This Monarch coin was released today to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is new to the amazing world of the Monarch Butterfly. She has learned so much through her research and hands on experience in rearing her own Monarch at home. She even learned a little from the Riverdale Elementary Kindergarten team and students! Elizabeth is a reporter and shares the good that happens in our community. She is sharing the amazing life cycle of the Monarch with her viewers so that they can gain an appreciation for this beautiful creature that visits us every spring and summer. Because of her appreciation for this little critter of nature and her kindness in sharing it, this coin is passed on to her. Thank you Elizabeth for all of the time you have spent with the Riverdale Kindergarten learning about one of nature's coolest creatures! I hope you find someone to share this coin with who also spreads kindness just as you are doing in the Monarch Series you are sharing with our community! Do good and fly on Elizabeth!

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