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I am keenly interested in many ways of thinking, doing and living. Although it seems to me, I am not doing nearly as much as I could be..

Correct location..

Passing it along to my friend Tarek , wishing him a Happy New Year 2023, and all the best for the next year and many years after.

Try to not lose this coin , because this is your second.

Talk soon

This coin is going to a very special lady who comes to the shop, and plays numbers a lot! :)
I know she has lots of kindness for her family and her friends, and full of help to offer everyone she meets.
May you share this coin with someone special also, and send it on a path of sharing kindness.

All the best to Kathy aka (50/50) , Good Luck and Happy Christmas.


Happy Birthday Sister ..Belated!

Hi Pauline,

I have another coin to share and see where it travels.. and a token to say thanks for all the kindness that has been shown throughout the many years I visited and returned to home away from home.

You have always been very kind and helpful in feeding me, taking me to places and showing me hospitality in your family home and in everything.

All the best ,hope your birthday was a wonderful one and here is to many more to come.



This coin is going to a friend all the way to Israel. I visited there a few years ago, and was had a very memorable time there. I met lots of interesting and friendly people there. I was probably more nervous than I needed to be! travelling alone in a very different country.
Anyhow, I did meet one guy in Jerusalem, who was very warm and friendly and also very down to earth. He also was gifted in talking and making friends easily. We ended up doing a swap ,my watch for a ring.
He showed kindness to me by inviting me into his world for the time I was there.
Mohammed your a very special person and a have a beautiful heart and soul , and intelligent mind :)
And I hope we will meet again one day, I definitely want to return to Israel again someday.
And if you like to, you can pass along the coin one day when it feels just right.

This coin I am planning to give to a very amazing guy, and boss. I think he's like a big brother I never had. He's got an amazing spirit ,and very good heart. Not too many people has this wonderful spirit of Joy and ease to be around and look up to.
I might disappoint him soon in not doing something he would do in a heartbeat.
For all the generosity you have shown me as a Boss and a friend, I pass along this coin to you.

This coin I gave to my best friend and much much more. Few times in my life I have shared as much with anyone, and giving and receiving is very much part of our relationship.
I can't be certain it will find it's way back to the story line, but life is full of surprises.
This coin reflects how much we have been kind to each other on too many occasions, and a shared generosity of spirit.

My coin arrived in County Sligo Ireland today 5th March 2019. A gift from my brother , it's such a beautiful coin & thoughtfull gift..I havd to read up on what to do .thank you kind bro love you xxxx

So this coin I am sending hopefully today in the mail for my sister's birthday. March 27th.
It's a gift to share across the pond,and another way to say thanks for being a great sister.
And of course some kindness I will attach by sending something else special for a birthday treat.😊

Happy Birthday 🎂 Patsy.!!

This is my 2nd coin to release .. I will once again carry it, this time in my wallet, it's more comfortable there. I decided on 12, for 12 months, so January is done with my first coin. Now I can focus on February. I may actually end up needing more coins, if I know me.
I do wish to possibly send this coin to my Sister for her birthday, but not to keep ;)

This morning I had the pleasure to cash out a ticket for winnings of $100 to a nice lady who buys her lottery at the shop.
She gave me a little something to say thanks. And I decided to get a $2 scratch ticket and shared a $10 win.
The moment seemed perfect to share my first coin, her act of kindness brought about my act of kindness. So the coin seemed perfect for this moment.
And I am actually glad it happened the way it did, totally un-planned and it came naturally ..
And I think I noticed her act of kindness more so because since I have started carrying the coin, I have noticed ,time to time I reflect on how,when,where, etc..
It's never far from my thoughts....

This will be the first of possibly many more, definitely I hope 12 total ,or 11 more since I now have 12.
I really have no idea how I am going to use this coin or when, but it's going into my pocket and when the moment arrives I hope I will know. :)

That's all for now, I will add more once it finds a new owner.

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I too have done a few books, but this is interesting. I too am unsure how I will pass on acts of kindness. But in a way it has already worked by my thinking about what are acts of kindness ,etc. :)
Also I have being listening to a radio station from Norway on Tune in. And love the songs that get played. So me the music.. :)

I don't turn on the radio in NY anymore, it's awful. Way too much rap .yuk. And the same songs they play over and over!! LOL

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