Coin Stories

We followed the trail toward Cha-pekw and found the werrp hiding in a log with a beautiful marble. We will keep her safe and sound until she’s ready to fly off on the next leg of her journey.

Gave coin in Michigan to a teen to pass on.

Today this beauty set out on her new adventure after of course being shown around we went hiking and to the beachs ( where she decided to stay) so thankful for our short time spend maybe ill get the chance to see her again in the future..

I'm giving this coin to a teacher and friend who shows great resilience in the face of adversity and continues to carry on and thrive. She has taken care of her young family, ailing mother and special needs brother, which is no small or easy task, yet manages to continue to show up at Tobin with a smile on her face and be the most amazing, caring, organized, creative and dedicated PreK teacher to her classroom. I'm in awe of her strength and resilience and just want her to know how much I see and appreciate her!

On this cold and wet morning i followed the sound of the falls to find this beautiful monarch and very cool toad. I felt it was only right to bring them inside to warm them up before releasing her back into nature with a new friend.

This coin was given to me by a sister in Christ from my church to share on my travels with a medical mission to Guatemala this coming week! Wonderful time to share Gods love, it’s exciting-lets go!!!

Danke Cousinchen, dieser Butterflycoin geht nun mit mir auf den Camino del Norte am 3. April von Irún, Spanien. Wer immer ihn dann von mir übernimmt, möge ihn in die weite Welt tragen.

"Es ist gut, dass die Liebe scheitert, denn das Scheitern der Liebe führt Euch zwangsläufig auf eine neue Pilgerreise." (Osho). In diesem Sinne "Vamos"!

I was given this coin by my friend at work and I am happy to be able to pass it onto a wonderful soul. Thank you Cheryl for giving it to me! I am giving this coin to my very good friend that has performed many acts of kindness throughout her life. I am blessed and grateful for all that she has done for me. I cannot imagine life without her.

Monarchs hold a special place in my heart, growing up on the central coast I had a monarch butterfly tree in my backyard ♥️ I would lie on the ground under the tree and watch the stacks of butterflies upon butterfly appear to make the tree come to life. So when I saw this butterfly coin get set free, I felt it calling me. The monarch took along a slimy friend who has left its mark in my journal and now resides with me. And now we helped this social butterfly move on to its next adventure. It heard the trickle of running water, saw the flowers blooming here and took flight but not before taking with it a new friend. Oh the adventures that await this butterfly! -and who knows where the toad will go?

I just ordered three of these coins today, the pay it forward idea of sharing the coin with someone that does an act of kindness is way cool. I am telling the people I share with to go to youtube and watch the movie trailer for pay it forward movie, pay it forward, a movement inspired by a movie.

I recently moved to Boise, ID. I found a quiet street, in a delightful neighbourhood where everyone is friendly and welcoming. When a neighbour needed to be in hospital for a blood transfusion she worried about her dog being in the house alone. For two weeks I fed and walked Zoe (and I am a cat person!) until Sue was back home. Darkcat

I received this coin from Jacci (FFRC), a wonderful lady who takes care of all of the cats and kittens at her rescue center. My "pass it forward" for this coin was taking dinner over to my elderly neighbor, who has been sick.

Kris Matheason
Shakopee, MN

JodyJ, Sellersburg, Indiana, March 26, 2019 I recieved this coin from my friends at Friends of Felines. Little do they know how much they have done and do, not only for the cats, catdog, horses, donkey, goat, peacocks, ducks, geese, etc... but for each other and the humans on the other side of the camera. All of them doing what they do everyday has brought joy, tears, excitement, and friendship to so many on the other side of the cam & brought everyone into the FFRC nation. Recieving this coin from special friends, who after all that they do everyday, thought of sending it to me. About my good deed, I am a nurse, I care for the ill & dying. It's my job, I was trained how to do it, but it's just a job until one day you find that you care more for the people your caring for than you once did. After a 12 hour shift & caring for a person that was dying, who had no family, I stayed for 5 more hours (off the clock) to hold her hand until the end. I wasn't asked to do this, but I felt she shouldn't be by herself when it was time.

This beautiful butterfly coin was sent to me by my friend Donna.I met Donna when my son Brandon passed away in 2006. Thoughout the years and tears she shared her compassion and kindness with me.Brandon sent me a special guardian angel to walk through this journey with me.I miss him everyday .
The friend I'm sending the coin to shares her talent to bring others comfort and healing.Although we never met I feel we have through our angels. She has a special angel in heaven watching over her...hugs high beautiful butterflies.

