Coin Stories

I received this coin from my daughter-in-law, Susan, who is a loving, caring person who likes to spread joy. I will send it on to my sister, Janice, who (I hope) will send it on to her granddaughter. Sharon

My name is Joe Chiti. It is April 2020. I am a 15-year old boy and I found this coin in Zambia, AFRICA. I live in Village of Hope. I would like become an artist/musician in the future.

I'm the second person to get the coin!

I received my coin from my Niece, Mara, who is one of the kindest, loving, ambitious young ladies I have ever met. I love her so much!! She is a role model to how the world should be.

I have received this butterfly coin from my best friend Samantha Bush. Who will always have a place in my heart. There are many more family vacations, camping trips, BBQs, and birthday's to spend together with our family. Samantha is a daughter to my dad, mother to my kids, and a sister to my husband and me. And would not have it any other way. I love you girl.
I have been holding on to this butterfly coin long enough. I feel this is the right time to pass the coin on to one of my co-workers during this pandemic outbreak.
Ciff Nininger, I am giving you this butterfly coin to keep spreading kindness. I am intrusting you with this coin until you find the right person to pass it on to. Cliff you have showed alot of smiles , love , friendship, and kindness from your heart. Ciff you are a great friend that anyone can ask for. As this hospital we work together in family of love, kindness, and hope that has made are Doctors, Nurse's, CNAs, Housekeeper's, X-ray, Lab, and all other hospital employee's come together "STRONGER" and "UNITED".

Mitzi, Thank you for your contribution to the FBCS Food Bank.
Do Good & Fly On!

I sent this coin to another book group member who has been very patient as I get a package to her that was sent to the wrong address.

I passed this coin onto a member of The Brenda Novak Book Group on 4/17/20 to South Ogden, UT with the $10 Starbuck's Gift Card that I received with it to pass along.

I recieved this coin from a dear friend and now I'm sending it one to another dear friend. I have put prayers of faith, health, wholeness and happiness on this coin for all who encounter it. Please feel free to add your own. Sending love and peace to all.

Gave this coin to my niece on her Birthday.
Love this girl so much, she is my hero!

Adding location

This coin found me via Covid-19, a generous co-worker made 4 masks for my family and sent the coin to remind us to pay it forward. This prompted me to send a Target gift card to a person in need during these crazy times. Will send on ward from White Bear Lake Minnesota.

After careful tutelage and precise training, Kaci Murringer completed her first IDITAROD under our kennel name ( as an apprentice. I have given Kaci this coin as she begins to embark on another epic trip! She will be driving nearly 4,000 miles from AK to MI holding onto this very coin before she passes it on. LET KINDNESS PREVAIL AND SHINE ON! Do good an Fly on!

I am dedicating this Monarch Butterfly coin to my mother Doris. Her generosity and love of nature makes this butterfly coin a fitting tribute to her. Love you Mom! Keep this coin moving with good deeds!

I am sending this coin to my daughter, Carly, as she is having a hard time with this virus and trying to plan a wedding.

This is where the coin started!

Hi, this butterfly coin is currently/started in Spokane Washington. Due to the Covid-19 virus, I can only hope this coin spreads kindness. So, please take care and spread the love!

I am going to mail this to my grandmother in California so this coin can keep going to new people!!She is always going out of her way to help other people.

I got this from a friend helping me and I will give it to my friend to keep this going on!!!

Passed it on to Everyone's Mom in Huron, Ohio for all they things she does for the school and community. 4/3/2020

Sending the coin off to Canada to a fellow BookCrosser who loves Random Acts of Kindness.

Passing this coin to my beautiful daughter. She is love and light in my life.

March 20, 2020 - I've learned good hearts are hard to come by and if you listen well enough, people will tell you exactly who they are. I've also learned that silence is a very valuable weapon if wielded the right way and some people just aren't strong enough to use it. This coin has brought me peace in the most unbelievable ways and for that, I am thankful.

