To Roger--the heart of Heart:

I have been delighted to cross paths and share a step in your spiritual journey.

As a man of great achievement and full exposure to all the best this world has to offer, I am inspired to see you fill the God-shaped void with your true purpose. Your contribution to the world through your music and creativity has provided a great stepping stone for your calling, and you seem to know (and put your stance into action) where the real wealth lies.

Thank you for your inspiration, exemplary gratitude, and teaching me BASH. Bruce and I appreciated the VIP tickets; it was an absolute delight to witness your passion and talent! And finally, perhaps I’ll get you to India someday to personally pick the vetiver grass, sing with many singing bowls, and capture that elusive “ghost note”. Hurry back to Talus Rock Retreat, do good, and FLY ON!

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