I received this coin from a wonderful, resilient woman who flew across the county speaking out, even though the message is not always popular. She is kind, powerful, and beautiful. I am blessed to know her. I will pass it on when the time is right.

I decided to give this coin to my best friend who now lives in Naples, Italy. The point of this coin is to pass on acts of kindness, well, Kristi, is the most kind person you will ever meet. She is the sweetest, nicest person I know. She treats everyone like she has known them forever. She will give you the shirt off her back. She will go without a meal to feed others. She is the best person to pass on this butterfly coin for acts of kindness. Love you Kristi Lynn! Thanks for a fabulous time in Italy.

I will give to my sister who has help me in more ways that one, she has a big heart an is always help anyone in need. She has battle lung cancer for the last 2 years. But she has never let it get her down. She will love passing it on. Love you Sis.

Thank You Jenna for the beautifully designed butterfly coins. Thankyou so much for remembering our daughter Megan. You are a true friend. Thankyou for all your prayers and your kindness!

I love my new butterfly coin. My neighbor and good friend Tina gave it to me for my #49th and I treasure it! We both love butterflies, both teach science, and both know the value of nature (and friendship).

I'm giving this coin to someone who has more grit and reslience than anyone I know! With all the challenges you have faced--medical issues and concerns with your children--somehow you keep on going and you never let it get you down. Thanks so much for all you to do help me at Tobin. And you are a model to me of how to keep on going--even when times are tough!

Received this coin from the sweetest friend! Thanks Michele Webb!

Saw these coins and they made me very happy! Love monarch butterflies. Sending this coin with love and kindness! ❤️

We were so excited to receive this coin as a gift and prayed about what to do with it. Christine is always doing things for others and we were happy to have something we could do for her, as well as give her a way to see the ripple effect of her kindness!

Received this from a special friend of mine. She came into my life several years back by accident really, and has been a blessing. What a special gift true friend ship is.

I was doing some ' butterfly research " and found this non profit group that helps saves the Monarch butterfly by sending out milkweek seeds packs to schools, its cool. The site is

Received this Beautiful coin from my mother today in the mail ... can’t wait to find someone to pass it on to

Defiance, OH March 25, 2019 A person we know of had lost her job and couldn't take care of her cats. She was hoping it was a temporary problem because she was looking for a new job. She loves her cats and so wanted to keep them. Steve and I were able to supply her with a month of dry food and litter to tide her over. Jacci, Friends of Felines Rescue Center

Defiance, OH A friend of Friends of Felines Rescue Center was unexpectedly put in the hospital for what was to be a couple days. It turned out to be almost a week. She had a cat at home that she was worried about. We were able to get the cat out of the apartment and kept her here at FFRC until her discharge, so she wouldn't worry. Jacci

Gave to my friend Josh, to keep or pass on.. (3/22/2019)

Tulalip, WA - I received this coin as a birthday present from my best friend, Beth. I'm going to enjoy it a few months and find someone very special to give it to.

This coin is originating at Friends of Felines Rescue Center at 14597 Power Dam Rd in Defiance, Ohio. My "pass it forward" for this coin was to provide goodies for students that needed a snack for after school, that had no funds to buy any. Jacci Moss of Defiance, OH

This coin was given to me by Mary Kay, a delightfully Irish colleen who has been involved in environmental and labor justice as long as I have known her. She is married to George, a kind and articulate poet and historian who shares her commitment to making this world a better place.

I have found a worthy recipient in Stevensville named Lu. She has been caring for birds and other wildlife for decades and is also compassionately generous to humans, including me.

Hi I Am Simrebel a Geocacher from Ontario Canada
I am also a vlogger and video my geocaching on youtube
check out my ch
and on facebook at

I am a member of the GCNW on youtube and facebook
that is a group of geo-vloggers sharing family friendly geocaching videos.

Besides that I am a founding member of our local geocaching group HNAG (Haldimand Norfolk Area Geocachers)

This butterfly’s journey will start with my friend who has a kind and generous heart. She is always doing random acts of kindness and I know this butterfly will have an amazing journey!

The Monarch has been set free on the inaugural adventure with a Ginger Livingston Sanders snail for company. Since no one knows the tracking # yet, I can safely say that I tucked the butterfly & snail into a small bush at the Humboldt Bay Social Club. I absolutely love this venue so much! It is the perfect place to start the journey,

I was given this coin at church on Sunday by a lady who raises Monarch Butterflies and sets them free each year.