I have just received the coin from a loved one. As someone who is struggling strongly with depression, I will hold the coin until I feel happy again, then I plan to pass it onto a friend who is in need. :)

Yesterday, I headed to the drive-through pharmacy to pick up a prescription for an unexpected medical issue. As we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize how important our pharmacy is to us and how the workers there are going above and beyond to handle the extra onslaught of people, many of whom are panicked, trying to get the medicine they need during this time. I had waited in line for at least 20 minutes (the line was that long) and as I pulled up to the drive through window, an employee named Sierra greeted me kindly. I noticed that she was late in her pregnancy and that the line inside the store was just as long as in the drive through line. She was also answering the phone calls coming in..... After she gave me my prescription, I said "I know this is unusual, but I want to give you this butterfly coin. Someone gave it to me for an act of kindness that I gave to her. I am giving this to you because what you are doing right now matters to so many people. I appreciate it and thank you." A big smile came over Sierra's face and she said "Thank you so much. That means a lot." It was a brief moment, yet so very powerful. We are all connected. Our words and actions matter to each other. Now more than ever, may we know that to be true.

I received this coin in June 2019 from Alicia. Alicia's is the daughter of the woman who received a kidney from me on 4/29/19.

I found out about Mari from a local TV station covering a fundraiser to help Mari with her medical costs related to her kidney disease. Mari had a poster displayed, behind her, looking for a donor. Mari was very emotional when she said she wanted to be "here" for when Alicia gets married and for her grandchildren. Her story and plea brought me to tears as I just had my second grandson on 3/5/18. I immediately called the phone number and realized I was one of the blood type she needed. I went that very afternoon and started the first of many tests to be a match for Mari!

I am happy to say that, as of this writing on 3/17/20, Mari and I are both healthy and fully recovered. I witnessed her daughter's wedding and Mari's joy as she was able to be present and healthy!

We dropped this beautiful wooden butterfly coin in geocache GC803E7, Mark's 4th cache. We hope someone who needs it will get it next! Thanks for sharing!

I found this marvelous token in the most amazing forest that I have been blessed to grow up in my whole life for that blessing this beautiful Monarch will be placed back in one of the most astonishing redwood forest this beautiful Humboldt nation has to offer

I've always had this thing for butterflies my entire life something has always drawn me to them and my daughter knows how much I love butterflies and anything to do with them and what they symbolize. So she gave me this coin almost a year ago for my birthday well as a small portion of my birthday present but little did she know it was my favorite piece of the whole thing and then I realized what it was and what it was part of and that made it all more beautiful and amazing...

Just received this beautiful coin from my niece Kelsi. What a beautiful gesture it is. I am going to pass it on
to my sister Lori in Hurley, South Dakota.

This coin was given to me to pass on with a random act of kindness! I’m very excited to pass it forward and follow its journey!

We found this proxy butterfly coin in a geocache. It was geocache #GC31HQ6 called Stargate San Diego. We were on vacation. We have brought it home to southern Arizona. After we show it to family, we will pass it along.

Phenomenal puddingstone owl pendant and gorgeous butterfly coin, gifted to me by a sweet a thank you for doing what I love best, doing art, sharing art and providing art therapy for health and wellness.
thank you so much!

I received this coin from my lovely Uncle Bill who has a heart of gold. He does so much for his family and community and it often goes unrecognized. Thank you for all you do, Uncle Bill. I’m passing this coin on to my Aunt Lisa; she also has a kind soul. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the years! Xoxo Kelsi

So I sent this one on a journey by mail yesterday (3/2/2020) to Antelope, California to a member of my Facebook Brenda Novak Book Group along with a $10.00 Starbuck’s gift card & a challenge to pass it on as a Random Act of Kindness (RAK). I feel confident that she will accept the challenge because the group has done many RAK in the past with it’s own members. I asked her to come on this website and read about the coins first so she could get an idea of what they were about.

So I sent this one on a journey by mail yesterday (3/2/2020) to Antelope, California to a member of my Facebook Brenda Novak Book Group along with a $10.00 Starbuck’s gift card & a challenge to pass it on as a Random Act of Kindness (RAK). I feel confident that she will accept the challenge because the group has done many RAK in the past with it’s own members. I asked her to come on this website and read about the coins first so she could get an idea of what they were about.

