This coin was gifted to Christy, a coworker at Valley Vista Care Sandpoint. She helped pull together a special anniversary dinner for a patient of our's who has terminal pancreatic cancer. It was his and his bride's 15th wedding anniversary...probably his last celebration of it here on this earth:( ( Determined to make his last days as incredible as possible, we quickly planned a dinner hosted at our our facility. It was complete with a private meal, sparkling cider in champagne glasses, 12 red roses + 1 white rose and gifts for his wife! It turned out beautiful and they LOVED the thoughtfulness behind it! I tried to give them a Butterfly Coin, but they requested that I pass it on to someone who was involved in making this celebration memorable. So, Christy is the recipient...Do Good & Fly On! Operation Butterfly Effect at Valley Vista is taking flight!!

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