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This coin is starting its journey at the headquarters of NOVICA. Part of NOVICA's mission is to spread happiness, so I look forward to seeing where this coin travels.

My coin starts its journey to a long-time friend who I have known for years. She is indeed a sister to me and though apart now, this is a perfect way to honor all her acts of kindness. Sending it for Valentine's Day 2019!! Linda

This coin is going to a young lady who became a good friend after helping me get organized. She came to me to help me move some things around in my house to make room for family treasures and to make room for all of the family to be able to eat together in one place. She helped guide me to release some of my clutter and organize the rest. She's raising two great little boys, managing her organizing business and working as a realtor and nurtures friendships beautifully. I know she touches people in a positive way every day, and I can't wait to see where her coin goes!

This coin is going to my best friend in Winfield, Kansas. We have been friends for over 30 years and have been with each other through life's highs and lows. The laughter we share together is therapeutic! But the coin is going today through my sadness... I am a die-hard KU Jayhawk and she is a die-hard K-State Wildcat and last night, K-State beat up on the Jayhawks and won 74-67. Congratulations my dear friend!

I bought this coin as a birthday present for my best friend. He is always doing his best to help others, and I thought he might like to track how one random act of kindness gets passed on and on and on. Chris, you help more people than you realize. You are amazing.

I received this coin from a dear friend that was very excited about my new grandson. This was part of a gift to help me celebrate my new "grandma" status. I gave the coin to my neighbor with a homemade cherry pie to thank him for being such a great neighbor.

This coin is for my Sissy (Sandee Crepeault) lives in Santa Ana California. sister for all eternity. One who keep our family strong🦋 Thank You for being a passenger on my train of life💜💞🤗💋🌹

it came from a store in Polson MT. on it's way to Tulalip WA.

Originating in Spokane Valley, WA

Originating in Spokane Valley, WA

Originating in Spokane Valley, WA

Originating in Spokane Valley, WA

Because of my true belief of this cause, I decided to send my coin to the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres, and to pay if forward with help to a wonderful group of people I work with.... This is the letter I included with the coin.

January 30, 2019

Dear Ellen,

I am writing you this letter to pass on a very special gift called a Butterfly Coin to you that was given to me. But first, you need some background history…

About 16 years ago, around the same time you started your talk show, I was going through a very hard time. I was a single parent of four beautiful children and I struggled every day to make ends meet. Lucky for all of us, I met a wonderful man who was also a single parent of four. We became a very large family in a blink of an eye.

The financial stress of raising eight children often became too much for us. We always found a way to manage. There were times, especially in the beginning, that we had to ask for help. Needing assistance from the state and from local non-profits was a very humbling situation. I often felt broken. As a mother, you learn quick that personal pride doesn’t make the list of importance when it comes to your children’s wellbeing.

I remember once, in that first year, sitting at a community action agency while they were organizing some unemployed men to shovel driveways for the elderly. With every part of me I wanted to help. Unfortunately, with all my kids in tow, there was just no way. Later that evening, my daughter Kim asked me if we could make something in the kitchen. We spent the next afternoon baking 20 dozen muffins for all the men shoveling and the elderly they were helping. For the first time in so long, I finally felt the joy of giving. From that moment on, I have always found ways of paying it forward to others in need. My children and I have spent countless hours volunteering in our community and it has become one of our “family things” we do.

Here we are years down the road, and the last three years I have worked for Valley Vista Vista Care Sandpoint, a wonderful non-profit Skilled Nursing Home in beautiful, Sandpoint Idaho. We have up to 73 residents that live here and rely on our care team for 24-hour care to meet their day to day needs. I work as the Assistant Dietary Manager. This is not a job I would have ever imagined doing, but I truly love what I do! I get the creative privilege to have “fun with food” for our residents. Sometimes it means making colored pasta that looks like clown hair for Halloween or figuring out how to make a puree candy bar for a lady who wants a chocolate bar but cannot safely eat one…we figure out how to make it happen!

