Coin Stories

After 3 years I am passing this coin onto Courtney Garland as a personal recognition for the amazing and selfless work she has done for Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital, especially on our journey to AAHA accreditation. Her dedication does not go unnoticed and I am so grateful to have her as part of my team and to count her as a friend. Words are not enough to show her how valued she is but I hope she knows that she is priceless!
- Wylie

It was passed on to us at dunkin

I received this coin from a former student. She emanates kindness everywhere she goes! She’s one of those students teachers never forget! I feel honored and blessed to have received this coin! I will pass it on to someone who brings joy to everyday!

I received this coin from such an amazing girl. Maybe we don't know each other for a long time but she is extremely nice and helpful person.You can always count on her and you feel extremely comfortable like you know her your whole life. This coin well give me strength for the future.

My best friend gave me this coin at school, I’m going to share it with my cousins who I don’t get to see very much.

The coin stayed at the Food Bank over the holidays.
Many generous energies coming and going.
It is now going to be passed on to a very kind and generous person who is out helping others in the community.

The coin came from my wife who gave it to our granddaughter. She never used it and gave it to me.

I met a lady today in her 70’s who is still working and does not expect to be able to retire. She washes, dries, and folds people’s clothing. She was very helpful so I struck up a conversation with her.

We talked about our children and grandchildren and she told me how she had raised several of her grandchildren. One in particular was very difficult but has become a wonderful person and mother. Anyway when I left I handed her $50 and the coin, hoping to brighten her day. She seemed very surprised and touched.

This coin got to my hands from someone very special... Someone with great, kind heart, who made a major difference in my life. She helped me with opening up and seeing world and myself through different perspective. We shared our stories about Blue Butterfly...
I am forever grateful to this beautiful person and will hold her in my thoughts and heart forever....

Received this meaningful coin from dear friends that I happened to meet by chance through our mutual love of dogs. I have had this coin for three years and it has helped and guided me through some hard times that life throws your way.
I am passing it on so that this 'butterfly' may help others who are always kind in heart. Thank you.

So, my Mawmaw got it for me before I left and moved with my family to Washington State. I love you Mawmaw

My name is Sky Parriott and I received a Butterfly Coin from my friend Doug.

I received this coin from a coworker, who was instructed to give to me so I could give it to my husband by one of his former coworkers (lol)

Our friend Debbie Dick gave us this at Christmas!
Thank you Deb! We'll pass ot on!

Gave this coin to Deb and she kindly passed it back with our lovely Christmas gift, I will pass it on at the food bank when I drop the generous donation that people made, thank you lymoon, Ravi, joanne

I've held on to this coin long enough and have found the perfect person to pass it on to. During the pandemic Bitsy D. was one of many Zumba instructors to teach via social media but Bitsy choose to teach on zoom free of charge to all of her students. But now that "lockdown" has been over for quite some time she not only has her home life, her work life, teaching Zumba at a health facility, she is one of the only instructors I know that continues to teach over Zoom and it's still free to all her students. And that's just one of the many acts of kindness Bitsy has done.

Received my coin as a Christmas present from my sister Deb. I think Deb and myself will "Be the Good" together, coming up with ideas of how to do this the best. Once we decide on what we are going to do, I will come back and update this story. Some choices are: helping a homeless person or helping a low income elderly person.

I just bought this coin from a thrift store. I love butterflies and they are one of my spirit animals. I saw this coin and I thought it was so cute and I love the name of the butterfly effect. One small thing can make such a big effect on us. That’s the butterfly effect. I love to give back I had to get it. I’m not sure yet who I’m going to pass it to next but it will be someone who has a good spirit as well. I love to give back and help the world that’s why we’re here. Always remember to do good and be the light. Butterflies are so beautiful I remember this story. Everyone in the world can see a butterflies wings but Itself. The whole world gets to enjoy its beauty but then. Imagine you can’t even see your own beauty in yourself that the world sees. But it still continues to carry on. You have such a impact on this world

This coin is for Sharon and Randy. Let’s make our world a better place for everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, gender, or differences. Even the smallest kindness can change the course of the future.

THEre is
the world.

Please use this butterfly coin to be the good in our world!

It's very important to me to try to make our world a better place for everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, gender, or differences. Even the smallest kindness can change the course of the future.

THEre is
the world.

Please use this butterfly coin to be the good in our world!

My name is Maddie.
My friends band Oceans End made a music video, memories and art here and found this coin. Remember life isnt out to get you, and that life is worth living even when it gives you no immediate reasons. Never give up on your dreams.

Wow!! This has been is my car for a very long time! I just found it and gifted to the sweet man who filled my tires with air 😋

Found this coin with a $20 gift card. Perfect cause I recently lost my job and I was unable to buy my cat food. Going to get cat food now, so happy

Location is actually San Simeon, CA. Coin 27vt-7xz. I couldn't correct it.
I forgot to mention that I was honored to know Mareyna's godmother. She was one of the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, most spiritual and compassionate angels you could ever know. A great loss for those of us left behind.

