I received this coin today, 7/23/19, thoughtfully chosen by Jean Marie Trick, and my heart is swelling with humbleness, hope and love. This is the first I’m hearing of this mission and am inspired myself! What a sweet gesture. I was diagnosed with a rare terminal liver cancer in 2014 and have been receiving treatment since. My two daughters were 8 & 11 years old at the time and I knew immediately what my purpose was. I figured no matter what was to happen with my health, what mattered most was my girls and what they gained out of this experience. How will they be affected? Everything I do here on out will influence and mold them in some way. I have to be strong, real and honest. Keeping hope alive in their souls is my motivation. On more than one occasion I was told this was the end of the journey and we adjusted accordingly, but never accepted it. My motto has been “you’re here until you’re not” and I finish that with a different ending every time. So “go do your homework” or pick you’re chin up and help yourself”. There is no excuse not to love, do your homework, be patient, kind, do your chores or ever lose hope. Therefore giving up is not an option and the end isn’t here... yet, so no excuses allowed!! This coin makes me feel a part of something bigger and I’m feeling blessed to be thought of in such a special way. I will wholeheartedly pass it on with pride and hope. Sometimes the person that needs to find hope the most is the person who gives it to everyone else. I will send this to Tara Early, who’s always positive and sharing her strength in the midst of her own unpredictable journey. Thank you Jean Marie!!!! #sparrowstrong

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