My co-worker gave me this coin when met, in person due to Covid and regional restrictions, for the first time at a work conference. On that particular day I'd had a rough start with my printer and getting to work equipped and on time. I slipped in for the start of a working lunch session, late and a bit ashamed, and she said here I have something for you. I was surprised and the timing of the gesture was really nice. Working with the military made me immediately identify the beautiful coining as a kind gesture even though I wasn't sure what it was. I actually think I teared up a bit.

I kind of forgot about this for a while and recently my family's moved through a half dozen temporary housing situations this fall trying to save to buy a house again so we don't have to keep uprooting our family in this unstable rental market. It's been really rough and somehow in the midst of living out of suitcases for the last five months this coin has resurface right after our whole 5 person family stayed with my cousin for two weeks when a pipe broke in the RV we were staying in.
We're in an apt now for the winter and I'm putting together Christmas gifts. I wanted to give my cousin a special gift this year after her graciousness to us. She so freely offered for us to crowd the hell out of her with little notice. She just so happens to love butterflies too so I'm tucking this into her gift basket.

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