This coin was given to Megan to help celebrate Hope Days 2021. Megan is a former coworker and friend who has a warm and loving heart. She embraces Hope Days, is raising very kind children, and has been a friend to me during my difficult times.

Right now, she is supporting a family friend battling pancreatic cancer. Having lost my own grandmother to the disease, I can empathize and am praying for the best for her friend. I was touched by the story, so I made a donation to Megan's fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in her friend's honor. I also made a handmade birthday card to send to her friend who just reached another amazing milestone! Megan organized a little birthday celebration during the fundraiser, which I hope made her friend feel special! Now I'm sending the coin to Megan with a nice note so this coin's journey may begin!

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