This coin has not traveled far. It is in the same small town of Cambria, CA. I received it nearly two years ago from my sweet friend and "Fairy Goddaughter" Reyna after my dear, devoted father, Robert Louis Mayer, died. I happen to know the sweet man who started this coin rolling, her "birth-brother" and it is exactly like him to constantly reach out. Both of them are huge-hearted humans.

My father died alone on January 15, 2021. In a quarantined Kaiser hospital in Panorama City, Southern California, of Pneumonia, Congestive Heart failure, Renal failure and Covid-19.
---- Days before he died, and days after, my mom had some episodes of irrational behavior. Her memory loss, suddenly much worse, was found to be Alzheimers disease months later. She needed a memory-care facility. My sister and dear sister-in-law found a great facility near their homes, 6 to 7 hours away from me. We had to move mom. It was devastating. I felt like a traitor abandoning my dear, giving, exceptional and saintly mother. I am not kidding, look up her obituary I wrote on Margaret Regina (McGowan) Mayer. We also had to let go of the family home of 60 years. It took my sister and I five months before our siblings helped us. Every month we sorted through mountains of things, tens of thousands of papers, photos, etcetera. Donating countless things. I visited mom as often as I could, called every day, wrote every few days. It was very hard. Covid-19 kept her friends from visiting. My siblings gave her frequent phonecalls and visits, packages of goodies, shopping sprees, lunches out whenever possible. When she was sad or frustrated, it was devastating for my sister and I especially. She died on St. Patrick's day this year, 14 months after our father. I am still picking up the pieces, as I ignored my own life for three years helping my/our parents. I cry more easily now, but have caring family and dear friends/extended family. I know that I did everything I could to help and comfort my parents. And, obviously, dear souls in my life have comforted me. I am blessed and grateful.

Love each other, embrace your family, friends, and even strangers if you can. One smile, hug, handshake, and/or kind word and gesture can brighten someone's day or save a life. Their value is beyond measurement and they are healing to the spirit and the soul.

2nd coin left at Wanderoo Lodge in Eureka Springs, Ar.

I am leaving this coin anonymously with a small gift just to brighten someone's day. I hope that they will pass on a good deed or a kind word because small acts of kindness are never really small.

My co-worker gave me this coin when met, in person due to Covid and regional restrictions, for the first time at a work conference. On that particular day I'd had a rough start with my printer and getting to work equipped and on time. I slipped in for the start of a working lunch session, late and a bit ashamed, and she said here I have something for you. I was surprised and the timing of the gesture was really nice. Working with the military made me immediately identify the beautiful coining as a kind gesture even though I wasn't sure what it was. I actually think I teared up a bit.

I kind of forgot about this for a while and recently my family's moved through a half dozen temporary housing situations this fall trying to save to buy a house again so we don't have to keep uprooting our family in this unstable rental market. It's been really rough and somehow in the midst of living out of suitcases for the last five months this coin has resurface right after our whole 5 person family stayed with my cousin for two weeks when a pipe broke in the RV we were staying in.
We're in an apt now for the winter and I'm putting together Christmas gifts. I wanted to give my cousin a special gift this year after her graciousness to us. She so freely offered for us to crowd the hell out of her with little notice. She just so happens to love butterflies too so I'm tucking this into her gift basket.

This coin was “set free” in March 2022. It was gifted to Allison H. At Covenant Presbyterian Church. Allison got a new Taylor Guitar, & I surprised her with a mother of pearl Truss cover for it. She is such a blessing to so many people & she simply glows when she’s playing her guitar.
I gave her the butterfly coin & asked her to pay it forward.
Be blessed!!

I am passing this coin to Jessica DeRose for shining light in the darkest of times. She is a warrior and will change the world with her candor, authenticity and energy. Thank you for being you Jessica. The world is better for you being in it. ❤️

I am passing this coin to a wonderful woman, Emily Hawkins. Emily's program Market Me, along with Emily's guidance, leveled me up in my career. She gave me the tools, motivation, and the confidence to apply for a position that was more of a dream position. I nailed it. I am helping more people and making more money than I ever have, and I am so grateful to her. Thank you, Emily. You have changed my life. One day, when I make it to Georgia, I am coming to see you to hug you in person! Thank you for all you do! <3

Merri Lou Franzella

This coin was sent to me from Bulter PA and it came shortly after Hurricane Ian destroyed most of the area I grew up in. I am passing this coin onto a dear friend whose home was totaly destroyed, she lost everything. I pray this coin will bring her peace. Susan Fort Myers FL 10.14.22

I recieved this coin some years ago from a collegue of mine. I was helping him with his tasks as he was new in this, ad had way to much work to to handed down to him from management, and no assistance there at all. Tried to assist as much as possible, and he gave me this coin as a token of gratitude. I really appreiciated it, Thnx David, really appreciated this.

