Today I received the butterfly coin to start a kindness revolution.
This coin will begin its journey by representing my rescue, Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue. The rescue is a poster child for kindness. Not only by the support we have for the dozens and dozens of hospice seniors we have in the rescue, but from the dogs themselves, so grateful to have a soft bed, affection, medical attention, and good meals and treats. No chains, no kennels, no doghouses, no rain, snow, wind, freezing temperatures to try and survive in. A loving indoor home with every need and issue addressed...comfort most of all.
So to repay this kindness our act will be to show our rescue vet clinic how thankful we are for their dedication and compassion to our rescues. Rarely a week goes by we're not carrying in a dog in distress we've just rescued, that they drop everything and attend to the needs of that dog. They are an extended family as well as a partner to this rescue.
This week, we'll have a delicious lunch delivered to them in appreciation for their hard work and love they show our rescue seniors.
We will give the butterfly coin to the clinic manager,who herself has dropped everything to attend to medical emergencies of our dogs, and has also fostered for us. She performs acts of kindness several times a day without thought because that's just the way she is. As is every staff member there. This coin may even stay within the clinic for awhile to reward the acts of kindness all show daily.

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