I received this beautiful coin from a very special person in my life .I met her through the internet .I fell in love with her sister and her son Timmy whom now is in heaven.Me and Ina share a friendship on Facebook and she is more than a friend to me she feels like my sister .And receiving this beautiful butterfly was so special to me as I will send it on it's journey to another town Wyoming co Wv. To a very special friend Elizabeth Stafford she is a very loving and caring person one whom will help you in any way possible she has a huge heart of Gold so today my Butterfly will be on another journey.Thank you for the Love Ina and off we go .
Loria Pack

I have passed my coin to my son for his 55th. birthday,he's fighting cancer right now. But I know he's going to be ok he has God on his side.

Arrived in my mailbox today, from a dear friend so far away. I shall carry it always to pass on when i have helped someone. I am sure they will enjoy being the temporary holder until they pass it on as well.

My name is Angie Talley, the daughter of Mary Kadas, who started this coin's journey. Our butterfly coin has successfully reached Sparks, Nevada from LaPorte, Indiana. I can't wait to see where it finds it's way over time. If you can choose being right or kind, always choose kindness and pay it forward. <3

This Monarch's mission is to be hidden alongside a marble in any Facebook marble hunting group. The marble will be for the finder to keep and the coin is to be passed along in every subsequent hide along with a new marble or glass related item for the finder to have a treasure to remember the joy of the hunt.
(keep the glass, set the Monarch coin free)

Please log when you find the coin & details of the adventure you have set it free on. Feel free to add surprises & twists & turns to its journey.

Let's watch the butterfly effect of our Monarch coin as it flutters throughout the marble hider/hunter community.

I have a chance to pass it on to my lover, and my friend. I know that decision that I have made in life isn't always perfect, as a matter of fact some decision is frowned upon. Even though I have made a soul bond, and life pack with this woman, and nothing in the world would be able to break that. I love you Alicia, you are forever the woman that changed my life for the better. To success, and the good life.

Every year I collect monarch eggs and caterpillars, raise them to butterflies, and release them. At the end of the season I also tag them. I love that this coin has a monarch butterfly! I also LOVE the idea behind "The Butterfly Effect of Kindness".

Dr. Voskuil sent out an email today that was directly related to this idea:
"Take the time today to pick out someone for this project, even just one person. Your person can be a co-worker, a patient, or a stranger. Be intentional with this; make it something outside of your normal duties. Tell yourself—"I’m going to make that person’s life better today” with a kind word, a work of service, or a random act of kindness. It does not have to be something big, it just has to be sincere. See if it doesn’t give you joy just as much as it gives joy to others." So Dr. V, this coin's for you!

Please add your story to our coin, and pay it forward! I look forward to following along on this coin's journey <3

I received this beautiful Butterfly coin from my dear friend Barbara for my birthday and just thought the whole idea was beautiful and especially since Butterflies have a very special place in my heart. I have carried it around waiting for the right person to pass it on to and I am giving it to Kris, because she is not only caring, loving and unconditional she exudes kindness.

I received this beautiful coin from my mother while visiting her in March 2019. I am currently working as a family nurse practitioner in Emmonak, Alaska.

I will be leaving this village - where I've been living and working for the last 7-8 years - at the end of May and relocating to Behchoko, Northwest Territories.

I’m starting this butterfly on its way by giving it to my daughter ... an ARNP who works in remote First Nations villages. There is no one as kind, as giving, as loving in my world.

On March 3, 2019, Nicole gave me this coin and paid for my dinner at Max's Restaurant (after having Margaritas to celebrate the new topper for her truck!). Oh yeah, she bought the Margos too!

One of the things I like about the coin is everyday when I put it in my pocket and take it out at the end of the day my thoughts are to making a difference.

This is a great idea and a cool site, thanks jeff for sending me the coin. Reminds me of the movie " pay it forward ". people are amazing when they open their hearts and care for other people. I do a lot with social media and when I had little money in 2008 I started marketing my book, ' The lobster and the chicken ' on youtube with short branding on a budget video's at lobster lab media. This site is a win win because its a social media marketing site and making a difference at the same time.. thanks Herb Palmer jr and p.s. I am going to buy 10 more of these to give away.

I’m giving this coin to my mother in Dallas. She just took care my grandmother as she passed away and is an amazing lady. ❤️

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