Happy New Year Kelly,

After receiving the coin from my mom I decided that you would enjoy journeying with me to the west coast as I took the risk of starting my outpatient career as a Physical Therapist :) I want to also thank you for being part of my inspiration during my first ever marathon, I don't think I could have finished it without you!

Often during the weekdays I thought of you, particularly in the early months of living in Oregon as I was adventuring on the coast, mountains, and lakes that I know you enjoyed so much when you spent your time here with us. I brought you with us during my second ever surfing adventure and wow was that quite the experience!!

Between skiing, mountain hiking, and exploring it has been a blur of events. I was able to pass off the butterfly to Sean for you to spread your wings and cherish all the memories and splendors that Chicago has to offer.

Kelly, your presence continues to make a drastic impact in my life, regardless of the situation through your grace and through our lord Jesus Christ. God bless and I know I will be seeing you in the future.

With lots of love,


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