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I'm sending this coin out to another bookcrosser along with some stamps for her postcrossing hobby and a Subway gift card.

I received this coin in Gardiner MT. I was running a B and B and a guest gave this to me. We sold the B and B in 2020 and dropped this coin off in a geocache in Holland MI

I received this coin in a surprise "Holiday Gift Giving" package. It's my first butterfly coin and I'll look for a good place to leave it.

I received this coin from a very generous bookcrosser in a HGG pkg. Will be thinking about what I can do.

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

I received the coin from Shemchin in my Holiday Gift Giving Package. I was stunned. I have read about the coins, but never expected to receive one. I will be looking forward to passing it on. Thank you!!!

I am working at my Silver Shop on Cannery Row right now and a sweet customer came in and wanted to swap out a ring she bought yesterday, so I let her exchange it, and she was extremely happy which made me very happy as well...before she left she gave me this coin, and told me about it.... Now that I know what this coin is about I'm excited to spread the love now

WOW! What an amazing bookcrossing HGG (holiday gift giving) package! Included in the package was a Texas Christmas card with 4 wheresgeorge dollars tucked inside, some bookmarks, 4 Christmas Cookbooks, Many Bookcrossing supplies including a notepad, keychain, pin, patches, temporary tatoo and lots of bookcrossing labels (many new to me), There is also a bunch of postcards that I will definitely use as well as this beautiful butterfly coin. I look forward to doing a random act of kindness and passing the coin to someone else. Thanks so much Shemchin!

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

Thank you Edwina
This coin will be carried with me personally as I traverse the 100 Mile Maine Wilderness. All while honoring our Maine Heroes.

Today i plan to set
This coin free.

This Butterfly Coin has come back to East London! Thanks Herchelle for including this in my Bookcrossing Samhain Exchange parcel. I wonder where it will travel to next?

This coin rests with George, Rita, Joan, and Janet (Pettit) Nyren.

Ivy Grace

Lacy Rose

Caroline Morgan

I've sat with this coin for some time. My first thoughts were who was farthest I could send it to but then I shifted to I wanted it to go to a person dear to me and on a special occasion. This thinking on who to get the coin next led me to thinking of my dear friend and mentor Martha Reeder. She has taught me so much about leading, listening, finding my strengths, and life. While life may have us meet many different people Martha is a forever for me. While she may not be biologically family she is in my mind and heart. So many times she has helped with a listening ear, sharing music, quotes, or love. She has touched and lifted my dreams in indescribable ways. She has encouraged my children, husband and I as well. To know Martha and have her in your life is truly special. What is the best is her heart and passion for others because she truly cares and keeps you focused on what is most important in life, your relationships. Thank you isn't enough for all the ways Martha has shown up or been there. So I am hoping the journey of the butterflies on this coin can spread the love all over the world because then it would be a small symbol of all the love, care and compassion she has shown. (ANPPC virtual mtg. 10/28/2020)

My friend gave me this coin for my journey to Michigan.
I'm gonna pass it on and see where it goes!

I am a rider for the Christian Motorcycle Association.I met a young lady named April and her dad at a gas station in Festus Mo. on our way to a charity ride for children with cancer.(CARLEI HUFF FOUNDATION)Everyone was on their bikes.I asked if they wanted to ride with us to this event.They were on their way to a charity event themselves.
I mentioned to them where and when we were gonna ride the next day.They showed up!!!!!!I know everything happens for a reason.We did several rides together as a group for different reasons.
Eventually April told me of the loss of her daughter “EMMA”. We have all become family over time.She is a hero in my eyes,doing so much work to help the community.She is an absolute angel.
She had a celebration of life for her daughter on her birthday yesterday.10/25/2020. She honored me and my family by allowing us to be part of this celebration.It was so beautiful!! I got to see April smile in content with the friends and families that showed up to show love for Emma.
We laughed,we told stories and prayed together.I had a coin I had been carrying for a while.It was a beautiful brass coin that talked about the full armor of God.I felt compelled to give this coin to April.She absolutely loved the coin and in return gave me an extremely beautiful butterfly coin that she had in memory of Emma.
I can’t even begin to tell you how emotional I am over this blessing she awarded me!!! So I absolutely had to come to this site and tell of this butterflies travel into my heart.I don’t know how I could set this butterfly free again but one day the opportunity will present itself and it will fly again.Until then I will pray for those who have lost a piece of their heart by the loss of a loved one.Bless you April and all of your family.Lets continue to do work together and make a difference in our community.We will change this world,even if it’s just one heart at a time!!!!!!😇

I got this beautiful butterfly coin from my dad and boys for Christmas and I absolutely love it. 🦋

This coin is going to someone special who gives of his time remembering fallen heroes as he walks for the Wilderness Walk for Warriors. Thank you Chris for all you do!!

Arrived in Chuluota. Very excited to start the journey and pass it on!

This special coin was given to me by our Gifted Teacher at our school. She always finds unique and inspiring ways to connect to her students and friends at school. Thank you for sharing! Guidance Secretary

This coin will begin its journey at Geneva Elementary

This coin will begin its journey at Geneva Elementary

This coin will begin its journey at Geneva Elementary

This ButterflyCoin is now travelling again across the Atlantic to Poodlesister as part of the Samhain exchange this year. We just had our first snowfall here in Southern Alberta, so that is it for butterflies, but I do have a resident Ladybird in one of my plants.
Blessed Samhain to you!

