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This coin originated from the Awesome Possum Flea Market in Hamburg, Iowa. This is part of a project of 105 coins that are taking place in the Hamburg Iowa butterfly effect of kindness project. Please make sure that if you are given one of these awesome coins for whatever reason that you continue passing it on so that we can see how far this coins journey can go. While I know it is tempting to hang on to these cool coins, the whole point to our project is to see how far and how big of a difference these could make in somebody's lives.

Sterling Heights, Mi...
We received the coin from neighbor with flowers that had a butterfly on it too. :-) Thanks! We will be sending it on soon. Lets see if we can get the coin across the state.

Sending from Minnesota to California with love to my Uncle & Aunt! ❤

I am giving this to my dear friend Jan, who has shown me such generosity and kindness in the short time that we have known each other. She loves butterflies, and I hope this small token makes her smile!

I purchased this coin along with 2 others on 01/01/2019. I received them on 01/04/2019. This coin will be the first one that I carry around to release out in the world.

Hi, I had this coin passed Down by my grandma. Now it’s my turn to pass it down to someone I know. I will think hard about passing it down to the next person. So if your reading this... pass it down... and write your story about this coin. Also always have fun and be kind.👍🤗😊. Carter J Meyer 9 years old
January 6th 2019

Glad you like it cant wait to see where it ends up .

This coin will be given to my 9 year old Grandson Carter Meyer who is a very caring and kind boy. I’m hoping he will track this coin for his lifetime and see how just one act of kindness can be multiplied forever! ❤️ This coins journey begins today. January 6 2019

The coin was presented to First Baptist Church in Weston, MO January 6, 2019 by 8th Street Mission House Homeless Community in St. Joseph, MO.

I received my order today, and can't wait to register each coin to start their flights of kindness.
Thanks for the idea and chance to make someone's life a little brighter

Changing the location to Minneapolis, MN - waiting for the next journey for this coin :)

This coin was given to a group yesterday that was taking a tour at the Vikings stadium.

Can't wait to see where this coin will travel next

This coin was given to a family that recently took a tour of the Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis.
Can't wait to see where this coin goes from here.

I received this coin as a gift from a friend/client in Sandpoint after a visit where we shared stories of our personal/spiritual journeys and growth, and the joy we are feeling in our lives right now. Thank you, Sheila!

I released this coin to a friend who stopped to visit and deliver an unexpected Christmas gift, and to introduce me to his wonderful new girlfriend. They were on a journey from Seattle to the East Coast, and their car developed problems, and since it was New Year's Day they couldn't find a mechanic to fix it. I helped them until they were able to get repairs the next day and resume their journey. We had a wonderful visit! I wish them much love on their first big adventure together!

My name is Teresa. I currently live in Panama City Beach, Florida. I was searching for a gift for people that have everything they need or want and came across butterfly coins. I thought was a great idea and to spread kindness and watch the effect is an amazing thing these days.

I purchased 20 coins to give away. It will be interesting to see how far these butterflies travel and what kindness they might bring about.

To everyone that updates this coin, thank you for your kindness and thanks for passing it along.

Butterfly, butterfly, fly away and spread kindness along the way.

This coin is ready to fly. Please pass this coin on to spread love and kindness and document its journey along the way.

I give this to one of my ride or die people in my life. Derrick has always been a leader in everything he does.He always thinks of others first and goes above and beyond. He is there for anyone who needs to share and offers his wisdom and support for anyone who asks. This is my hand of kindness to you along with a smile. Because everyday you engage with people to make them smile. Here is to you!!

I saw these online, ordered and received them today. They are beautiful. Will be giving one to my beautiful friend Peaches for her birthday. She is a very special person and has had a very tough year. She deserves only the best and always shows kindness to everyone.

Hi I am the young Lady to witch he refers. What He said was a 100% true. They are absolutely an amazing couple. We need to mention that not only did he go and get us enough gas to make it to the gas station but when they return they refused to be reimbursed for the gas or the gas can. My mother and I tried very hard to make them take the cash but they refused. In stead they gave me this wonderful beautiful coin and explained what we needed to do. What they did not know is that my family an I have had a rough go of it this year. I was truly losing faith in the holidays (not to be Cindy Lou Who about it). It was extremely hard to recall the Christmas spirt and feel the magic that I once felt at this time of year. When this wonderful husband a wife stopped for my mother and I when they didn't have to completely warmed my heart. They truly were our Mr& Mrs. Claws this year. This was the best gift I received, the gift will never leave my heart. Thank you so much for reminding me what Christmas is all about.. I can not wait to pass the kindness on.

