Coin Stories

Helped a co-worker with a hard day!

I have been ill for the past 5-6 weeks and a dear friend & co-worker handed me this coin this morning, she thought I needed the positive vibes. Oddly enough, a beautiful monarch flew off of our back door as I was leaving for work this morning and then to receive this beautiful butterfly coin, I have to believe it is a sign of good things to come. I can't wait to share it.

Having spent the past five days in the beautiful land of the Outer Hebrides, I am passing this coin on to Andrew, our extraordinaire tour manager.

Andrew has displayed a very special quality of kindness to our entire traveling troupe. Throughout our journey, he has been relentless in overseeing every detail, making sure that everyone’s needs of our tour group of 31 senior adults have been seen to in a very personalized way.

It takes a specially gifted person to continually shown such kindness and thoughtfulness to so many different people, who come from so many different backgrounds, from all around the world. Andrew has set an example of positivity, thoughtfulness, and kindness that we should all strive for in our lives.

I received this coin from Shawn Wheeler. Before I personally knew her, I admired her from afar. Now that we are friends who happen to be fighting cancer, it’s brought us closer. I was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of gynecological cancer you can get on my birthday in 2016 and the dr said, well you have to remember your 40 now🤬 I fight everyday & I believe that every morning I wake up, it’s God saying ...... Get up, you have more to do. It’s not your time. So everyday I wake up is amazing. God bless those who need it❤️

I received this coin after I lost my dad. It was a thoughtful, kind gesture at a time that I was struggling. I held on to the coin for a bit and I'm struggling again. I'm so let down and disappointed that my pup's surgery was postponed. I think I need to hold onto it just a bit longer as tomorrow should be his surgery date..

I received this butterfly coin at my 80th birthday party in Golden, CO. I’m passing it to young friends from church along with a set of barbecue tools. They bought their first home in February and recently bought a grill. Note: the barbecue set was a free gift to us for buying a piece of furniture, but we can’t use it. Happy grilling, Jen and Matt! And

Some friends of mine raise Monarch Butterflies. One day they invited me to participate in releasing some. Such a beautiful experience. Thank you, Susan and Mike! Monarch Waystation #15715

My name is Cynde,
Thank you Jackie for gifting me this butterfly coin. You are so very special to me and i look up to you as a friend and as an amazing parent. I want to give this coin to someone who is so kind and generous and is always there to lend a hand. I know everyone has times in their lives when they need a little extra friendship or love. I hope this person knows they are loved by so many.

I am passing this coin on to Avery Tobias. I’ve seen her do kind things for others time after time and I want her to be able to share this coin to remind others to be as giving and caring as her.

A couple of loving, sensitive, friends gave this to me today. I lost my Lucky today and while my brain understands that it was time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge, the hole in my heart is open and wide. With the love of friends and blessings from God, in time, my heart will heal and I will have this wonderful brass coin in my care until that time when I will know it is time to pass it on. Thank you Mike and Sandy!

About a month ago I was at work on a busy day. A woman came up to the drop off counter and was clearly in pain and uncomfortable being on her feet. She asked for the restroom key and I told her she had to get it from the front end cashier. As I started to work on her prescription I noticed she just went and sat down instead. I quickly went to get the key and brought it to her. It was something so little but she appreciated it so much. She gave me this coin and encouraged me to keep doing kind things for others no matter the greatness.

Sandy and I are giving this Butterfly coin to our good friend, Joan, today to help her get through the loss of her beloved Lucky who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Joan, you can keep this Butterfly coin as a remembrance of Lucky for as long as you want; and, then when and if the time is right you can pay it forward to someone else. We are sorry and we care, Sandy, Mike, and Maggie too.

I received this coin from J Seeley in Polson Montana. I feel her loving kindness every time I hold it. I will pass it on one day. For now it is bringing me strength and joy.
Thank you dear friend.
You mean so much to me.

Received my butterfly coin from my good friend Bea in March 2019.....We haved moved to Alabama, so the coin has started its journey.

This coin has been given to Muriel Masih, in Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana State, India. Muriel was visiting the US in August, 2019 and she took it home from the US. Muriel also went to Susan and Linda Tidrow's home and released butterflies on August 7, 2019. Muriel is a guest of Judy Allen, Belfast, TN.

