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I'm honored to receive this coin and could easily send it right back to the person who sent it to me, the one and only Pete Berthelsen, for his amazing lifelong career in conservation! But, next stop for this coin is the amazing Ann Hobbie, who on my simple request stepped up to become the Monarch Joint Venture's first ever board of directors chairperson. She's been an amazing leader for the organization and is one of the kindest and most selfless people I know!

I’m giving this coin to my kind hearted friend Kate. She is so thoughtful! I appreciate that she is up for a Disney Adventure with this complete Mickey freak!

Received from my sweet sister in law, so meaningful and thankful. Time to pass along to my brother in law Kevin Harrington for loving my sister Cindy so good and taking such good care of her and being the encouraging love of her life!

"Let love and kindness be the motivation behind everything you do" 1 Corinthians 16:14 (TPT).

I received this coin from a new friend with a promise made to pass it on. So here is the start of her journey ....

You aren't supposed to have "favorites" when it comes to family ... but I do. My niece Lily is one of my favorite people in the world! She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a smile that will light up a room. She inherited the ability to cry for the stupidest reasons but laugh at the same time (family trait). She is an amazing artist and an old soul. As much as I would love to gift this amazing little butterfly to her ... I am actually going to gift it to her momma, my little sister, Jeanie.

Lily comes by her talents very naturally because her momma is the same. They are cut from the same cloth.

Every little girl and boy need a woman they can look up to. They need a woman that shows them how to be strong but gentle, fun yet serious. A woman that shows them its ok to cry and to pass all of your happy and sad to Jesus. A woman that LOVES BIG and isn't ashamed of it. That's my sister.

Along with this coin for my sister, I am also including with it a record player for Lily so she can grow her love of all things old :) May this butterfly go on the same journey that an old song can take you on ...

Jamie and Christi,
Every once in a while you meet an angel on earth. And then just like that you realize there's truly a reason for everything and there are no coincidences. And the amount of gratitude that is felt will never be expressed by a simple thank you. ❤

It's my hope you will pass on this coin to someone who has truly touched your heart and soul as you have done ours. And check back every once in a while to watch its journey. Who knows where the coin will end up and the lives it will touch. As its journey will grow, so too will our hearts.

Thank you both for everything.

Samantha, Kaitlyn and Jakey

Dear Mom,

It's my turn to pass the coin. Merry Christmas 2021! This year I placed little effort on purchasing material gifts. We're so fortunate; we don't need anything. We're healthy, we have roofs over our heads, and we have love.

I love the concept of this coin because often, we don't articulate out loud how much we care about and admire someone. I appreciate that this platform gives us the ability to do so and memorializes it as the coin travels.

Mom, you're my best friend, biggest supporter, and role model in so many ways. I admire how you live life with a grateful heart. You're kind and don't entertain gossip nor speak negatively about others. You live your life with integrity. You are always willing to lend a helping hand. You care for Grandma as if she were your own mother. You are an excellent partner to dad, displaying patience, grace, and teamwork. You raised Sean and me to be polite, caring, and respectful. Our success personally and professionally is heavily influenced by your leadership.

I know the pandemic has challenged us in ways we never expected. It's affected me professionally, and other events have impacted me personally during this time. I want you to know that although those events require my time, effort, and attention to navigate, I do love and appreciate your support. I don't expect you always to understand my choices or decisions, nor do I expect you to solve my problems.

Please keep telling $20 stories. We wouldn't tease you about your storytelling if we didn't love it. Look, Subway! I will close with this. Every day I become a little bit more like my mother, and I couldn't be prouder. I love you, mom.

Xo, Erin

Found this coin with a Ron Hansen flower marble in Fortuna, CA near Riverwalk Drive.

This is the first entry for this coin that we have begun for our campus to share with our colleagues for our Chamberlain BSN program. Our coin will be given to someone who has provided someone or group of individuals an act of kindness or to someone who has received an act of kindness and then that person would "pay it forward" to someone else and pass the butterfly coin on to someone else. This way the coin will hopefully be shared with all!
This coin was given to the Dean, Academic Affairs for Chamberlain Irwindale campus, Vina Ocampo for organizing weekly self-care walks for colleagues that utilize the walking path on the campus which encircles one of the buildings and through the garden courtyard in the center of one of the buildings that provides a wonderful location to enjoy the surroundings and also participate in a walk.

