This coin was given to me by a wonderful family I have worked very closely with. Although surrounded by many people it could have been forwarded to, the coin is going to somebody who spreads kindness everyday (I also thought that although we can’t travel at the moment, this coin can)!

This coin is being forwarded as a huge THANK YOU for checking in and supporting me. More importantly, it’s the recognition that you’ve sparked a conversation between a group of (reasonably) young people about the importance of acknowledging strangers. You explained that you greet the people you see alone on a walk because it could be the only contact they have all day/ week/ month. This led to me sharing this with a couple of different friendship groups (located all around the country) who have all said that they were now going to try and greet individuals walking alone. Thank you for inspiring a bunch of people to acknowledge others and (in your words) ‘fill their bucket’!

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