I belong to 719 Kindness Rocks. As our fearless leader said in her original post, we promote kindness throughout the city (and beyond) by painting rocks with positive messages on them and leaving them for people to find. Several of us have set up Little Free Libraries (take a book, leave a book) and added Little Free Pantries on to them (hungry? No food in the house until next payday? Take what you need to feed your family). Hilarie started our amazing group and if ANYONE in the group is passionate about a cause that is close to their heart, all they have to do is speak up and suddenly hundreds of rocks will be left around town sharing awareness and love. We've also helped in one of our kids' classrooms and taught them about the importance of kindness, not bullying, etc. The kids got to paint rocks and take them home or hide them. It's great trying to teach the next generation to be kind with your words, your actions, and more. I've made very good friends in this group that I never would have met otherwise. Hilarie is the glue that holds us all together. I'm convinced that if not for her, our group would fall apart, or at least not be the group it is today. Thank you, Hilarie, for passing your coin to me. I'll cherish it and will keep it close so that I can hand it to another very special person that is making a difference in our world. <3

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