First of all, I am from and live in a small town in Wisconsin called Boscobel. I received this coin form my sister, Denise, aka "Bean". My journey to kindness has been a lifelong trek. I am "middle-aged" now and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have at least 9 more months of treatment ahead of me but I haven't let breast cancer define or defeat me. I am normally a very giving person but we have had to cut back recently due to the cost of cancer. I am truly amazed at how giving those around me are. I have received many donations from friends, family and even people that I don't know. I am truly humbled by it. I try to live my life full of kindness and I hope that others can see this. I haven't always been the person that I am today. Each day is precious and I can see that more than ever now so I will continue to live a life in search of kindness. It is out there...I have seen it!

My cousin gave me this coin and I hope all the people who have it next will enjoy it. I am planning to give it to either my other cousin or my best friend. I live in Roanoke VA. I am going to move to Thailand.

My friend gave me this special coin it at school, and it was really nice of him. I will give it to one of my other friends, her name is Lily. Monday, November 15, 2021.

I got this special coin in around 2018-2019 and got it from boyscouts please if you get this coin and read this note pass it on to someonelse to keep its adventure

I Sue Falco gives this coin to MaryLou. She is one of the sunshines in my life. Her Love and devotion to me has saved my life. She gave her all. I appreciate and love 💕 her dearly. Love Sue Falco

Kate - thank you for being an incredible friend and for all your support this past year!

Nichole gave this coin to me Eileen because i had back surgery. Nichole is such a sweet soul and my best friend. Whomever finds this coin, please note i left it for you to brighten your day and i hope you pass it on to the next person.

Found at moonstone beach while collecting stones💙

Hello there from Rochester, MN. My friend and manager retired. She was the best manager I've ever had, so kind, intelligent. Just a great human who totally got me from day one. She gave me this coin, I think, because I spend a lot of time on a non-profit that I started called the Wisconsin River Trail Organization (see website or FB). I want to change the lives in a positive way of my community where I was raised, Boscobel, WI. We no longer are a factory community and I am tring to reinvent our town (where I don't live) as Wisconsin's Outdoor Recreation Destination, as we are in the Driftless zone. It's beautiful here around the Wisconsin and Mississippi hills and valleys. We are creating a 26-mile hike/bike trail.
Everyone is a mentor. Think about the parents that you admired of your friends when you were growing up. It's our job to be a great mentor, pay it forward, and show those that have little guidance how to dig deep, make goals, and tackle them. If I can help one child succeed that otherwise didn't have a chance, my life is complete. Alone as a small board, we will never leave a big inheritance to our kids/grandkids, but together we can leave a legacy trail that will only be built upon. Life is so short, make it count.
#LoveGrowsHere #BeTheChange
I pass this on to my sister, Darcy, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at 55. We're a year apart, Irish twins, and I refuse to move on in life without her. She's a fighter, and together, we've got this. Darcy is the most quietly giving person I know. She donates to everything I do and has such a huge heart. I love you Sister. Thank you for being my mentor and my best friend my entire life. XOXO!!

I met a beautiful soul at shaky knees 2021 that was alone in the crowd. We met and hit it off like no other. My uncle Local H performed at the show and I took her to his vip tent to charge her phone to make sure she would be okay. After that we went to a art/dance/rave/freestyle/arcade hall that night. We spent most of the weekend together going back to shaky knees and went to a state park. I never met anyone like her and feel that she healed a great big part of me that was prevalent for years. She flew back home yesterday and I hope on everything we meet again one day ♠️

Thank you Lorraine! I am now passing this coin forward to my dear friend and coworker Freda, whom I've known since starting my job/career back in 2002 - she taught me how to be the best in this field and welcomed me into her family! She truly exemplifies the butterfly effect in all areas of her life - love you, Freda!

Found in a geocache in Peculiar, MO. Looking forward to sharing love with this coin.

Die Münze habe ich in der Bücherbox gefunden. Als Geocacher und Bookcrosser mache ich gerne einen Eintrag. von diesen Münzen habe ich ja schon gelesen.
Sie macht sich mit der Box weiter auf den Weg.
Viele Grüße aus Grevenbroich von Köbi

I'm so glad this coin is on the move and bringing joy 😊

Passing this along to a very dear friend. Meant to months ago, kept forgetting. It kept me company during many hours sitting at my desk, but now it's time for it to move on.