Young Lady & Mother

This coin is for my darling Dad. :) Daddy, may your heart for God's beloved and your investment in Kingdom Work keep pointing people to His open arms. Do Good & Fly On!

Hello my name is Justin a co-worker of mine gave me this coin in attempts to spread kindness from one person to another. Please give this coin to a family or friend with love and kindness in their heart and lets see how far this coin travels.

Just got the coin today. Thank you Grace. Sheila and I love the concept we are thinking of ways we can pass it on.

i just got it:)

Bought this coin to give me added fun in random acts of kindness. I have a neighbor in mind!

Ready to spread kindness.

Ready to spread kindness.

This coin is ready to spread kindness.

This coin is ready to spread kindness.

Today I have spread my wings and begun to fly. Please help me to spread kindness and joy as I track my travels.

Jan 5 2019

I got my shipment of coins today.I am so excited to begin spreading acts of kindness.
This coin will be given to my soon to be daughter in Law and the soon to be mother of my 14th grandchild and her first.
I am giving it to her because she has made such great strides in the past year concurring many obstacles to get herself on a successful path for her and her new families future.
Things have not always been easy for her and the one thing she needs is love and kindness. We love her with all out hearts.Cassie you allowed us in your life and have made out life better having you in it. I am proud of the things you have accomplished. Keep on smiling and keep on moving forward. Love you always

Getting ready to give this coin to someone special

Changing location - this coin was received in MN


I Just received my order and cant' wait to start to "Pay it Forward"
Thank you for a great idea.

Hi my name is Jack Mikesell I am 9 years old and a fourth grader at Todd Academy in Corona California. My class does service learning projects every month so I decided to get a butterfly coin to start random acts of kindness and see where the coin travels to and how far it can go. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me!

I received this beautiful coin from my neighbor Gary Milligan . He and his wife Terri are two of the kindest and caring people I know. Gary gives me a lot credit for helping others but he has a big heart and is just as giving . Gary wanted to give me something special and that he did. I love this coin. It isnt everyday you get such a gift of beauty from a neighbor. Ofcourse Gary and his family are far from just being neighbors. They have become very special friends and we love their children as if they were our own grandchildren. So to you Gary. Thank you for this coin. I will cherish it and never forget the man who was so thoughtful as to pass this beautiful gift to me. Thank you Gary Milligan. I love it.

The coin just arrived here with me in Frederick..We'll soon see where it lands...


I bought this one for my husband Alan. He is the kindest person I know and it shouldn't take long for him to 'pay it forward'. from North Carolina.

I bought a coin for each of my siblings. this one is being sent to my sister Linda in Georgia. I know she'll find a way to pass it on soon!

First heard of Butterfly Coins in Dec, 2018 , think it was on FB. I ordered and now am so very excited to have received them. The first coin I looked at had my initials on it ( KC) so this is the one I will follow myself. I am in a small town called Annville, Ky, which is in sparsely populated county that has only one stop light in the whole county. We are a poor rural area with wonderful people who love to do random acts of kindness, no matter how small. Haven't decided who will get this coin or what kindness will go along with it, but will trust that the Lord will let me know when to pass it on. I will be sure to let you know as soon as it is passed on.

Had husband or these for our grandsons, nieve and nephew. He ordered one for me too.☺

This coin is a gift to my grandson Benjamin Jarvis January 3, 2019

I just purchased this coin and will do a good deed and pass it on soon.

Happy New Year! This coin is starting out in Houma, Louisiana. I pray when it finds you that it brings a smile to your face and that you are willing to pay it forward. May God bless you and your family tenfold. :)

As a Christmas gift to my brother & his wife. That their beautiful family have a blessed, balanced & peaceful 2019. This coin has traveled from Wisconsin to Missouri.

My nephew moved in with me over the holiday. He works in the food industry which means long days with little time off. So for my good deed I unpacked everything but his clothing so that his room is more livable.

I received this coin from a gentleman in a nice sweater vest.

I purchased several coins to give to friends, family and members of our M.O.V.E. (Making Our Vision Everything) Facebook group. Deana runs a ColorStreet nail business and she took the time to mail me nail strips, instructions, and business cards in time for me to distribute at our Christmas gathering. I appreciate Deana taking time to pay-it-forward and I look forward to seeing how far her coin goes.

I recieved this Coin From A Beautiful woman and her Niece . while i was dealing with a Severe problem in my life im an artist and i make music and I have a Stalker who is attempting to steal my music , or block it , i started on sound cloud . Type Lockjaw-life on soundcloud to hear my music . I was gratified by the gift . I recently had a birthday and the one present i got in the mail was stolen , and i didnt get any Christmas gift so this let me know there are still kind hearted people in the world i will pay it forward . thank you . I was sitting at Starbucks

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