Very thoughtful gift from someone who has grown to be very special in my life. I was told how big of an impacted, I have made in their life, based on the Universal law of cause and effect. I live my life under 1 concept, that is when you receive, you must give back.. Not just to manipulate the Law of Attraction, but to pay it forward by doing something nice for random people with no expectation of receiving anything in exchangr, but to do selfless deeds that may seem small to you, but could have enormous ripple effect on another. When I am asked what do I want from them? I reply pay it forward.
So now I pass this coin to you, manner of our friendship was unorthodox, Though we have not personal met one another, you are 1 of the few I call a friend, you have helped me with things and I did same for you. Your trust in me for what you did this last year, had such an impact, friends Ive Known most of my life never put that level of trust onto me. And for that you always have a friendship here. So naturally I choose to send this off to you as a gesture of our friendship, I know you will keep this going. You inspired and gave me hope when I was at a lose of a plan of action.
Helped me when no one else would.
For that thank you!

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