Coin Stories

This beautiful coin is a gift from an employee, who hopes that someday it will travel the globe when upstream friends thoughtfully pass it on. The attached art is a work in progress by my husband. We all look forward to tracking this coin's journey!

Mom & I found this butterfly hanging out in a tree on one of the most scenic college campuses πŸŒ²πŸ¦‹πŸŒ² she was nestled in with a beautiful blue marble and we will have fun deciding where she will fly to next.

I was given this coin at a conference in Louisville, KY, as a thank you for being a volunteer photographer for the American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

I received this coin from my mom after she helped me after my new house purchase. My husband was working out of town at the time. She helped me paint, clean, rearrange, and clean again. She was here for me when I couldn't be to meet with and supervise the contractors and tradesmen that needed to be let in early or out late. She came over to help every day for months. She was my encourager and motivator when I was so tired of the mess of remodeling. 5 months later my husband arrived home to see a totally different house! She helped me turn this house into a home for my family. I love her and appreciate her more than words can say.

I was given this coin in my hospital bed by my mom for being strong, staying positive, and toughening out my hospital stay. I think this is an amazing concept and i already know who I’m passing it onto. I can’t wait to see where this coin goes and all the amazing people who receive it!

I received this coin from a dear friend, Idabel Johnson and have not passed it on as yet.

The Story of Kuehl Rocks on the Raccoon River Valley Trail June 2019. William John Kuehl and Christina Maria Hansen both came to the United States in the early 20th Century from northern Germany. They met in Chicago, Illinois and were married there in 1913. They came to central Iowa and began farming. In the 1940s, they were able to purchase their farm on Greenbrier Creek in northern Guthrie County, Iowa. William and Christina had three sons and five grandchildren.

Today, in 2019, that farm is bordered by the Raccoon River Valley Trail, a rail trail used by cyclists, hikers, and cross country skiers. In 2015, the three remaining grandchildren, began a project to honor their grandparents. Over the next three years, they put a bench rock near the bridge over Greenbrier Creek, a landmark rock, two bicycle racks, and a cedar mailbox as a library for free books and post cards for travelers of the trail. The spot overlooks beautiful Iowa farmland and visitors can sit on the rock and watch farming in three seasons, watch birds and wildlife, read a book from the library, or meditate. It has become a spiritual spot for many.

In 2018, the three grandchildren began a Monarch butterfly Waystation at Greenbrier Creek which will be increased each year with Sullivant milkweed to nourish Monarchs on their yearly migration from Mexico to Canada. This Waystation is registered with and is #19242.

The three grandchildren, now all in their 70s, purchased 15 coins in 2019 to honor the memories of their grandparents and growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in Iowa. These coins will be awarded to special people who do unusual things and the Cousins will follow the coins' stories on this website through the years.

I was very surprised and happy to receive this coin from my neighbor, Sandi. I did not realize how much I influenced her interest in Monarch butterflies. I planted a butterfly garden in my yard and I love watching the butterflies that it attracts. I really get excited when I see a Monarch! I'm anxious to add the milkweed seeds that Sandi gave me to my yard. I will be sharing this coin with another butterfly lover!

First location of purchaser - Saxton, Pa. 16678 - Bedford Country - USA

~ Sandi Kruise and Kyli Kruise

I had wondered for many years why it was a rare occurrence to see Monarch Butterflies in my area (Saxton, Pa. 16678). I had made a post on facebook about the lack of siting these beautiful creatures, and a nice neighbor by the name of Shirley, gave me some insight to the dilemma. The lack of Milk Weed in my area isn't what it used to be, so last Fall my daughter, Kyli, went out in search of this plant and to my surprise, we found quite a few and just at the right time of year. They were in seed!! We gathered about a half of a grocery bag full of the opened pods and brought them home. My daughter and I plan on planting them near the creek in our yard, this weekend. I was so infatuated with bringing these butterflies back to Bedford County, Pa, so I bought 2 Monarch Butterfly Coins plus a gift box. I wanted to keep a coin for myself and give one away. Of course I gave the one to my neighbor lady in the gift box since she was the one who inspired me to spread the word on the lack of these butterflies in our area and had also give her a zip lock bag of the Milk Weed Seeds my daughter and I gathered last year. I hope she can find the time to plant them as well as share the Monarch Butterfly Coin with a friend or family member who will continue to forward it to see how far we can spread the news! <3

~ Sandi and Kyli

As a butterfly flies from place to place so does this coin. His new travel experience is across the Mississippi and into Davenport, Iowa and the home of LuAnn Sharp. As LuAnn goes through a very difficult time may this adventure bring a smile to her life. She is a very creative person who loves the outdoors and has the most beautiful habitat for natures wonders. Our families have been friends for many years and we have watched her children grow from birth to be successful young adults. This is another fun way for us to share a new experience together. LuAnn is a retired teacher and used her wisdom to lead so many young people down the right path. Including myself by encouraging me with the strength to return to teaching after being a stay at home Mom. Onward together tracking our butterflies adventures.

