My work involves providing professional services. Occasionally I meet clients that have difficulty in dealing with the high price of services. I gave the coin to Marcia because I was able to help her begin to deal with a difficult situation and helped her to understand what is required to eventually resolve the situation. I did not bill Marcia for most of the time I spent working on her issue. I accompanied Marcia (without billing her) on three separate occasions to visit with other professionals in an effort to help her find the best solution for her situation. I bill people for my time. That's how I earn a living. Time is a precious commodity, once it is gone, we can’t get it back. However, I realize that I am here today because I have received blessings (for which I am very grateful) because others were willing to give their time to me. Because of this, when I can, I will continue to unselfishly provide my time and expertise to others in need without any expectation of benefit to me.

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