered in the old SBC Global email account, it will give you permission to create a new password.
After creating a strong password, you will be able to access your old SBC Global email account using the login credentials.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Get Microsoft 365 setup by visiting Sign in to Microsoft account, enter the product key and get apps quickly. Microsoft 365 is the best way to get all the apps of Office within one subscription. In case you are trying to log in at Microsoft365.cpm/setup, you can use the other accounts like OneDrive,, Skype, or Xbox Live (if you already are using any of these services). Download & use Microsoft365 setup wizard using site, follow instructions and install apps.
Visit or Microsoft Cloud Partner site.
Click on “create a new account” or “Sign Up” tab.
Enter an email associating to Outlook or use a mobile number.
Click next and create a password.
Follow instructions and create Microsoft Office 365.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

There can be a gamut of reasons to cause the Yahoo Mail sync issues. Another thing is that this can occur on any of your devices, whether you use Windows or Android. Yes, it is true that Yahoo Mail sync error Android is also quite common. We have listed some of the main and common reasons to cause the Yahoo Mail problem; check out below.

Outdated version
Sync is OFF
Wrong server settings
Improper installation
Cache memory.
Outdated operating system.

The sync error can lead to restriction of various services like Yahoo mail not receiving emails, problems in updating contacts, issues in sending emails, etc. These are some consequences of the Yahoo Mail sync error Android. Now, what you should do to fix the Yahoo Mail sync error on Android App. Below we have enlisted some of the quick and easy solutions to resolve the issue, follow the steps as instructed.

Check the functionality of the app, the application functions properly with an updated operating system. So try to use the updated operating system before heading to any other solution.
If this doesn’t help, then clear the cache and app data; this will clear the log-in data, settings, and temporary files. It eventually helps to resolve the issue.
Another approach you can follow is to force stop the application and then restart it. This will help to refresh the active memory of the app.
Reinstall the application; this is also one of the simplest approaches that you can follow. This will help to fix any corrupt file and resume the workflow.

I hope these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Major Causes Behind Cash App Transfer Failed

1. Improper internet connection
Since all your transactions take place online, it requires a strong internet connection. Therefore, whenever you encounter a payment failure issue, the first thing is to check for your internet connectivity. For more efficient results, it is always better to connect your device to reliable Wi-Fi, if available.

2. Insufficient account balance
It happens quite often when users try to make a possible transaction without checking their account balance. If in case you don’t have enough amount in your cash app wallet or bank account, your transaction will fail.

3. Bank account fraud block
Whether you are having your account with Bank of America, PNC, or wherever, all these banks probably have their own fraud departments. These departments flag certain services as scams/ frauds. And since there are already a lot of scams operated on the Cash app these days, it adds up as a considerable reason for them to block transactions.

Fix Cash App Transfer Failed

1. Check a bank balance
If your account balance is low in the case of the Cash app, it will eventually result in a failed transaction. However, to avoid such messages, it is a wise habit to always check your account balance or Cash app wallet balance before making a transfer.

2. Using other bank accounts or cards
Another primary reason behind encountering failed transactions is because of using blocked or rejected cards. Cash app often displays this error message basically due to server issues of the bank. To avoid such errors, you can try using a different credit/ debit card or bank account.

3. Verifying the bank account details
This is a very common mistake done by most users. Entering the wrong bank details will definitely lead to an unsuccessful or failed transfer. Therefore, it is a good practice to be a little extra careful while entering such sensitive data.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Double Tap the Top Left Corner to Enable the HP Touchpad
Make sure that the laptop touchpad has not accidentally been turned off or disabled. You might have disabled your touchpad on accident, in which case you will need to check to make sure and if needed, enable the HP touchpad again.

The most common solution will be to double tap the top left corner of your touchpad. If you see a small glowing orange light, this usually indicates that the touchpad is not working and has been disabled.

Restart Your Computer
Your computer might just need a reboot. If you have not tried restarting your computer, do this now. If you do not have an external mouse, simply press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete keys simultaneously and tab until you highlight the power symbol. Hit enter, and tab up until you see restart.