I'm ashamed to say this has been sitting on my writing bureau for AGES waiting to be journalled here. I just saw the link on the BC side bar which galvanised me to rectify the matter! My plan is to include it in the next surprise book parcel I send. (Hopefully that won't take me another 9 months.) Oh, just realised this is a separate website to Bookcrossing. (It's been a long week.) Anyway, in case I can't edit this entry if I go and sign up - greetings from Bookfrogster!

I received this coin from a dear friend, one who understands hospitality in the ancient sense, is intellectually vigorous, and great fun to play with. I carried it for longer than I meant to, but I'm ready to pass it on.

I am giving it someone who definitely rises to the level of "chosen family" for me. A friend and colleague whose kindness and perception have been both anchor and lighthouse at different times in my journey. She is a minister who embodies the vocation as few ever manage, and a sense of humor large enough to encompass the absurdity of life. I'm sure wherever this coin goes after it leaves her possession it will be enriched for having spent time with her.

I was given this coin by my good friend Guy Ellis for my birthday on December 12, 2018 in Nacogdoches Tx. I am going to give this to my newly discovered brother Steve Traweek in Santa Rosa Ca when we meet for the first time on his 71st birthday in October 2021. ❤️

Aneela and Esme held onto this coin for 2 years and now they are finally ready to let it fly away with a new friend. They let their friend take home some toys from their toy bin.

We picked this coin up on a recent geocaching trip. The next day, we stopped at a business that had moved and the guy in the repair shop next door saw me reading the note on the door. He asked if I knew how to find the new location which I didn't. He was kind enough to take time out of his day to explain to me how to find it. I will place this coin in another geocache and hope that the finder is the receiver of a kind deed.

Hi Scarlett
I’m in California and I was thinking of you!
Love you

Dieser Münze kam mit einer Bücherkiste über BookCrossing bei mir an. Ich sende liebe Grüße und Gottes Segen aus dem schönen Sindelfingen (Schwabenlände, Baden-Württemberg)

Liebe Grüße
Eure FeuerLöwin

PS: schade das es die Seite nicht auf Deutsch gibt.

(Sallie gave this coin back to me as I did give her one on her birthday.)

I am sending this coin on to my lovely daughter, Erin, for her 40th birthday. Erin, you deserve this kindness coin for your inspiration to the "you're such a catch community" as well as for your kindness to your family, friends and humanity in general. No-one is a stranger to you. You have rededicated your life to helping others by sharing your life experiences on a podcast. You are an intelligent, caring, humorous and kind person. You have permission to pass this coin forward to another kind, deserving person. Add your story to this coin's journey and "do good and fly on".
Remember, I will love you always. Mom

I wonder where this coin is now....

2 months ago near 15115 Vandagriff Dr, Lakeway, TX 78734, USA
Received this in key west , fl from someone who passed on some free tickets they were unable to use.

hi scarlett!! i’m just sitting in this cliff in la jolla with santos and it’s beyond beautiful. just sitting here thinking about you and that beautiful smile and how much i miss you. love you so much -mya<3

I was honored to receive this coin from Emily who was not only a valued colleague, but now a treasured friend. I have had a wonderful experience at To Life! and have met incredible colleagues and breast cancer survivors and thrivers. As I move on in the next chapter of my life, I pass this coin to Sue with all best wishes. She welcomed me from day one and has been nothing but kind every day that we have worked together. Thank you, Sue. This coin is much deserved.
Melanie McCulley

I received this coin from my cousin. I now plan on passing it on to a very kind, deserving person, who is very special to me.🦋

Found this gem after a nice walk in the redwoods. I will set it free for the next person to fly free and share kindness. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Dieser Coin wurde von mir während des BC-Treffens in Clausthal-Zellerfeld am 21.08.2021 bewundert.

Zum BC-Treffen in Clausthal-Zellerfeld ging dieser Coin interessiert von Hand zu Hand, aber es hatte noch niemand einen Butterfly-Account. Grüße vom Treffen!

