Yesterday, I headed to the drive-through pharmacy to pick up a prescription for an unexpected medical issue. As we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize how important our pharmacy is to us and how the workers there are going above and beyond to handle the extra onslaught of people, many of whom are panicked, trying to get the medicine they need during this time. I had waited in line for at least 20 minutes (the line was that long) and as I pulled up to the drive through window, an employee named Sierra greeted me kindly. I noticed that she was late in her pregnancy and that the line inside the store was just as long as in the drive through line. She was also answering the phone calls coming in..... After she gave me my prescription, I said "I know this is unusual, but I want to give you this butterfly coin. Someone gave it to me for an act of kindness that I gave to her. I am giving this to you because what you are doing right now matters to so many people. I appreciate it and thank you." A big smile came over Sierra's face and she said "Thank you so much. That means a lot." It was a brief moment, yet so very powerful. We are all connected. Our words and actions matter to each other. Now more than ever, may we know that to be true.

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