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Initial purchase as a Christmas gift for Nathan from dad...

In my pocket.....I set this butterfly free in the mall, while taking my mom Christmas shopping. Bought a random stranger breakfast. I think it made her morning! Pay it forward, and fly on.

This coin and idea all started with you. 7 in total that I have given out this holiday sesson. Each one with their own journey. Your generosity and the way you look at the world is inspiring. You're warm and a light to many people who meet you. You've inspired me to change the world and these 7 coins will do just that. It's no coincidence that I have started with 7 coins and they will forever be out there inspiring the next person. It all started with you. Take this coin and pass it on. Keep this code so you can look back and see the impact you've had on people. And always remember this.. It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

Now its in my pocket! Thank you so much for paying it forward <3

I bought and made my boss a margarita and gave him the coin to take to the city with him (better chance to spread its wings as I’m living in a very small town!)

Helped my mom with around the house cleaning

Very thoughtful gift from someone who has grown to be very special in my life. I was told how big of an impacted, I have made in their life, based on the Universal law of cause and effect. I live my life under 1 concept, that is when you receive, you must give back.. Not just to manipulate the Law of Attraction, but to pay it forward by doing something nice for random people with no expectation of receiving anything in exchangr, but to do selfless deeds that may seem small to you, but could have enormous ripple effect on another. When I am asked what do I want from them? I reply pay it forward.
So now I pass this coin to you, manner of our friendship was unorthodox, Though we have not personal met one another, you are 1 of the few I call a friend, you have helped me with things and I did same for you. Your trust in me for what you did this last year, had such an impact, friends Ive Known most of my life never put that level of trust onto me. And for that you always have a friendship here. So naturally I choose to send this off to you as a gesture of our friendship, I know you will keep this going. You inspired and gave me hope when I was at a lose of a plan of action.
Helped me when no one else would.
For that thank you!

I received this coin in line at the supermarket. The woman in front of me in line let me go ahead of her and then gave me this coin. I’m looking forward to pay it forward and pass along this coin in hopes that it’s journey will be long and touched by many with peace and love for all.

I received this coin from my cousin for Christmas 2018. Butterflies were my aunt's thing....along with so many other wonderful things. Her death brought so much heartache, but her life brought so much love. In her honor I will pass this coin along, just as she passed the gift of her love to me. I hope all that touch this coin as it travels along the journey find themselves as truly blessed as I am.

I wanted to send a special gift to a special friend who I know will pass it on to other special people in their lives and I get to watch how far it travels and the kind words that are written about how they received it.

I just gave this coin to a young lady and her mom who had ran out of gas 1/2 mile from the gas station. My wife was driving a few minutes ahead of me, and stopped when she saw the young lady walking on the side of the road, having just left her mom in their vehicle on the side of the road, out of gas. the daughter was walking towards the gas station. My wife called me and told me what was going on, so I just drove past them to the gas station, got a gas can and a couple gallons of gas, and brought it to them. We put the gas in their vehicle and got them on their way to the station to fill up their tank. I hope we made their day a little easier, and they pay it forward to someone they meet!

This was my first coin to be handed out. I gave it a to man in the grocery store line after I let him go ahead of me, and told him the story of the coin. He's already written his part of the story, and I was so pleased to see that it's already moving on. Thank you, sir, and good luck with the coin.

This coin was purchased as a Christmas gift and was given to my mother-in-law in hopes that she will do something kind for someone else this holiday season, or in the coming year. May it be well-received and spread kindness throughout its journey!

Note: The Butterfly Effect is, simply stated, the theory that small causes can have large effects. Please remember that if you were given this coin, it should be treated like a butterfly - admired for its beauty for awhile and then released back into the wild. To have the largest effect, it needs to continue on its journey!

This coin was purchased as a Christmas gift and was given to my in-laws in hopes that they will do something kind for someone else this holiday season, or in the coming year. May it be well-received and spread kindness throughout its journey!

Note: The Butterfly Effect is, simply stated, the theory that small causes can have large effects. Please remember that if you were given this coin, it should be treated like a butterfly - admired for its beauty for awhile and then released back into the wild. To have the largest effect, it needs to continue on its journey!

An evening of rich conversation, shared kindness (lots of everyone buying everyone drinks), and meeting of new friends. Credit goes to Mary Kay for seeing the obvious Butte in the Butterfly Coins. :) Love Butte America and the Silver Dollar saloon!

I received this coin as a gift from a kind, generous woman who believes in the power of good to change the world for the better. In a city as big as NYC, there are ample opportunites to be kind. I hope that the next recipient keeps this spirit of giving alive.

I helped my 5th grade teacher arranging the desks so she can add new furniture. It was really fun to finally pass this coin into someone else’s hands.

Going flying today will see where this one ends up

My mom got us all coins to help kind acts

Received coin from Dennis after he took me flying from Junction City Ks to Benton Ks and back for breakfast for my Birthday!

To bill and Rick thank you for the great evening of wine and conversation! Do good and fly on!

