When I first saw the Butterfly Effect Coin, it immediately made me think of my Mother. Some of my most cherished memories were when my Mom and my siblings would go out to the fields to look for milkweed plants and caterpillars. Mom would put them in a large terrarium and we would watch the caterpillars morph into Monarch butterflies; then we would release them. An amazing process! Mom carried this tradition on with my daughter, Natalie.
My Mom passed away several years ago and every time my Daughter and I see a Monarch, it brings back those fond memories. The Butterfly Effect is a reflection of my Mother. She was truly a giving compassionate woman. Mom passed those genes on to her family; I see it every day through my daughter, Natalie.
I am passing this coin on to my daughter, Natalie. She is a constant reminder of the kindness my Mother passed on. My Daughter literally has been saving lives the majority of her life. In her teens, she crawled inside an overturned vehicle to assist a man who had rolled his car. She was a lifeguard for several years at Wet-n-Wild a large water park where she conducted several rescues. She is currently working as an Emergency Medical Technician. She continues to spread her wings further by continuing her education to be a Paramedic. The life she chose in the Emergency Medical Field is a tough one. She has seen her share of chaotic heart breaking scenes from suicide, auto accident, drug overdose, heart attack, child neglect; the list goes on. She has consoled the inconsolable those who have lost someone they loved, a mother, father, child, or friend. She has seen things that no one should have to witness, yet she continues to move forward in this field of saving lives. She always has a kind word for those in need from the elderly to the emotionally challenged. Her acts of kindness are endless and the world is a better place because of her. I am so proud to be her Mother.

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