I am a rider for the Christian Motorcycle Association.I met a young lady named April and her dad at a gas station in Festus Mo. on our way to a charity ride for children with cancer.(CARLEI HUFF FOUNDATION)Everyone was on their bikes.I asked if they wanted to ride with us to this event.They were on their way to a charity event themselves.
I mentioned to them where and when we were gonna ride the next day.They showed up!!!!!!I know everything happens for a reason.We did several rides together as a group for different reasons.
Eventually April told me of the loss of her daughter “EMMA”. We have all become family over time.She is a hero in my eyes,doing so much work to help the community.She is an absolute angel.
She had a celebration of life for her daughter on her birthday yesterday.10/25/2020. She honored me and my family by allowing us to be part of this celebration.It was so beautiful!! I got to see April smile in content with the friends and families that showed up to show love for Emma.
We laughed,we told stories and prayed together.I had a coin I had been carrying for a while.It was a beautiful brass coin that talked about the full armor of God.I felt compelled to give this coin to April.She absolutely loved the coin and in return gave me an extremely beautiful butterfly coin that she had in memory of Emma.
I can’t even begin to tell you how emotional I am over this blessing she awarded me!!! So I absolutely had to come to this site and tell of this butterflies travel into my heart.I don’t know how I could set this butterfly free again but one day the opportunity will present itself and it will fly again.Until then I will pray for those who have lost a piece of their heart by the loss of a loved one.Bless you April and all of your family.Lets continue to do work together and make a difference in our community.We will change this world,even if it’s just one heart at a time!!!!!!😇

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