My dear friend Colleen passed away today, July 29,2023. She lives on in this coin she gifted me almost 6months ago.
I will hold onto the memory of her smile, her laughter and most of all her kind soul.
Colleen had a rough life and suffered greatly through accidents, surgeries, cancer, and so much more. She was the epitome of a woman with grit, determination and a rock hard faith in good things to come.
She lived six more months than the doctors predicted she would. I’m so proud of her determination to prove them wrong and have the strength to carry on even when it felt impossible. She has taught me that even through our greatest challenges, you will overcome.
I love you Leeny.
Tini and Leeny forever.
Fly free with the butterflies beautiful friend.

I have decided to pass this coin to her mother, Shari. For all her care and love and strength and amazing ability to be a caregiver for her daughter in such an incredible way. You are an example to all of us. I’m so sorry for your loss of your little girl. May you always remember her when you hold this coin in your hand. I love you!

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