September, 2019

When I think of loving and kind people in my life, immediately I think of Kelly, who shared the Butterfly Coin with me, and Joy who is my choice for receiving this coin.

Kelly made choices each and everyday to connect with people, to boldly proclaim her faith, and to care deeply for others. Thoughtful gifts, a listening ear, a prayer, a song, a meaningful conversation were all a part of her daily routine. And for that I am grateful.

Joy is the epitome of generosity—helping, giving, and sharing. I have been on the receiving end of her generosity—when I really needed help, she came to our house and spent a day painting uprights on our deck. When I mentioned how much my husband loved sweets, a delicious rhubarb cake showed up. And when I’ve needed a listening ear, she has shared her time and expertise. And, as one might expect, I haven’t been the only recipient of her love and kindness-just ask her son and his family, her sisters, her nieces and nephews, her neighbors, her friends, and her church family. Thank you, Joy, for asking “What good can I do this day?” and then doing it.

This coin inspires and tracks the butterfly effect of kindness. Just like Monarch butterflies are beautiful, may the coin and its stories highlight the beauty of kindness and love.

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