First of all, I am from and live in a small town in Wisconsin called Boscobel. I received this coin form my sister, Denise, aka "Bean". My journey to kindness has been a lifelong trek. I am "middle-aged" now and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have at least 9 more months of treatment ahead of me but I haven't let breast cancer define or defeat me. I am normally a very giving person but we have had to cut back recently due to the cost of cancer. I am truly amazed at how giving those around me are. I have received many donations from friends, family and even people that I don't know. I am truly humbled by it. I try to live my life full of kindness and I hope that others can see this. I haven't always been the person that I am today. Each day is precious and I can see that more than ever now so I will continue to live a life in search of kindness. It is out there...I have seen it!

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