HP Touchpad Not Working
(You can also do a hard restart by pressing the power button, and turning back on, but this is not usually recommended as it may result in data corruption in any files you have open.)

Check For Computer Driver Updates
It might be that you need to update the drivers for your touchpad. Check to see if you can use an external mouse.

If the external mouse is not working or you are not able to access one, follow the instructions below to navigate through your computer using the keyboard, very carefully.

I hope these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Turn on the HP Printer.
Go to the control panel screen of your HP printer.
Press the 'Settings' option and select the Wireless button.
Press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
Now Follow the instructions appearing on the HP Printer screen carefully.
Click on the 'WPS PIN' option and a 8 digit PIN appears on the HP Printer screen.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

On the other hand, users are also faced with many errors, such as: that SBCGlobal does not work on the iPhone. A number of users are complaining about this error. Here you will find the solution to the error you have been facing for some time.

Steps to fix SBC mail not working on iPhone problems:

First, check the password you entered first, whether it is correct or not.
Use the updated version of the app.
Check the network connection to the device.
Check the settings of the incoming and outgoing server. For the incoming mail server, it is For outgoing servers it is
In the advanced settings, enable SSL authentication for the incoming and outgoing server.
Try clearing the cache and history from the application. Sometimes there are errors in the workflow.
If the problem persists, first remove the account completely from iPhone and then add it again with an updated one.
Sbcglobal email not working on android
There can be as many problems as possible that interfere with the normal functioning of the SBCGlobal email. It is recommended to solve some of the most common problems that affect the functionality of the email app.

The account has been compromised
Sbcglobal cannot register error 2020
Forgot your email account password today
Sbcglobal no longer works in ios / iPhone / Android phones today
No emails can be sent or received in the Sbcglobal account
Sbcglobal password does not work
Sbcglobal email login does not work
Account has been blocked
The setup may not have been carried out correctly
Server error
Browser error
Legacy version of the Sbcglobal email app
Network outage in the area

I hope these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

The first and the most basic thing you can do to fix the issue possibly is to restart your device. Rebooting your device clears some of the temporary files and fixes lots of major glitches sitting on your device, which helps give your device and Chrome a fresh start. Also, many modern Android phones that carry the Android version tweaked to deliver lasting battery life over funtionality.

This isn’t a silver bullet, but it’s the easiest option available right now.

Step 1: Simply click on the Power button right side of the device and hold it for few seconds.

Step 2: You will get a popup screen with different options.

Step 3: Now click on the “Reboot” option.

Your device will start rebooting now. You may need to hold this button down for three to five seconds before the device powers back on. After your device is turned on, now check once whether the error message you were coming across is resolved or not. If not, then move to the next solution.

Almost every user has a habit of opening too many tabs simultaneously for their daily work. But the routine can sometimes put you at risk as you may end up opening too many tabs at once and start getting an error message.

Close chrome tabs
Leaving all the tabs open will slow down the performance of your phone as Chrome might eat up most RAM on the device. Therefore, to solve this situation, simply close unnecessary tabs, exit the app, and launch it once again.

I hope these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

To configure a Rogers Email Account in Microsoft Office Outlook
Click here for Mac Mail Settings

Launch Microsoft Office Outlook
Click Tools on the top menu and click Account Settings.
Select the E-mail tab, and then click New.
Enter the Rogers email settings as follows:
Your Name
Your email address
Account type : POP3
Incoming Mail server :
Outgoing Mail server :
User Name : Your full Rogers email address (including
Password : Your email password
Click More Settings
Click on Outgoing Server tab and check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".
Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" (Default)
Click on the Advanced tab
Change Incoming Server (POP3) to 995. Check "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)."
Change Outgoing Mail (SMTP): to 465. Select "SSL" for "Use the following type of encrypted connection."
Click OK and click Finish

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Prepare the Printer
1. Place the printer on a flat and horizontal surface, and do not place any objects in front of the printer. Open the Rear Tray and extend the Paper Support. Open the Front Tray, and extend the Output Tray Extension.

Before turning on the printer, remove all the ship-ping tapes.

