I received this coin on 7/11/2019 from my friend Sheila Seiler who is my friend and is the Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-State. After being a volunteer with Komen Evansville for over a decade, Sheila brought me on board as the Mission Coordinator at the affiliate to help get the Komen Cares Direct Services program launched in Evansville. I've met so many warriors in my position which has gone from Mission Coordinator to currently Community Services Manager. My focus is on our community, its warriors, and how we can fight harder to end breast cancer forever. The fight means raising awareness and money!
On 8/31, I'm passing the coin to my best friend and 10+ year breast cancer survivor Marsha Durham. Marsha has not only participated in Race for the Cures in multiple cities, has done the 3-day walk twice, and is preparing for the next 2day in Atlanta, but she uses social media to remind women to get their annual mammograms. The world needs more Marsha's!

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