Presenting this Coin to Mike Clinesmith:
In humble gratitude for your unfailing commitment to ensure hungry people get fed during your tenure at Feed Spokane, I am presenting you with this Butterfly Coin. Your dedication to rescue and distribute food to those in need in our community has increased the volume of food we have been able to get to those who need it most far beyond what we thought possible. Your heart for the work has been a blessing to all who have worked with you and we are most grateful for the things you have taught us and where you have brought us. May this coin remind you of what is possible when you say “Yes” to your calling. May the memories inspire you as you travel the next leg of your journey, and the friendships you have made continue to cheer you on your way. You have inspired us and made us better.

God Bless you as you go. You will be missed.

Most Sincerely,

Feed Spokane Board of Directors

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