This coin represents, like a butterfly, the stages of us. Together and individually. The result, a true wonder and beautiful marvel of what can happen over time. I look forward to growing old with you and living the best life two souls can as one. Forever and always you are and will always be the love of my life. Love will always be a verb from me. JB2

Sometimes you hear someones story and it reignites your hope that love prevails in the end. This coin represents love, patience and perfect timing. Thank you for allowing me to be a spectator in your journey.

All my best to both of you!

Given to Fritzie Loria for being my, classmate, coworker and faithful friend, for decades through ups and downs in my life.

I received this coin from a special student. The tough times this student has are usually because her heart is so big that she wants to help everyone and everything. But, even in dark times, she knows she's also lucky that she cares so much! I'm glad to be in her life because she makes me better at what I do and love. Now this coin will travel to another person who always puts others first. Her students are lucky to have her as well.

We have traveled with family and friends to the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea via the Encore. Fun had by all! Lots of love in the ocean air.

Being recognized by my Daughter means the world to me. She’s always thoughtful but this blew me away. I’m passing this to my dear friend to honor her special birthday, for the untold ways she spends with those needing a helping hand, the time she takes to lend an ear to listen or a warm smile of encouragement. Happy Birthday to my friend.

I have a wonderful talented friend who is always donating her time & Art to different events locally. I bought a special Owl pendent and gifted it to her along with this coin.

I was gifted this amazing coin by a co-worker at Christmas in 2018. I've carried it in my purse and have done many acts of kindness in its honor. All the while I've been waiting for the right moment and soul to pass it along to.
Enter Keni.
About a year ago the universe plopped one of the most delightful humans I've ever encountered into my life and heart, Ms. Keni Nodland. Keni IS kindness. She spreads light and joy wheverever she goes. She embodies the very ripple effect this coin was created to inspire. From our clients to friends and strangers alike Keni is known by many for her sweet and giving spirit.
After catching some of the hardest curveballs life can throw, Keni and her fiance' have made a recent unepxected move to Houston, Texas. It is in heartbreak and love that we send her off. My parting 'act of kindness' was registering to become a bone marrow donor- in support of CJ and blood cancer warriors everywhere. My hope is that any future coin recipient reading this story will do the same.
In the meantime I pray that this coin brings with it floods of kindness, support, and encouragement to Keni, CJ, and family.

Keni- When the time is right and the gratitude is great- pass this off to someone who reminds you of the greatness in giving. Just like you have for me and so many. Until then, and always, we're holding you up in love and light 🦋.

Today i recieved this coin from my ASL teacher. I nearly cried when recieving it. I am going to pass this on to my school counselor because in all my times of doubt and sadness he has picked me back up and has given me a safe environment when needed. He will absolutely love this and I know he will gladly pass this on.

I received this coin from my high school friend carol and I'm giving it to my coworker who lost his adult son recently. I went to his sons celebration of life and saw his grief.

My big sister bought this Butterfly Coin for me to use as one of my Bucket List items to do. Today I will be looking for a special student to share the coin with. My hope is that this student will help pass the coin along to another deserving person and track its journey. Butterflies are special to me! I came across this quote the other day...
"People talk about caterpillars becoming butterflies as though they just go into a cocoon, slap on wings and are good to go...Caterpillars have to dissolve into a disgusting pile of goo to become if you are a mess wrapped up in blankets right now...keep going." Something amazing is coming your just keep going. Life is short and spreading kindness is go on...share your kindness!

I have been gifted this beautiful coin by an Amazing Lady that I have just met.. Thank you Michele!!! You had no idea about my fathers love of butterflies... before he passed away, he said if you see a butterfly, make a wish. Divine intervention when we both needed it. I too have gone through cancer and may still be... find out soon. This is such an amazing gift to be received... Much Love my new friend 💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋

Given to Suvada Mujanovic, my soul sister, who has partnered through my ups and downs. You are there to always bring a smile.

Work as a Volunteer at FFRC once a month to usually hold kitties after they have had their surgery to spay or neuter. If not that, then help "dig for kitty treasurers" to clean their boxes and whatever other help is needed.

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