I forwarded this coin to Dan and Rudi Taylor for their repeated acts of kindness through their non-profit Harleys Dream which seeks to end the practice of puppy mill operations. They have done a great deal to educate the Town Board on what we can do to end this practice and were instrumental in drafting an ordinance that bans pet stores in Berthoud from selling dogs and cats that came from puppy mill breeders. There are many where the individuals and organizations in Berthoud that embrace kindness, but I hope by transferring this coin to Dan and Rudi that we recognize that kindness should be extended to all creatures. Thanks Dan and Rudi for doing what you do!


"Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us."

-Matthew Scully

A lovely colleague gave me this Ulysses butterfly coin in Providence, RI on my 65th birthday, as she thanked me for actions that she appreciated at work. Such a random and thoughtful act! The concept grabbed my imagination, and I'm looking for the next opportunity to pass along some friendship and send Beautiful Butterfly forward. We certainly need kindness more than ever in this crazy world we live in- Let's commit to that!

I am passing this coin forward to someone who is new to our company and my department. I have gotten to know her a little bit but am looking forward to knowing her even better. She is uplifting and kind, and I look forward to working with her more in the future!!

I am sharing this coin with a dynamic lady that I have the pleasure of working with. I appreciate the guidance and help received every time I send an inquiry about knowledge transfer. Have a great day!

Julia and Dave are a blessing to me and my family. I'll be choosing someone soon to spread the kindness that comes with this coin.

The event that takes place each year for the Memory of Alex Sabados is a first class event. I treasure my friendship with David and Julie Sabados for many years. We look forward to being a contributor for many years to come. May God Bless your Family.

Truly your Friends
Harvey & Carol Yoakum

This butterfly was passed on to me by my dear friend, Katherine, on my 65th birthday. She is a beautiful retired teacher who exemplifies giving love and sharing kindness with her students, colleagues, and friends. She is an inspiration of what a teacher should always be.

As I celebrate my 40th year in education, along with my husband's and my retirement, we are traveling to Scotland to fulfill one of our Bucket List dreams of attending the Fringe, the famous International Theatre Festival held each year in Edinburgh. We our both educators who were not able to travel during the 11 months of school teaching/planning/counseling/training, so we are looking forward to exploring our beautiful world during times when school is in session.

This butterfly is flying with us in our adventure. As we explore the highlands of Scotland, I look forward to passing this coin on to a very special person. I will update the story after our journey.

I gave this coin to my sister, Victoria Elabd, who has been my champion, my hero, and my source of truth my entire life. I gave it to her on June 1, 2019, as we were embarking on a special Sisters' Day, shopping, lunching, and taking in a craft fair. There's no way I can ever repay her for all she's done for me, but I'm blessed to be able to thank her and for our sisterhood to be part of this coin's story.

I received this coin from an awesome kid from Texas after photographing his family on vacation in Hawaii.

Hi I am Anne-in-uk
I was honored to have received this coin from Nancy.

My good deed was to help when a local rescue put the call out for assistance in rescuing 3 mares and their foals. I am pleased to report that they are now all safe and well and will be looking forward to new homes in the future.

I, like Nancy, treasure the friendships I have formed through FFRC. an amazing Nation, brought together because of Jacci Moss, a person whom has both inspired and educated me in so many ways.

God bless this coin as it goes on its way

Received this coin from my BFF to take to the James Beck Cancer Center in Rhinelander Wisconsin we’re I’m A patient it brought great joy to my heart

My sister-in-Christ, Pam, gave me this coin as a birthday gift. It is beautiful and solid, just like her! Pam has blessed so many others with her testimony of God's love, and I am one of the fortunate ones to have her in my life. This coin is now in Huntington Beach until I give it away. There are so many kind people in my life who deserve this coin!