Received coin from my friend for my 19th AA bday ❤️ Thank you Carole W

Die Schmetterlingsmünze ist mit der Länderbox hier bei mir angekommen. Nun darf sie bis zu ihrer Weiterreise etwas Glück ausstrahlen 😊

Der Coin kamm mit der bunten Bücherbox zu mir, was für eine schöne Überraschung. Nach ihrem halt in der Schweiz darf sie bald weiter fliegen, ich glaube es geht nach Österreich.

Ich hoffe sie hat eine schöne und lange Reise und es ergeht ihr nicht so wie vielen GC-Coins.

I have now learned silence can also be dangerous and you should be very careful when using it.

When I was younger, my Daddy found a dollar with a stamp on it that said you could track where the dollar has been. He thought that was really cool. He didn’t often show me much, but went out of his way to show me this. We tracked this dollar together and looked at all the places it had been. I remember thinking that it was a little dumb, but he was in one of those ‘moods’ so I was happy to hear about it. During those particular moods, he was smiley, playful, funny and very witty. I always enjoyed seeing that side of him. This website reminds me of that so much ❤️

My name is April Chang and I received this coin in honor of my 3-year-old son, Mitchell Chang, who drowned at his swim school, Love to Swim School. We started The Mitchell Chang Foundation to continue his good story through building an inclusive playground for San Antonio and incuraging kind acts to others, no matter the size. One good deed, no matter how large, is just that, one good deed but by encouraging many small acts of kindness they multiply together for a huge impact. We can overwhelm the world with our kind acts!

I have held on to this coin for over a year because I didn't want to let it go. Someone gave it to us because they thought of Mitchell and that has made this coin so very special. Even though I want to keep it, I know it will continue my babies story much better by going out in the world spreading goodness. So today I will release it. A local teen has worked very hard to raise money for nonprofits during the pandemic and I feel that this butterfly going should now go to her.

Diese Münze wird in der bunt gemischten Bücherbox reisen. Damit sie jedem Glück bringt der sie erhält und sich immer weiter mit Glück aufladen kann.

Denn Glück wird immer größer wenn man es teilt 💕

I know a man, currently near Issaquah WA, who, as Bucky Fuller encouraged us to view our lives and issues, is truly a soul of the universe – Milky Way galaxy – Solar system – Earth. He and his wife have been true and faithful friends and colleagues to my wife and me since 1984. We have been for each other sounding boards and fresh wells for ideas and techniques dealing with family, friends, progressive education, humanistic inclusive politics and productive life.

This is a local coin and I found it on a trail in a local old tree.

This coin travels around Humboldt county Ca and I found it in a venerable old tree.

.....And pay it forward you did Colleen! Hi, I'm Scott from Putnam County NY. I am the lucky recipient of this beautiful coin from my wonderful friend Colleen after telling her about a ceremony my mother and I went to for those who have lost loved ones (my brother Dean). Ironically, it was a butterfly ceremony where they were to be released to fly at the end. Long story short, it was a very hot day, and some of the butterflies did not survive. This included the one my mother and I were given. Needless to say we were both upset and disappointed. In steps Colleen with this thoughtful and unique gesture. This coin to me represents not only that butterfly that perished that day, but the memory of my brother Dean. Thank you Colleen, for allowing them to fly once again. Truly a symbol of hope and inspiration that I look forward to passing on to the next person.

It's truly been a pleasure to get to know you and work with you. Debbie said it right, you are an amazing person with a heart of gold. I have never seen a more dedicated counselor who makes it their mission to take care of the airman's needs. We will miss you so much. On a personal level, I am grateful to have met you as a person and call you a friend. Best wishes :-)

This coin is dedicated to a very special person whom i've grown to love and care for deeply. Cheryl, thank you for being such a great friend to me. My time here in Incirlik would have gone a lot differently without you in it. I love our Walk it Out group and this is a friendship i hope to last for a very long time.Not only are you an amazing person with a heart of gold, you are equally amazing to work with. You go above and beyond in everything that you do and you are always there to give second chance (even when those who will not be named don't deserve it). Thank you for being a great friend to me. I love you dearly!!!!

I received this from a good friend and am looking forward to meeting the next kind person to hopefully pass this on ❤️

I was given this coin by my sweet loving Aunt Laura she said she was sending it to me for the work I do for the family it is called the butterfly effect of kindness an I’m to pay it forward to someone special Kathy & Michael our new neighbors and best friends thank you both for being here for us love always

Diese Münze wird mit der Bookcrossing Länderbox auf die Reise gehen.
Sie soll euch allen Glück bringen und Danke sagen für alles, was Ihr in eurem Leben Gutes getan habt.
Danke, dass ich auch ein Teil davon sein könnte.

Alexander gave me this coin because he has changed my life. He's supported me through my journey with self discovery, mental and physical health.

I received this beautiful Monarch Butterfly coin form my dear friend Heidi. She has a very special place in my heart. She is a caring, loving, fun hearted person. I am so lucky to call her one of my closest friends! I will carry this coin with me and pass it forward to another kind person in my life, my sister, Patty. She is not only my sister but my friend too! There can never been enough kindness in this world.
My Grandmother's Garden Poem (author unknown).
There is beauty in the sunlight and the soft heaven above...oh the world is full of beauty when your heart is full of love!

I have held it for over a year. Now it's time to let the butterfly take flight. We met a nice couple from the next town over in the supermarket. They took us in and invited us to all of their holiday gatherings and made us fee like family. I am giving them the coin at tonight's dinner.

The coin is now in Eastern PA. My friend mailed it to me. It made me feel good she thought of me when she saw it. Its beautiful. Thanks!

I received this coin from my loving aunt after she let me move into her home after some tougher times. She took me in and I felt like I was home before I even moved my stuff in. She was one of the greatest women I’ve ever known.

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