Every day I see the Nurses and Nursing Assistant’s going above and beyond the call of duty to calm or redirect a confused resident. They are always laughing and telling stories, discussing football games, what’s going on in their family’s lives, playing games, doing crafts, or just reading a magazine. We have staff that buy Christmas and birthday presents for those residents who don’t have other family besides us. Our Administrative staff and Therapy Department are always going out of their way to find outside community resources for residents who may be able to go home. I have seen them spend days off hauling and splitting firewood for a resident’s wife or driving to a family member’s home to haul a special chair for someone who has just come to stay with us. Honestly, I could spend days telling stories about how awesome these people are. Most importantly, we share much love and have a lot of fun! Our staff, residents and family members have become like family; celebrating in the good times and supporting each other in the difficult times.

Now that I shared some background, I want to share the REAL reason I am writing you!

Recently at Valley Vista Care Sandpoint, Sheila a coworker of mine gifted me with a beautiful Blue Butterfly Coin to recognize a kind deed I had participated in. I had helped pull together a special anniversary dinner for a resident of ours who has terminal pancreatic cancer. It was his and his bride's 15th wedding anniversary and probably his last celebration of it here on this earth☹ Determined to make his last days as incredible as possible, we quickly planned a dinner hosted at our our facility. It was complete with a private meal, sparkling cider in champagne glasses, 12 red roses + 1 white rose and gifts for his wife! It turned out beautiful and they LOVED the thoughtfulness behind it! A memorable day indeed!

Sheila had recently initiated a Staff Appreciation program called “Operation Butterfly Effect” using these beautiful coins. She got the idea after a talking to a good friend, Bruce Pedersen, who was in visiting a family member in our facility. He shared the concept of The Butterfly Effect which is the scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.

The concept is simple, the effects are profound! Perfectly aligning with what we stand for at Valley Vista. Bruce and his friend Ron Hornbaker had taken this concept and cofounded Each Butterfly Coin inspires and tracks the butterfly effect of kindness. By carrying one of the solid brass coins in your pocket or purse, you’re reminded to look for opportunities to help someone. It can be a friend or stranger. The coin is passed on to them along with a kind deed with the encouragement to pay it forward to someone else. Each coin has a unique tracking code on the back, along with instructions to the recipient to make a brief story note about how they received the coin. Each coin has a dedicated story page, where you can watch the legacy of kindness unfold countless times into the future, forever. The conversation that ensued was phenomenal and before he left, he gifted her with a Butterfly Coin.

Sheila and I are also planning a Staff Appreciation Party on February 15th, 2019 that coincides with The International Random Acts of Kindness Week. We will officially launch our “Operation Butterfly Effect” at Valley Vista Care to celebrate our staff as they Pay It Forward every day. We plan to share the stories of the first 20 Butterfly Coins that have been launched in our facility and have fun surprises and RAK for our staff!

As one of the first employees to be given a coin, I wanted to do something very special with it to launch it into the world. I am sending it to you to recognize you for going above and beyond to help so many, including me. At the heart of it, you have become an inspiration to me through your positivity and encouraged me to do good and help others. The world is a better place because of you!!! You began your very own Butterfly Effect!!

Do Good & Fly On, my friend
Christy Cleveland

Bought a few coins to give out to people that have been a help to me. I fractured my right ankle back in September 2018. Needless to say there was a lot that I could not do. I had a co-worker that was kind enough to come and install grab bars in my shower ( helpful when you can not put pressure on your ankle). She took the time out of her schedule to do this and I was very appreciative. She also brought a pair of crutches to work as a back up if I needed them. I am giving her this coin to Thank her and I know she will pass it along to some other deserving person. Thanks :)

We read a newspaper article about these, and thought this is a wonderful idea! I encounter kind people each day who deserve to be recognized, and really look forward to passing a coin to them.
My first coin will be given to my oldest daughter Melissa who always exhibits kindness and compassion both in her professional career, volunteer work, and with her family.
Melissa has MS, and the Monarch butterfly is also the logo of the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. This is likely what drew me to these coins in the first place- what a wonderful coincidence!