I received this coin today, 7/23/19, thoughtfully chosen by Jean Marie Trick, and my heart is swelling with humbleness, hope and love. This is the first I’m hearing of this mission and am inspired myself! What a sweet gesture. I was diagnosed with a rare terminal liver cancer in 2014 and have been receiving treatment since. My two daughters were 8 & 11 years old at the time and I knew immediately what my purpose was. I figured no matter what was to happen with my health, what mattered most was my girls and what they gained out of this experience. How will they be affected? Everything I do here on out will influence and mold them in some way. I have to be strong, real and honest. Keeping hope alive in their souls is my motivation. On more than one occasion I was told this was the end of the journey and we adjusted accordingly, but never accepted it. My motto has been “you’re here until you’re not” and I finish that with a different ending every time. So “go do your homework” or pick you’re chin up and help yourself”. There is no excuse not to love, do your homework, be patient, kind, do your chores or ever lose hope. Therefore giving up is not an option and the end isn’t here... yet, so no excuses allowed!! This coin makes me feel a part of something bigger and I’m feeling blessed to be thought of in such a special way. I will wholeheartedly pass it on with pride and hope. Sometimes the person that needs to find hope the most is the person who gives it to everyone else. I will send this to Tara Early, who’s always positive and sharing her strength in the midst of her own unpredictable journey. Thank you Jean Marie!!!! #sparrowstrong

I gave my butterfly to Lee as I witness her often doing random acts of kindness. She leads with her heart to help connect people with other people who are able to help each other. She gives whatever she has to help others. Often, I have been the blessed recipient of her generosity. Lee is a beautiful gift to so many and always giving without expecting anything back.
Lee, I trust that God will continue to lead you, bless you and keep touching your heart for His purposes. It's a blessing to me to watch you in action; just like a butterfly, touching many lives as though you are handing out God's butterfly kisses. I often see and hear what God does with those butterfly kisses and its glorious!

May you be blessed 100 fold!~ Pamela

After finding this beauty nestled in at my favorite park, we took lots of long walks in the woods between Fortuna and Garberville. On one of our last hiking adventures, This beautiful butterfly decided that it enjoyed the area and stayed behind.

Across the world there is my home 🇹🇭

My first journey started in Denver

This coin was given to me to honor a dear friendship June 30, 2019. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞

Yvonne vdK - Frankfurt, Germany July 18th
First of all, I would like to apologize for not adding a story any sooner. I received the coin shortly before my trip to the most wonderful place on this planet for rescued cats/kittens (and humans): Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH.
Afterwards other projects came up... Again sorry for the delay.

Such a great idea to have this coin travel all over the world!
My good deed:
The office where I go to work is located close to a bridge where lots of doves are breeding. Unfortunately many of the chicks fall out of their nests and end up on the street with many cars/trams speeding by. I know that the majority of people think that doves are the "rats of the sky" but when I see those poor animals lying on the ground, I just have to safe them. So off I go, together with a box and all dressed up for the office, under the bridge to try to catch them. People driving/walking by of course think I'm a crazy nut collecting/chasing the doves but that doesn't bother me a bit. Luckily there's a rescue center for doves in Frankfurt, where one can bring the chicks or injured. The last couple of years I rescued approx. 10 doves.

Actually the coin was forwarded from Merry to Mary in Asheville, NC and then onto Mary Lou in Chicago....We were all on vacation together in Asheville. Mary Lou or I (Dick) will play it forward from here.

I was able to hold the lovely coin that Maria gave me for two months. It sat on my desk, reminding me that friendship is a gift and that I should mindful and thankful of the friends in my life. Maria is one of those friends. Although I have not known her long, she has made a profound impact on my life. Her energy, positive thinking, and wisdom are the things I value the most, and her willingness to SHOW UP in life. Given who I am, the work I do (social justice speaking and writing, and recent health needs, having someone who shows up-without question and without judgement, is so important. Maria is one of those rare people in my life.

So, to honor Maria, I passed the butterfly onto one of my oldest friends this past weekend. Mari Jon and I have known each other for over forty years. I could say a lot about what we've done in those forty years, but I'd need a ton more room. Instead, I'll say that MJ has always shown up-literally and figuratively in those four decades. We have been young together, challenged together, silly together, mothers together, and now graciously aging (somewhat on the aging) women together. At a critical point in my younger life, she helped me journey through a difficult relationship and was there the moment I said "come and get me", as I finally gathered the strength to leave. I can tell her anything and know that she will respond, if needed, out of love, caring, and grace. And, she knows when to just listen and honor my experience.
Like Maria, MJ was a very early and constant supporter when I recovered from knee replacement surgery. Maria and MJ both held my hand during PT sessions (where I cried and cried out), sat and kept me company, and brought me food and gifts that helped me recover. MJ lives about 90 minutes away. I call seeing her "therapy", because she always gives me energy, courage, and perspective needed to move forward. We laugh a lot together. We've cried, but less often. I know MJ will be there until the end, and for that I am thankful.
This past weekend I met MJ at one of our favorite coffee shops in her town. As we ordered and admired the FABULOUS cakes and baked goods in the case, I discreetly added a gift certificate to my check. MJ can now enjoy coffee and treats this summer. I look forward to having her in my life as we enter the fall of our years.

