This Coin took its first journey New Year Eve 2018. A beautiful smart young girl of the age of 9 about to turn 10 met me on the doorstep of there to be new home. I was blessed to be invited to come help with the project of remodeling this home. After driving 10 hours to be with this special family, I would be blessed to see God work many amazing wonders over the next few days. One of which was the blessings of this family! Getting to spend New year with them. Receiving the best gift life can offer. That is of true friendship, Love, kindness, gratitude! From being able to help teach, build, and feel what it is like to have a family. From an amazing lunch at Mexican restaurant, to night of fun, latter, music, games with a family that has taken my breath away with love! Self sacrifice of (Irina’s) mother giving up her bed for me. Then the adventure of seeing the project which was going down a wrong path turn 360 degrees as God used me to bless them. As they were getting blessed I received the biggest blessing of them all! The opportunity to see God at WORK first and foremost, but that turning into one of the deepest Loves I have ever felt in my life. For a beautiful girl who is much like me in many ways (Katie) and the impact she is having as support to me and her mom. Her mother who I met in airport heading to help children on the border of Mexico just 3 weeks before. (Irina) is one special Mom! I have been blessed to see her many talents. From the hard work she does each day at the office to the self sacrifice of being there for her friends. Her talents with stretching her money and in fashion. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I have laid eyes on but her Heart shines so brightly that her beauty is dim in comparison. Shining her caring heart for all around her. This love stems from our Father in Heaven who I see brightly within you! This is topped by her devotion to her mom and daughter who she treasure and devoted to. I have been blessed to get to know many amazing people over the years. You are one of the top! I see something amazing within you and the Lord our God has to! Shined down on you with love and kindness for all you are doing in your life! Thank you for sharing this with me!! For in life, it is not about where you live, what you have, but the people you love and touch by that love! I am honored to have received this gift! I treasure it and will pay it forward. But words can't express the love I have gained by being apart of your family this night! The amazing dinner / lunch and quality time New Year Day. The amazing gift I received New Year eve! To our steak lunch and playing heads up 7 up with both Katie and Irina! You both will always hold one of the most special places in my heart! The days that followed are some of the best of my life!!! Thank you for your love. Thank you for accepting me! And allowing God to work through me to help you this week! May God bless you with all the riches of His Love and Grace for all that you have done! May God be Glorified by this journey as it has started with an opportunity to serve and has left off with love inexpressible by words. Praise Be to GOD Almighty!

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