This coin was delivered to me on February 4, 2019; a snowy Monday. I ordered this coin after reading the January 25, 2019 article about the Butterfly Coins in the Everett (Washington) Herald newspaper. One year ago, my mom passed away and the thought behind using this coin to pass along as a sign of kindness or thanks reminded me of her. I look forward to the day I can give this coin away in her honor.

Purchased for my 75th Birthday to share with my Golden Years Support Group with a challenge to pay it forward!

Hi my name is Micah oregel my friend Jack gave me this and I hope to spread happiness across the globe.

Arrived safe and sound in Flagstaff, AZ. What a wonderful gift from such a lovely person--my sister! Lets see where this Bad Larry ends up! So honored to be link number one in the adventure.

The person who passed this coin on to me is a living example of a woman who is compassionate, creative, courageous, and determined. My life is better for having met you Patti Fulton :-)

I received my coin from Janet, now for me to pass it on🦋

I received this coin from a friend, after telling about a story of heroics when I pulled a few large road cones that had become stuck in the front end of a families' truck around Thanksgiving 2018! If I had not stopped to help, I worried that there may have been an accident or worse! Hope to pass on the coin to someone in the near future to spread random act of kindness or heroism.

I received this coin from Jody. It was such a lovely surprise! I have known Jody for over a year now. She is a gem , so thankful to have her in my life.
She gifted me with the coin & a gift certificate for a pedicure. Which I am super excited about. I have never seen or heard about this butterfly coin but I absolutely love the idea behind it. I'm a big believer in more positive actions in this world & this is such a fun way to share some joy out there!

Very amazing’ I found it working, because everything have a purpose in life, I work for a cable company’ ‘ one of my customer home owner answer the door I was having a not result day door to door and I engage with her in a espiritual level ones I left her home to the next customer I felted much better, she follow me and bless me with the coin very nice lady, now I can’t wait to pass it on to the next person thanks so much never give up, we can make a deference love love, Victor Melendez happy

We were in Walt Disney World and a lady stopped us in Disney Springs and asked if my daughter likes LEGO’s. I was completely thrown off by this and gave a hesitant yes, lol. She then gave me this coin. We really appreciated her doing this. I decided to bring the coin with us on our flight home to Arizona. As I look to pay it forward I just want to say, this is a really great and thoughtful act of kindness. I look forward to passing it on!

My family was on vacation at Walt Disney World - my daughter’s first trip. As we were walking down Main St, a lady handed us a Minnie toy for my daughter! She loves it: the stuffed toy has already been hugged and eaten (she’s only seven months old). 😂 We passed the coin on and hope others will too!

I received the coin from a special friend as encouragement after loosing my dogs and a horse. She brightens my day by just walking into my salon or whenever we see other around town. I am mailing the coin to a friend that is always there for me and she moved away a year ago and is home sick quit often. I hope this will encourage her also.

Got this for Christmas from my dad

Received this coin from our office manager at work. She is always doing something for me when I'm in need of help. Can't say enough!

I received this gorgeous coin from a beautiful lady that I am honored to call my friend.

Received my coin from Sean & Michelle, they donated a big bag of dog collars, etc. for the TTSPCA in Tobago in conjunction with my "Divers for Dogs" foundation.

Brenda was excited to get her egg crates but even more so to learn about this wonderful project. I believe she will pass on this coin and maybe get some more of her own. Thank you for being you Brenda. Lets watch the ripples go out.

