I was given this coin a couple of months ago, mid-February, and until I found a new recipient for the coin did I realize I had forgotten to post this part of its journey.

I was given this coin by a coworker. We were planning for the day, doing our usual check-in, asking how the other was doing. According to my coworker the next day, she had been having a rough day. Not knowing the extent of her day, beyond her not saying she had a “good” day, I offered to let her pick the flow of the day’s work flow(we are both outdoor educators, and co-teach part of the day together).

I didn’t think twice about offering that to my coworker. It goes to show how small moments like that can be a turning point in an otherwise less-than-good day. I didn’t realize it was so needed. Looking forward, I want to do more regular emotional/mental check-ins with people in my circles.... Humans support and influence each other more than we truly realize.

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