2. Plug the power cord in the back of the printer and connect the other end to the wall outlet.

Do not connect the USB cable until after the software is installed.
Plug the power cord all the way in, since it may be difficult to plug.

3. Press the POWER button to turn on the printer.

4. Open the Top Cover(A). The Print Head Holder moves to the center.

Install the Print Head
1. Remove the Print Head from its package.

There may be some transparent or light blue ink on the inside of the bag the print head comes in, or the inside of the protective cap - this has no effect on print quality. Be careful not to get ink on yourself when handling these items.

2. Remove the orange protective cap(A) from the Print Head and discard it.

Do not touch the print head nozzles(B) and the electrical contacts(C).

3. Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever until it stops. The Print Head Lock Lever may feel heavy.

4. Insert the Print Head.

(D) Do not touch!

5. Push the Print Head to hold it in place, and lower the Print Head Lock Lever carefully.

If the Top Cover is left open for more than 10 minutes, the Print Head Holder moves to the right. Close and reopen the Top Cover to return the Holder to the center.

6. Make sure that the Print Head is installed correctly.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

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Turn on the HP Printer.
Go to the control panel screen of your HP printer.
Press the 'Settings' option and select the Wireless button.
Press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
Now Follow the instructions appearing on the HP Printer screen carefully.
Click on the 'WPS PIN' option and a 8 digit PIN appears on the HP Printer screen.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

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Cash App keeps checking your account for anything that looks unusual and may result in a scam. To avoid any fraudulent this transfer failed Cash App. Cash App failed payment to avoid you from being charged. Though Cash App failed to send money, any amount deducted from your account will be refunded back instantly to your Cash App account or linked bank account balance. If not instantly then it may take 1-3 business days to reflect the amount in your account.

To avoid the risk of cancel payments you should
Confirm and re-check the recipient’s payment details like the phone number or $Cashtag before making any payment.
Link only those debit or credit cards that are in your name.
Use your Cash App more often to maintain a healthy transaction history.
Make transactions to and from people whom you know and or are reputed businesses.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

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The first step to organizing and cleaning up your Gmail inbox is by getting rid of the hundreds of promotional emails, which take up more than 90 percent of your storage space. They get mixed up with legitimate emails from your personal or business contacts, most of which may be important, and aren’t meant for the trash bin.

If you’ve tried to pick out each promotional message from your inbox, you may not have enough strength left because of the influx of messages, and you’d probably end up deleting a few important ones in the process.

Sorting Gmail by Sender will help you group emails from specific senders together, and delete them in one go while sparing the important and legitimate emails that should remain in your inbox.

It also helps you save time when searching for a specific email from a particular sender, and forwarding emails to your contacts. In short, you have more control over your inbox, and you can stay more organized and productive every day.

There are several tricks you can use to sort Gmail by sender and see all emails from every person in your contact list. We’ll walk you through different methods of doing this below.

Method 1: Sorting By a Particular Sender
1. Open Gmail and go to your inbox. Pick an email from one of the important senders on your contact list and right-click on it.

2. In the new menu, click Find emails from.

3. A list of all the emails you’ve received from that particular sender from way back will appear, including the sender’s full contact details. This way, you can quickly send them a message or even initiate a video call.

4. If you don’t see the person’s name in your inbox, do a quick search by typing his or her name in the search box, and then right-click any messages from the search results, and select Find emails from.

5. You can use multiple search criteria by clicking the downward-facing arrow next to the search box. Next, paste the email address into the “From” field, or using the “Has the words” field for a more specific search with the name of the sender you’re looking for.

6. Click the search button when you’re done to get the email from that particular sender.

Note: You can create filters for your searches, by clicking Create filter, and automatically apply certain actions the next time you get emails that match the criteria.

I hope this method will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Here is the solution to start receiving emails:

Step 1: Login to your G Suite Email account. Then click on the nine box square in the top right. Then click the button that says “More”.

G Suite Fix - Step 1

Step 2: Next you’ll want to click on the “Admin” button.

G Suite Fix: Step 2

Step 3: Now you should be in the G Suite Admin Console. Go ahead and click on the “Users” button.

