Dear Mom,

It's my turn to pass the coin. Merry Christmas 2021! This year I placed little effort on purchasing material gifts. We're so fortunate; we don't need anything. We're healthy, we have roofs over our heads, and we have love.

I love the concept of this coin because often, we don't articulate out loud how much we care about and admire someone. I appreciate that this platform gives us the ability to do so and memorializes it as the coin travels.

Mom, you're my best friend, biggest supporter, and role model in so many ways. I admire how you live life with a grateful heart. You're kind and don't entertain gossip nor speak negatively about others. You live your life with integrity. You are always willing to lend a helping hand. You care for Grandma as if she were your own mother. You are an excellent partner to dad, displaying patience, grace, and teamwork. You raised Sean and me to be polite, caring, and respectful. Our success personally and professionally is heavily influenced by your leadership.

I know the pandemic has challenged us in ways we never expected. It's affected me professionally, and other events have impacted me personally during this time. I want you to know that although those events require my time, effort, and attention to navigate, I do love and appreciate your support. I don't expect you always to understand my choices or decisions, nor do I expect you to solve my problems.

Please keep telling $20 stories. We wouldn't tease you about your storytelling if we didn't love it. Look, Subway! I will close with this. Every day I become a little bit more like my mother, and I couldn't be prouder. I love you, mom.

Xo, Erin

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