I lost it 3 times tried to find it but I found it finally my grandma got it for my berth day

Alyssa’s bachelorette party weekend!! 🦋💜💜 thinking of you babygirl, I’ll tell you more later about how fun and crazy and amazing this weekend was, love you always and forever ❤️❤️🦋💜🦋

My family and I are known as 'Marshfield Monarchs'. 5 years ago we made it our mission to do what we could to help the monarch population while helping others to learn more about them as well. In the last 5 years we've raised and released over 8,000 monarchs, have created several monarch habitats in our town and continue to teach about and share our butterflies with those around us. We have a Facebook page where others can follow what we do. In sharing our butterflies we also want to spread joy and kindness as this world so desperately needs it. I purchased these coins in hopes that they will do just that and hopefully travel all over just as our butterflies do.
I say in some of my posts: Lots of ❤ and 🦋😘😘.
Love, Marshfield Monarchs

I received this coin as a very special thank you from a friend when I sent him a typewriter he had always wanted. This is my first coin!

My friend Thomas and I went on a 22+ mile mountain bike ride today. He is an amazing man and a great friend (and an ok mountain biker.) He will be traveling to France soon and hopefully will pass the Butterfly coin on to someone there!

My friend Thomas and I went on a 22+ mile mountain bike ride today. He is an amazing man and a great friend (and an ok mountain biker.) He will be traveling to France soon and hopefully will pass the Butterfly coin on to someone there!

Wow, I’ve never seen this before, Scarlett! You sure know how to bring people together and make them smile. We all miss you, but I want you to know how strong your mom is and how much we see you in her. She’s so proud of you and you can be so proud of her. Speaking of butterflies, I saw a big, beautiful yellow butterfly the other day when I was on walk. I even tried to take picture but it wouldn’t stay still long enough! I bet you and everyone who saw were laughing and wondering what the heck this crazy lady was doing running around. I’ve never stopped to take a picture of a butterfly before. Next time, I’ll be quicker. ☺️

Hi scarlett!
i took a trip by myself with my best friend sophia to chicago and we’re having sooo much fun!! lollapalooza was so much fun and a crazy experience. i love and miss you so much baby girl and not a single day goes by where your not on my mind. you give me the strength to be brave and do things a normally wouldn’t do because i think of how strong you are and how i want to be as strong as you!! love you 3000 scarlett💜
-love mya :)

Hi Scarlett!
Marissa and I are in Central Park in NYC today and it’s so beautiful!! So many different people from all walks of life!! I was just telling Marissa that I wished you were here and she said not to worry because she feels like you can see everything through her S necklace that she always wears to remember you ❤️

Love you so much!!
Auntie Jennie and little Riss

😍😍 little mamas, guess what? Today I helped uncle Noah and Tori move in with grandma!! and uncle Isaiah was there too helping!! There was a whole big mix up issue with the U-haul.… it was kinda funny in a way that will be funnier much later when re-telling the story of “moving day” 😂 anyways, we missed you SOO much, you have no idea 💜and like Santos said, I’ve also been seeing butterflies 🦋 everywhere lately! Thank you for that babygirl! It’s been special every time🦋🥰 I think about you every single day. It’s been 10 weeks since you went back to heaven and it feels like just yesterday. I know time is different in heaven, but I gotta tell you babygirl, Time is different here on earth without you too. Right now, I’m babysitting matcha for auntie Jennie, she’s in New York with Riss!! They drove there and hit a 🦌 Bambi 😭😂 and messed up papas front bumper 😂 but remember when I told you about my trip to New York when I was a teenager (and uncle Noah got kicked off the subway 🤣🤣), well guess what that’s where they are now! And Santos has been there too and right now, guess what?? Mya is in Chicago for a big music festival!! And grandma and Noah and tori have been getting the basement ready for them, they put a shed up outside and are redoing the basement it’s so cool! You’d love it!! They are really getting it done! Harper misses you so much too! Grandmas been telling me how sometimes she been naughty because she’s missing you so much it makes her upset. So, Send her some extra love so she’s not sad all the time! Thanks babygirl!! Mama misses you sooooooo much 😘😘😘😘😘 I miss you to heaven and back! Always and forever 💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️

was given to me by my bestfriends grandfather.. i received the coin and a lot more good energy flowed my way after:) i hope it does the same to the next person i sent its way to

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