G Suite Fix: Step 3

Step 4: Now you should see the Users. Click on the User that is not receiving email. See image below:

G Suite Fix: Step 4

Step 5: Next, click on the account button.

G Suite Fix: Step 5

Step 6: This is the last step. Scroll to the bottom of the account section and click the “G Suite Email” box. Then click the save button on the bottom right. This will fix your account so you start receiving emails. See image below:

G Suite Fix: Step 6

That should fix your account. If you continue to have issues, contact the G Suite support team.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

If your account is lock due to any reason. You can activate it again by following the instructions mentioned below:

Firstly, you need to login to the Cash App account.
Now, go to the profile which is on the home screen of the Cash App.
Select the option “Support” which is at the bottom of the profile page.
Reach out to the support regarding the locked Cash App account.
You will also receive the confirmation email from Cash App support along with the time to unlock the account.
Once the verification part is successfully your account will activate.

I hope these steps will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Cash App is one of the most popular ways to transfer money to people online. It’s easy to send money to other people using their mobile app. However, sometimes it’s necessary for you to request a refund from a Cash App transaction. To do that, follow these steps:

Tap the clock icon on their Cash App home screen
Select the payment in question
Tap …
Select Refund
Press OK
At this point, you’ll be able to tap the “Request” button, and your request for a refund will be sent. This method will notify the person who has received the money, that you want your funds returned to you. They can either accept or deny your quest.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Reasons For Chrome Keep Crashing Android?
Well, you should know the reasons for the error message you have come across before going to the fixes. Some possible reasons are:

When cache files are not cleared then browser gathers all those in large number and this stops users from working smoothly
Issue with operating system can cause Chrome to crash
Due to some new updates on the browser can lead to such error message
All these are some common factors that leads to “Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped” on Android.

And now its time to find out the solutions that can help to solve Chrome keeps crashing on Android phone.

Fix “Unfortunately, Chrome Has Stopped” On Android

Solution 1: Restart Your Android Phone
A simple and best way to get rid of Chrome keeps crashing is by restarting your phone once. Restarting fixes lots of minor glitches on Android phone and to solve this kind of error message, it is very helpful.

Simply click on Power button and hold it for few seconds
You will get a popup screen with different options
Now click on “Reboot” option
Your device will start a rebooting procedure
After your device is turned on, now check once whether the error message you were coming across is resolved or not. If not, then move to next solution.

Solution 2: Close Too Many Tabs Opened At A Time
Almost every user has a habit of opening too many tabs at the same time so that they can access various tabs at same time. But this can sometimes put you at risk because you can come across Chrome keeps stopping error message.

The reason is simple, lots of tabs are opened that is slowing down the performance of the browser. Therefore, to solve this situation, simply close all the tabs and launch the browser once again.

Solution 3: Reinstall Chrome App
You should also uninstall the browser once and again install it. This would definitely help to solve the error message and you can use it smoothly.

So follow the below steps to uninstall Chrome app:

First, go to Settings > Apps > Download
Now look for Chrome app and click on it
After that, tap on Uninstall and agree to the confirmation message

After uninstalling, now its time to install it again
Simply go to Google Play Store and in the search tab, type Google Chrome
Then Download the app and use it. Hopefully, now you will get any error message.

I hope all these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Frontier Yahoo Email Problems
Frontier Yahoo! Mail lets you check, send, and receive email messages from any device that is connected to the internet.The section below will help you to solve the common Frontier Yahoo email problems.

