Hi I am the young Lady to witch he refers. What He said was a 100% true. They are absolutely an amazing couple. We need to mention that not only did he go and get us enough gas to make it to the gas station but when they return they refused to be reimbursed for the gas or the gas can. My mother and I tried very hard to make them take the cash but they refused. In stead they gave me this wonderful beautiful coin and explained what we needed to do. What they did not know is that my family an I have had a rough go of it this year. I was truly losing faith in the holidays (not to be Cindy Lou Who about it). It was extremely hard to recall the Christmas spirt and feel the magic that I once felt at this time of year. When this wonderful husband a wife stopped for my mother and I when they didn't have to completely warmed my heart. They truly were our Mr& Mrs. Claws this year. This was the best gift I received, the gift will never leave my heart. Thank you so much for reminding me what Christmas is all about.. I can not wait to pass the kindness on.

Young Lady & Mother

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