I received this coin from a very special friend. I shared my story with him and now I want to share it with the entire world. So here goes.
So a few months after I turned 18 i was gave birth to a baby girl. While i was pregnant i didn't know much. The one thing i knew was that I didn't want my daughter to feel like a burden just as i felt most of my life. You see, I've never met my dad, even to this day. My mom is mentally diasbled and did not and does not have the mental capacity to take care of my brother and I. We moved from family member to famliy member. Just to whoever could take care of us. I often felt unwanted, a burden, and like no one realy cared about me. I felt like people looked at me with pity because of my mom;s circumstances. As a young girl i felt lost, no mother and no father. I once lived with a family member that told me that the only reason i was living under their roof was because nobody else wanted me. This stuck with me for a long time. Fast forward and I'm 17 and pregnant. I decided that I would do whatever it took for my daughter to avoid the kind of life i had, even if that life didn't include me. I was okay with walking away so that she would have a better life. When i made this decision, I didn't even know there was a such thing as open and closed adoption. I thought you choose adoption and and 16-17 years later this angry teenager is asking you "why didn't you want me?" I gave birth on Sept 17 1998. I remember looking down at her and I swear she smiled at me. It could have been gas, but i choose to believe it was a smile, lol. The nurse came to get her and i chose not to watch her leave. I wanted the last memory to be of us looking in each others eyes. I slipped a short letter with her and and sat there crying, know that this was best for her. The first time i met Christines' parents was in the Adoption office. When I saw Julia's face (Christine's mom) she had a smile that put me at ease and reassured me that everything would be alright. To my surprise it didn't stop there. Julia kept giving me updates on our daughter. She sent pictures and even offered to meet up so I could see Christine. When Christine was almost two I joined the Air Force. Julia and Kevin (Christine's dad) sent me pictures and told me about how our daughter was doing. I deployed overseas and Julia would send me care pakages. Everytime i was stateside I would visit. I was just blessed and grateful that Julia was allowing me to be in her life. This kept going on and the bond between Julia, Christine, and I just kept getting stronger. We never had any disagreements because we were both so grateful to one another. She was grateful to add to her family and I was grateful that Chrisine was in her family. We celebrate all of Christines' milestone together. celebrating our baby girl getting married, and having a child of her own. Julia said one thing to me that i will forever be grateful of. She said "You know Debbie, when we adopted Christine we adopted you too." She has ALWAYS treated me like I am part of her family. I Love her so much. A few months ago Christine and I were talking and she shared that she never knew the sacrifice I made until she had her own son. She told me she loved me and that she understands how hard that must of been. Getting that validation from here was everything. Most people don't think something like this can happen. I am a living testimony that it can happen. I love my adoption story and i wish more peopl could have the same experience i had. Thank you for reading and if you ever have any questions I am an open book. You can contact me at djaksyn@outlook.com. Be blessed and always smile!!!!

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