Now it is my turn to give this coin to another.
This person helped me out alot when I was separated from my Wife. He gave me a place to live was and was really good support through tough times.
Thnx a lot Stian.

This Coin is traveling from Butler Pa to Fort Myres Florida .For a sister friend.

This coin is traveling from Baltimore to Pittsburg to honor JoAnne; a “sister friend” and “kindred spirit.” JoAnne’s gift of friendship and love has never waivered. She has been by my side through everything in life and her generosity knows no bounds. The bond of friendship continues through our daughters.

This coin belonged to a dear friend who just recently "found her wings" and passed on, so I am going to give this coin new life by passing it along to another dear friend. We recently went to the wonderful Butterfly Rainforest at the Gainesville, Florida Museum of Natural History and saw a butterfly similar to the one pictured on the coin. Wishing this sweet butterfly many happy adventures and travels - fly on, little wing!

I want to give the coin that my daughter gave to me to my friend, Donna B. Her heart is full of love for the Monarchs. She raises them, shares their eggs with me and small children. She encourages others to keep the Monarchs flying. Do good and fly on Donna!

butterflies are so cute and i love them so much.

I love butterflies

I am gifting this coin to Lindsay Hensley. She has shown resilience in the face of adversity, all the while with a smile on her face and kindness in her heart. She has been a dear family friend for years. God Bless.

Received from grandfather.

Received from grandfather.

I am deeply humbled by receiving this coin. I am presently seeking the next deserving soul.

Giving this coin to Shawna at Beacon Cancer Care in CdA, Idaho.
Shawna was instrumental in getting a desperately needed referral approval from Tri-care for Nicki’s first infusion.
Thank you Shawna.

Not all of my pictues would upload, so I'm going to try to add them again xoxo

Hello Sweet Girl!

We started our vacation a couple days ago, it's my first time at Wisconsin Dells.

Everything has been a new adventure each day, its so liberating to take away the mundane same day routine.

Among the many adventures, your cousins Anthony and Prestin have been living it up with Damario and Danny, running around as big boys do making their own memories to cherish.

Savanha has taken to the pool like a real life mermaid and making new friends wherever she goes. She is so sweet, fierce and independent.

My favorite part of our trip is all the time we are spending together, no matter what we do or where we go, its the company we keep that makes everything so special and I am thrilled to share our time with you. We know you are watching from above and that your spirit is with us.

Love you baby girl 🥰🥰🥰

Hi Scarlett,
Your mom & I were out on the patio the other day and 2 white butterflies came so close to me, i could have reached out and touched them. White butterflies are not common and i knew in my heart it was you, giving your mom a sign that you are there. We all miss & love you so much. There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't missing you. Keep giving us signs baby girl.
Love you infinity.
-Nick, Nicole, Anthony, Prestin & Savanha

I was given this very special coin from my kind and
thoughtful friend and neighbor, Nancy Miyares. She taught me all about her love and passion for the monarch butterflies, gave me an inspirational reference book on the Monarch (Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly) by Kylee Baumle and inspires everyone she knows. I love the art of helping them survive. It is my honor to pass this coin on to a dear friend who is inspired by nature and gardening, Jeannie K. who is also a member of the Wildflower Garden Club. Jeannie has raised the Monarchs with love and passion, understanding the need to take care of these beauties.

I received this coin as a reminder of the love Nicole shared with so many. I miss her everyday and am always looking for ways to live more like her, to be good like her. I am honored to feel her presence through time spent with her most precious ones, Jack and Carter. There is no better reminder that her legacy of love and kindness caries on through them. When I think of Nicole's goodness, I am moved to build relationships with people who share similar qualities. Amber serves others with grace and love as a mother, teacher and friend. She is raising her own wonderful children, spreads kindness to her students and makes them feel so loved, and has helped me as I have navigated the loss of our friend. For those reasons and more, I will pass this coin on to you, Amber. Love, Lesley

I received this coin from my precious daughter-in-law’s mother in memory of my daughter-in-law on her first birthday in heaven. Nicole was simply the kindest person I have ever known. I miss her deeply and always will. I am grateful God gave me 20 years with her even though I wanted more. In honor of her, and with great love for her, I am passing this coin to Nicole’s dear friend, Lesley, who has done so much to help my son and grandsons navigate this first year without Nicole. She has put her love into action with almost daily efforts to help them. She reminds me of Nicole, and I am so deeply grateful to her for her unselfish kindness. Lesley, please know you have touched my heart by honoring Nicole so lovingly.

I got this coin as a gift in Lebanon Oregon. We moved to Portland Oregon and hid the coin at a park for someone to find and hopefully get a little joy from it!

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