Martha McCormick passed the Butterfly Coin to me. My act of kindness was sending a wig to my Cousin in MA who recently lost her hair. She has been fighting Sarcoma cancer for many years. I then passed on the Butterfly Coin to Jessica Melchior. Jessica is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Jessica has been involved with To Life for many years.

At the Rite aide pharmacy in Lake Stevens, Washington today, I asked the girl taking prescriptions if I could have the key to the restroom. She said I would have to go to the front desk to get it. I had an injured hip and didn't want to make the walk so I said never mind. In less than a minute she came running up to me and gave me the key. And she acted like it was the best thing she had done all day. I could see that doing kindnesses for people was an automatic reaction for her so I gave her this coin. I told her she could follow the rules of the program or do what I did.
I am more comfortable giving the coins to someone who selflessly goes the extra mile for someone than following the rules of the program and giving it to someone I do something for. Maybe acknowledging her good deed was my good dead.

The coin went deep sea fishing off the coast of St. Lucie, FL over the weekend!

I received this coin from Jack-Rob and Mike two of my favorite people!
OH! also Duke and Maggie
Love you guys

This coin was now given to Gail Mellinger, Case Manager. Gail has shown so much compassion for the patients she cares for by ensuring their transitions from the hospital to the next level of care are appropriate and that they have all their needs met.

6/23/18 - Jenelle has put so much love into a new community ministry - "Embrace Waynesboro." This includes: secret boutique, computer lab, community garden, salon, worship center, school supplies, and more.

Correction this coin did not go to texas. Not sure what happened. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Thanks kim! Sorry took so long to share the coin. Lol. We are sharing our coin with my coworker and friend Felicia. She is amazing and hilarious. Always there for everyone and will be sure to pass this coin along to someone great :) cant wait to see where it goes!

I am sharing my first coin with my son-in-law Tim. His legacy from his mom, Nancy, is a shining example of kindness. Tim is the epitome of this uplifting trait and all who know him become beneficiaries.

Received this from my good friend Vicki. My buddy from high school and its been 40 plus years. Faithful wonderful Vicki. Thank you for the butterfly. Beautiful like you!

Thank you Mickey,
i will bring the coin to switzerland this fall

Given to me by one of my dearest friends; author Trish Avery. Stayed with me until I could think of a suitable person to give it to. Jayde has danced since he was 3, and is 10 now. I've watched him grow and learn, and be disciplined by an amazing teacher, Wendy Peckins. She has been through so many obstacles, but keeps going for the children. The patience she has, and a warriors spirit, but yet a gentleness that comes through for her students. They all love her, we as parents love her, she deserves the butterfly.

I received this coin at a Compassionate town hall meeting in Ridgefield, CT. I love it! I want to make sure I pass it along and follow its journey!

Very soon this butterfly will be given to my Sister Peggy when she comes to visit me and we go to Summerfest - the largest musical festival in the world. Peggy had a knee replacement and I went and stayed with her for a few days to help her out and drive her to physical therapy. Peggy is an absolute joy to be around and has a heart of pure gold. Her problem will be who to give this butterfly to as she is ALWAYS showing kindness and will do anything for anyone! Love you Sis.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Bud are my parents dearest friends. They are my God Parents and they have always been so warm and loving with all of us - all our lives! We have been blessed! We are going to their house for dinner on Friday June 21st so I thought this would be a neat hostess gift. Plus they have lovely friends all over the world they can 'pay it forward to' so it will be cool to see where it goes...
Love you! Michelle Kerry Abby and Mabel. XO

June 13, 2019 Arlington Wa.
Gifted to Derek whose chosen profession is helping the disadvantaged. Congratulations on graduating with a Master's degree in social work.

I am sending this beautiful coin to my friend in NY, along with some card making supplies. I have no doubt she will do a kindness for somebody and pass the coin along. :)

What a joy to get this coin. I love what I do as a Virginia Master Naturalist teaching, learning how to become a good steward of our one and only Earth, and having the opportunity to participate in on-going research. We are so blessed to live near a beautiful state park and the whole chapter is participating in building a sensory trail for all park visitors but with adaptation for those with visual or hearing impairments, mobility challenges, and children with autism to share both our research in the park and our passion for natural places. We are all volunteers doing something we love, but it is so nice to have it recognized in such a beautiful way. I cannot wait to pass it on!

This is one of 30 butterfly coins which were distributed in honor of our mother's 80th birthday party, June 9, 2019. Nancy lives her life thinking of others - an extra meal for a friend who is sick, a quick phone call to check in on someone's day, hours volunteering at a soup kitchen or for church. Help us spread her lifetime of integrity, kindness, and tolerance throughout the world with these coins!

