My Name is Scottycat and I live in Glasgow Scotland and am one of the Cam Mods for FFRC.
My neighbour is 82 years old, lives alone and is fiercely independent and will not ask anyone for help whatsoever. Her two sons live abroad but do keep in regular touch with her. A few months ago I noticed when speaking to her she was showing what looked like me signs of a stroke, her left eye was drooping and her speech was slurred. I insisted that she should see her doctor , reluctantly she did and it was confirmed indeed she had suffered from a stroke. As she refused any help from Care Givers, I managed to persuade her to get a key safe installed outside her house so that if she fell or became unwell I could let myself in and call a doctor. She also agreed that she would pull her window blind down at night and lift it in the morning to let me know she was alive and well as she did not want me having to either visit her everyday or phone her. This is working perfectly for both of us, it gives me peace of mind and her sons know that I am looking out for her but respecting her independence and privacy too.

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