I brought my mom an unexpected lunch and she gave me this beaut!

Let the fun begin.

I bought this coin in Polson, MT to pass on to a dear friend. Hope it reminds her she is thought of with love and that God's blessings are always with her. Jeanne S.

Gave this coin to my BFF with a match pair of earrings. ❤️

In honor of Aunt Nancy, I am volunteering tomorrow to help immigrants complete their paperwork to apply for citizenship. Update: assisted two individuals from Afghanistan and two from Burma to complete their applications.

7/11/19 - I passed this coin on to Cheryl Voight for all her hard work as our newest employee. Cheryl has gone above and beyond the normal job duties and we greatly appreciate everything she does!

3/26/19 - I received this coin from Natalie Colvin after a wonderful lunch where we got to know each other even better.

I gratefully received this beautiful Ulysses coin in Gibsonville, NC, for Valentines Day 2019 from one of my oldest and dearest friends, Linda. Her random act of kindness in sending it to me warmed my heart! I've kept it with me for 5 months, enjoying its beauty and savoring meaning, taking it to Boston, MA (twice), Myrtle Beach, SC, Spain, France, England and Craigville, Cape Cod, MA. I'm now letting it go to fly on with a lovely new friend, Amy, who I met this week at a theological colloquy on Cape Cod, MA. Having cared for many with great kindness throughout her life, I sense that she's ready to begin some wonderful new adventures and enter into a process of metamorphosis that will bring her much joy! I wish her well, with love!
Rebecca 🦋❤

I’m not sure who the loving person was that took the time to help with my lawn, but as a full time student and working a full time job and taking care of a special needs dog and a grandparent - I cannot thank you enough. It was such a huge surprise to come home to and it made me cry happy tears. I can’t wait to pass on the good deed. Thank you for your love.

This coin is starting out in York Pa.

I was introduced to the Butterfly coins by a wonderful lady named Fran. Fran always brought a smile to my face, I very much enjoyed meeting her. I carried the coin in my purse as I gave considerable thought to who I would pass the coin to, I wanted to honor someone as I had been honored. I pass the Butterfly coin to my niece, Crystal Crawford. Crystal is a nurse and the best advocate a patient could have. She displays compassion, empathy, and patience. She is ethical and moral in providing service to all patients. She sees only the person in front of her, not race, culture, or gender. Crystal is an inspiration to all who know her, especially her daughter, Shelby. She is beautiful both inside and out, and has a pure loving heart. I love her tremendously. Jo Anne Ross, Burton, MI

We received this beautiful coin from our Goddaughter and her family at a dinner party we hosted for them. It was a Bon Voyage & Good Luck dinner. Their daughter, Abby, was about to compete in the World Jump Rope Championships - Oslo Fjord, Norway. We hope having had this coin brings her luck. It is such a lovely gift and we will be passing it on to dear friends in Cambridge, Ontario who are always doing kind things for us and for people around the world. We are currently looking after their Bichons while they attend an out-of-town wedding and will give it to them upon their return. It will be interesting to follow its' journey.

I received this coin with a beautiful note from my friend and former colleague, Bev and was taken back by her perception of me and my battle with breast cancer. After reading that note, I knew this coin needed to make it to someone special who always gives hope to others but who sure could use a little hope of her own.
I hope that Shawn shares her story here with all of you because it is so powerful and I hope that this coin brings her a little bit of love and a lot of hope.

I ordered this coin, because i love Monarchs and what they represent. I cant wait to see how far this will go, and how much kindness this gets.

Received from my MIL for my 42nd birthday. Thank you! Took a while waiting for the right person to pass this on to. Passing on to my coworker for her birthday as she will appreciate the message behind the coin.

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