This is one of 30 butterfly coins which were distributed in honor of our mother's 80th birthday party, June 9, 2019. Nancy lives her life thinking of others - an extra meal for a friend who is sick, a quick phone call to check in on someone's day, hours volunteering at a soup kitchen or for church. Help us spread her lifetime of integrity, kindness, and tolerance throughout the world with these coins!

Coin is currently in N.E. Seattle, WA. Will be on the lookout for opportunities for folks who will appreciate it.

I pass this coin on with love to a dear friend who has brightened my life and so many others with her kindness. Happy Birthday Alisse!

Gift from Brice

Today my sister gave me this coin for my birthday. I will be taking it with me to Mexico in the fall where I work with a large group of volunteers who do amazing work there. Selecting one is going to be hard.

This coin is being passed on to a person who lays her heart out for everyone, she is considerate and hard working. I know she will find joy in passing this on to someone whom she feels deserves it!

6-13-19 I Lin Arthur give this coin to Pam McNally to let you know how SPECIAL you are to our family. I am so blessed to call you my Sister. Much Love πŸ’• Lin

My little niece has brought this coin to the west coast of Ireland!! Its currently in a little village called Ballylongford in Co.Kerry!!

I received this coin from Holly, as a thank you and an act of kindness in memory of her sister Hope. And with beautiful handmade cards. In the days since I received it, I've been on a trip overseas, celebrated a wedding and graduation, and was reminded daily of the goodness of people, and how even a smile or helping hand can make such a difference.
I am giving the coin to Kathie on Friday. Kathie helped care for me the week following my cancer surgery over four years ago, and was my role model when four months later I helped Holly after her surgery.
Along with the butterfly coin and thank you note, I am giving Kathie a gift card to Jed's, her favorite chicken chunks restaurant!
Candy G

My wife gave it to me and I paid it forward to our neighbor Michelle who while cutting grass, picked up a wire that wrapped around the blade, making a loud scraping, clicking noise. Lifting up the mower, we were able to remove it by cutting it into pieces with my fence pliers.

I met Betsy Conner over 20 years ago working in Navy Medicine. As the circle of life would have it..... we began to work together again in 2013 and I was blessed to meet her sister Susan. I had never met a more gentle soul...… or a sweeter person than Susan Conner. Her genuine example of human kindness was inspiring.... but her tenacity, determination and willpower to defy all the odds for 5 years living with cancer...… was super human! I hope sharing this coin will spread Susan's "Butterfly effect" far and wide. Harry Tillman

Given to one of the most generous and warm-hearted people I've ever been lucky enough to meet in my life. Always willing to lend an ear, give a helping hand, share a laugh, and put in so much effort to make sure everyone else feels special on their birthday, and every day. She really should have a pile of these on her desk every single week!

This butterfly flew all the way to Orlando, Florida to get away from the rain! Who knows where this butterfly will travel next!

I was so touched to receive the coin from Holly. Sharing the moments we've shared over the years has placed her in a very special place in my heart. It was a blessing to me to be able to console and support Holly during a difficult time in her life, having been through similar circumstances myself. The coin was sent on to Lisa, who also has a special place in my heart, having been a dear friend over many years as well. She was there for me when I began my cancer journey, traveling many miles to come and stay with me during my initial diagnosis and following my surgery. I'll always be grateful to her for her love and support.

It's time to pass this lovely coin along. The rules say you need to do something nice for someone else. I'm giving this coin to my friend, Kathy B., because I recently called her from one of my favorite stores to let her know there was an item she might be interested in on sale. I picked it up for her before it was sold out. Remembering your friend when you see a good buy is a good thing in my book. So, the coin is being sent along it's way.

This coin was hidden at woodley island marina on a tree hunt found it on a nice sunney day

This coin landed in my hand after doing what I love to do ... show people around the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Botanical Garden in Las Vegas.

Our Speciosa, Erosa and Subulata are the show show-stoppers but thanks to Master Gardener Anne Marie Lardeau, you will find a wide variety of milkweeds and nectar plants growing in our desert, beckoning butterflies to come down and hang out.

When you come to Vegas, take a break from the strip and come see us! It is a 15 minute drive from the strip. And please invite your butterfly friends!

Sending a second coin to my lovely aunt in Michigan, so she can have one for keeps and one to share, too. x

This coin was given to me by a very special student who is a sweet kind old soul who needed a little help realizing that she is to wonderful to let anyone make her feel anything less then amazing! I can't wait to pass it on and make someone else feel as humbled and blessed as I did upon receiving this gift of kindness! I hope to make her as proud of me as I am of her!I will share my passing of this kindness coin!

The butterfly has made it to Nashville!

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