What a wonderful surprise to receive my beautiful butterfly coin this morning. My neighbor seems to think I do nice things for her, but, let me tell you our friendship works both ways and we always do for each other. I thank God everyday for our friendship. God surely knew what He was doing when He put us next door to each other. We have so many things in common Here's a few. We were both born in the same year. We both had husbands with the same name. We both lost our husbands at an early age, mine at 52 and hers at 53. Our mothers have the same birthdays. We both have one brother and 1 sister. And our EX-husbands both owned body shop's. If I would have found these coins 1st I would have given one to her. I cannot wait to put this butterfly in flight and to follow her flight. So, neighbor, I want to thank YOU for all you do for me including giving me this coin.

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