Inn Keeper Cheri

My wife gave me my first coin for Christmas, and one of our customers needed help with her car. We were able to assist her in trying to get it ready to sell and just a few weeks later it was involved in a collision and it was a total loss. We worked with the insurance company to help settle her claim and she felt like she needed to repay us for our help, It was a perfect opportunity to share my coin and the story of how to pay it forward. We hope she can post her own story soon

Well the coin began its journey yesterday, 1/25/19 in Geneva, Florida and not in Chuluota as I originally thought it would because it turns out I was at work when it was passed on and not at home.
I hope to learn more soon...time to register coin #2 and place it in my purse :)

Received this coin in Oregon, WI as a gift from my dear friend, Donna, in MN. Looking forward to spreading kindness.

I am giving this coin to a wonderful woman who live the pay it forward lifestyle as well. She generously gave me some of her extra eggs, had had them in a large tin can because she had ran out of cartons.

So I saw an opportunity to not only pay it forward but to insure she would pass it on.

I am looking forward to see where the ripples of kindness go with the launch of this coin.

I will add another picture when I give it to her.


I received this beautiful coin as a Christmas gift from a good friend who knows I love butterflies. I was very touched (not only by the gift but by the whole story and purpose of paying forward some happiness)and plan to pass this on to a deserving person...

Butter Fly Effect-Chaos theory; "The flapping wings of a butterfly on one side of the world can cause a typhoon on the other side".

What can we extrapolate from this? That the slightest of action, good or bad has a ripple effect throughout the history of mankind. Each encounter with another, sets off a reaction; Each encounter effects a change in direction.

I received this coin not because I feel I have performed a good act, but for being who I am; myself, just giving a helping hand, a listening ear, and hopefully words of kindness to someone at a time when they needed it most.

My motto; "Do Good and Disappear" "Do good without hooks"

Christian, "The Sentient Nomad"

Today, 1/23/19, while doing a favor for researchers at Butte Montana's university,, I came across Joe W. who not only filled out the research questionnaire himself, but took one for a friend to complete. Joe works at a place where kindness naturally flows out to everyone who enters. So I'm sure he will have no difficulty doing a random act of kindness for someone and then passing this beautiful blue Swallowtail butterfly on to just the right person. Thanks a lot, Joe. Do Good and Fly On!

I received this coin from a sweet friend who encourages me every day to be a better person. I'm passing it on to another friend who has suffered several losses recently. She recently lost two of her dogs and a beloved horse in the space of a week. I'm including the butterfly in with a small gift in memory of her pets.

I was gifted this coin from one of the kindest and most given persons I know, thank you Gail.
I would like to pass it along to a co-worker and friend, Bailey RN. Bailey is the nurse you want at your bedside, she is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and dedicated nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. Thank you Bailey, now keep this Butterfly coin going on its wings of kindness.

The coin was passed on to Annette... one of the most giving, generous people I know. She is already thinking about who she will pass this coin on to. This coin will first go to an rural Anaconda, MT address.

Person in front of me in the drive thru bought my Chick Fil for me! Really turned my day around. Cool concept, gotta figure out how to pass it on.

Honored to get this coin from the creator of ButterflyCoins. This is such a cool concept. Very excited to see where it ends up.

My boyfriend got this coin from a customer.

I am sending this coin to my BFF, Jennifer. Jenn, May God continue to inspire you to touch the world with your words of encouragement and strength. Do good and Fly on!

I am sending this coin to my dear brother, Aaron. :) A, may you continue God's good work in the world with your strong arms and loving heart! Do good and Fly on!

Denise Davis,
Following up on my earlier post I have a wonderful friend who would appreciate this gift and definitely pass it forward, as the coin mandates!!!

I received the coin from my co-worker Denise V. and it really made my day!!! She had explained the principle of "passing it forward" based on the actions of her late sister, and I feel so blessed to pass it forward to someone that will appreciate it and know the significance of it!

This coin was sent to me from my brother Gary, in Texas. We are two of eight siblings, and all have a great love for each other. If one is in a fix, the others will try to help all they can. We have always been like this. I am going to spend the day with my niece, Debbie, and will pass this coin on to her.

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