Unable To Add An Attachment:
Step 1:
If you receive an error message while attaching a file to your email, then check if the file type is supported by Frontier.
Step 2:
The file formats such as .exe, .bat, and .jar are not supported by Frontier.
Step 3:
Check the file type format and change it if required.
Unable To Send An Email Message:

Step 1:
Check if you have configured the Mail Server Settings correctly.
Step 2:
If not, there is a chance for this issue to occur.
Step 3:
The Mail Server settings for the Frontier email account are discussed below. Read and use it to reconfigure your account if necessary. It's a kind of frontier yahoo email problems
Step 4:
Incoming mail server: POP3
Step 5:
Server address:
Step 6:
Port number: 995
Step 7:
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server address:
Step 8:
Port number: 465.
Step 9:
Username and password will be your frontier email address and security key.
Step 10:
After reconfiguring your Frontier email account, try to send your email message.
Unable To Sign Or Log Into The Frontier Email Account:

Step 1:
Check if you have entered the valid login credentials. If it's wrong then you are facing frontier yahoo email problems.
Step 2:
If you have changed your Frontier email account credentials, then use it for sign in.
Step 3:
Check if your computer is connected to a stable network.
Step 4:
If not, connect it and then try to sign in to your Frontier email account.
Step 5:
If you have forgotten your Frontier account password, then you will have to contact the email service provider to retrieve the security key.

I hope both these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Ensure your printer is "Set as default printer" to fix HP printer offline issue
If your HP printer keeps going offline on your Windows 10 or any other operating system, follow these given troubleshooting steps –

Click on Windows button and type in ‘Run’. Now type ‘Control Panel’ in the dialogue box and press ‘OK’.
type control panel in run box

Device and Printers

Click on the ‘Device and Printer’ option after which you will see your listed HP printer. If your printer has a green check mark, it means that your printer is already ‘set as default’.
Default mode

If not then right click on your printer and click the option of “Set as a default printer”.
Set as Default Printer

Now your printer will successfully work and printer offline problem will no longer be visible in your HP printer.
Check Printer Driver - Remove or Update Outdated Version
HP printer always shows offline error incase of an outdated or corrupted printer driver. Follow these steps to update or re-install driver on your Windows.

Go to the Windows search and find “Device Manager” and click on it

Now expand the section where it says ‘Printers’.
Expand Device update

Now from the expanded section, locate your printer’s model number and ‘Right Click’ on it and click on ‘Update Driver’ option.

Next press on the ‘search automatically’ option and wait for your printers driver to update. Once the process is completed, restart your computer.
If you want to re-install your driver, go to ‘control panel’ and click on ‘remove programs’ and uninstall your existing HP printer driver. Thereafter download your printer’s driver from HP’s website and install it. To know more about this process, Click Here.

I hope both these methods will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

Wireless Direct allows you to connect the printer to your computer or mobile device directly without a Wi-Fi access point/router; the printer serves as a Wi-Fi access point.

Confirm the Wireless Direct settings of the printer. When you connect to a mobile device, use a Windows PC or Mac to confirm the settings.
For Windows PCs
Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable. Start the Printer Setting Tool on your computer, and click the [Communication Settings] button. Confirm that [Wireless Direct] is selected for [Selected Interface] in the [General] tab. (This is selected as the factory default settings.)
See the FAQ: "Using the Communication Settings (for Windows)" for more information on the Communication Settings.
For Mac computers
Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable. Start the Printer Setting Tool on your computer, and confirm that [WirelessDirect] is set to [On] in the [Wireless LAN] tab. (This is selected as the factory default settings.)
See the FAQ: "Using the Printer Setting Tool (for Mac)" for more information on the Printer Setting Tool.
Press and hold the Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) button on your printer for one second to turn the Wi-Fi function on.
The Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) indicator starts flashing in blue once every three seconds.
Use your computer or mobile device to select the SSID of your printer ("DIRECT-*****_PJ-773" where "*****" is the last five digits of the product serial number) and enter the password ("773*****").
When the connection is established, the Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) indicator lights in blue.
If you press the Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) button for five seconds or more, the printer will enter the WPS mode and any connection using Wireless Direct will fail.
You can change the printer’s network settings using the Printer Setting Tool. (See the FAQ: "Using the Printer Setting Tool".)
The Printer Setting Tool also allows you to easily apply the network settings changes to multiple printers. (See the FAQ: "Using the Printer Setting Tool".)
You can find the serial number label on the back of the printer or in the battery cavity.
You cannot connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi while using Wireless Direct. To use the Internet, use a wired connection (when a computer is connected), or connect using Infrastructure Mode.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Paul Wilson

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