I was blessed as the new superintendent of the USD 305 Salina, Kansas Public Schools to have a caring, dedicated, newly elected president of the Board of Education in Nedra Elbl. We made a great team-two strong Christians who believe in grace, the value of every member of the our school family and that leadership matters. Nedra honored me with a Butterfly Coin. Now I pass this coin on to another leader, just like Nedra Elbl, caring, dedicated and in this case, one who values every member of the Northwest Wichita, Kansas YMCA family: Ginny Wong-Newman.
The Northwest YMCA in Wichita, Kansas is the largest YMCA in the United States in term of physical size, membership, and daily use. Ginny is the glue that holds the organization together. She is a positive, enthusiastic force for good, making every one of the 27,000 members of the "Y" family feel valued and important. Ginny is what servant leadership looks like. She is in constant motion planning special events,taking care of the details, making it look easy while the rest of us marvel at the results. She is a blessing.
With this all in mind, I now pass this Butterfly Coin, which took flight in Salina, Kansas now in Wichita, Kansas to Ginny Wong-Newman of the Northwest Wichita, YMCA. September 2019

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