JodyJ, Sellersburg, Indiana, March 26, 2019 I recieved this coin from my friends at Friends of Felines. Little do they know how much they have done and do, not only for the cats, catdog, horses, donkey, goat, peacocks, ducks, geese, etc... but for each other and the humans on the other side of the camera. All of them doing what they do everyday has brought joy, tears, excitement, and friendship to so many on the other side of the cam & brought everyone into the FFRC nation. Recieving this coin from special friends, who after all that they do everyday, thought of sending it to me. About my good deed, I am a nurse, I care for the ill & dying. It's my job, I was trained how to do it, but it's just a job until one day you find that you care more for the people your caring for than you once did. After a 12 hour shift & caring for a person that was dying, who had no family, I stayed for 5 more hours (off the clock) to hold her hand until the end. I wasn't asked to do this, but I felt she shouldn't be by herself when it was time.

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