Purchased coins because my friend, Kaori, started this with her husband. One of their missions is "to perform large, publicly-visible random acts of kindness with a significant portion of their profits" and I like that.

I have not decided who to give my last coin to.

My brother-in-law have this coin to me at a gift exchange for our family Christmas.

Hey! My dad gave me this coin when he saw me give mine to a complete stranger. I'm excited to see where else this coin goes!!

To you Roy and Tammy, my family. We have been through a lot these last few years. Some good and some bad, but we stuck close and managed to lift each other up when we needed it the most. Some of my most treasured memories are at the lake hanging around the fire or going for a cruise on the boats. The Texas trip was probably the best. 7 whole days with you my family floating down the river on tubes. Best. Day. Ever. We've also had our share of heartache and pain but we got through it because we were there for each other. Your kids are like my own and I will forever cherish the time I have gotten to spend with them. Even cake fights at birthday parties.. haha! Always a fun time when I hang out with you guys!

So I give you this coin to remind you of all the fun times we've had. Family is forever, no matter what. Never forget that. Please pass this coin on to someone you feel needs the love we've shared as a family. Add a story note and pass it on to someone as special to you as you are to me. My hope is this love and coin will travel for miles. Keep the code to log in every so often to watch it travel and grow. With each new recipient so comes a new story of love, encouragement and the ability to pay it forward.

You are my family and I love you very much. Please pay it forward this holiday season!

Pastor John helped spread God's Word. Merry Christmas and Fly On!

One of two coins given to me by a very sweet and kind young woman, my son's girlfriend!

I received this coin from my Aunt. My mother passed away in May of 2017. What makes this coin so special to us is not only the Butterfly (which was my moms favorite) but also because she was such a giving person. She always had an open door policy for anyone who needed somewhere to stay, enjoyed volunteering her time to raise money for our Veterans, and never let a person go hungry. I believe this coin is an appropriate way of honoring her and remembering her kindness.

I was given this coin for Christmas by a friend. I will find a way to pass it forward.

This was as gift from a friend Thad I’ve never met, but who grows closer every day. I’m going through one of the roughest patches in my life and this is one of the best Xmas gifts I got. I will hold onto it until better times are on the horizon and then pass it on to someone more in need than me right now. Thanks, Nate.

Ready to fly!

Jillian Holt
I was visiting my grandmother in Pittsburgh for Christmas and I got the coin from my uncle who lives in Chicago. I live in Virginia.

Yay, Jilli! Glad to see you got a head start registering your coin! Love, Uncle Gary

Recieved this coin in Houston, TX for Christmas from my best friend in Austin, TX. Such a wonderful idea & gift. Thank you!

Coin is safely living in our lakefront home in Sagle--soon to fly the coop though. Stay tuned for where it lands! Bill & Rick

Giving this coin to my amazing niece Angela. She’ll know what to do. :)

So grateful and can’t wait to pass on the love!

Giving this coin to my intrepid Californian niece Traci. Hope she makes the next release as special as she is!

My amazing Uncle Ron one of the founders of ButterflyCoins gave me this coin in Hutchinson Kansas for Christmas and I’m traveling back to San Francisco tomorrow. I’m so excited to find someone to give it to, thank you Uncle Ron!

I received it at a Phoenix Suns Vs OKC basketball game while in line to buy pizza.

We ordered this coin from Kevin and Kim @ The Awesome Possum in Hamburg, IA. Today we received it in the mail and we will be looking for an opportunity to let it fly here in Tucson, AZ!

March 14. 2019 My husband and I met a gentleman at the Southeast VA clinic in Tucson, AZ. He is a retired businessman and he visits the area VA clinics weekly to give away wooden pen holders (that he makes himself) as a gift to veterans. We were so impressed by his selfless act of gratitude to service members! He goes to 3 different VA clinics throughout the week- spreading his joy and gratitude to the Veterans at each clinic. We are inspired by Jerry to express gratitude more freely. We are giving him this butterfly coin today.

I am distributing this coin in honor of my son’s memory. I lost him in 2011 and I know I can never repay the kindness and compassion my family received after the tragic loss. May God bless you if you receive this coin. Brenda

Gave to daughter in Lincoln, NE

I purchased this coin in the hopes I will be able to pass it along with a good turn. I love these coins and the Butterfly concept!

Given to Katie, Matthew, Kenzie, Tierza, and Everly Christmas 2018

We went to visit my family in Iowa and when we all went to the movie theater that night, my parents paid for our tickets to the movie and I received the coin.

I bought a couple of Coins , I Love the concept of the Ideal , and hope to see how well it will works . I try and do kind things all the time but mostly taking care of sick people . My first Coin will go to my Sister Sheila & Husband Brad in Houston TX ,they are always doing good acts of kindness. I am Looking forward to stories of future kindnesses as it travels.

So i got this coin for christmas from a my uncle mark! lol have fun with your new coin! -mj :3

12- 31- 18 Flying to Houston To start out the New Year :)

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