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This butterfly was passed on to me by my dear friend, Katherine, on my 65th birthday. She is a beautiful retired teacher who exemplifies giving love and sharing kindness with her students, colleagues, and friends. She is an inspiration of what a teacher should always be.

As I celebrate my 40th year in education and my retirement, I am passing her butterfly on to a very loving and kind principal who gives of her heart in everything she does as she deals with children, teenagers, parents and staff. At the beginning of this school year she challenged all of our school population to “Love Your People”. She has had a very positive affect on our school, and, in turn, our world. I am so very thankful for leaders like her and for opportunities she gave me to “Love My People.”

A student of mine with many personal obstacles, including homelessness, just graduated from high school. In one of our last text messages he text to me, “Thank you for all of your kindness, the work, and most importantly, your nagging.” Isn’t it wonderful that a student would consider “nagging” a kindness? This is a result of the opportunity my principal gave me to "Love Your People."

So, Heidi, as you travel through your journey in education (and life), may you continue to inspire others to always be kind. Your kindness changes our world and makes it a better place. I know that you have forever touched my life and helped me to be a better person. Thank you!

I gave this coin to my teacher because she taught me how to be kind and stand up for myself. She is funny and sweet and amazing, and I will miss her so much!!! I hope this makes her proud and brings lots of people happiness.

My friend Jan sent me this beautiful coin at a time when I needed it most. She didn't even know, but when I received it, I had been being bullied by a woman in my
co-op. After many sleepless nights, with my mind trying to defend myself for things I didn't do, I was a mess.
The coin helped me feel connected to this valued friend. It helped me decide to quit the co-op. I'm doing fine now, so felt it was time to pass this love and strength on to my dear friend and sister-in-law, Brenda. The place she worked at for over 20 years has been sold, and her position eliminated. She is finding that looking for a new job at 55 isn't easy. I hope this coin helps her find the perfect job.

I received this coin from my very good friend Cindy who purchased it in memory of her daughter Rachel whose life and light were tragically cut short by a terrible car crash. Cindy has always been a very kind person and I was honored to receive the coin from her. I am looking forward to passing it on to another person who will perform an act of kindness and send it on it’s way to yet another kind individual.

It was a perfect moment today to present this Butterfly Effect coin to someone I've only known for a short time, but feel we've been friends for a lifetime. A.H. you are a remarkable man spreading your kindness and laughter everywhere you go...I wish you and your family the very best as you fly off into your new adventure!

Lydia has given me the coin but it is still resting with me it will travel on someday soon the coin is now in Asheville NC

As my girls have become quite the butterfly chasers and worm diggers, they’ve learned a lot from their discovery experiences. They’ve explored not only the great outdoors but also the compassion and delicate balance of life. They’ve befriended some other adventurous friends, and we are passing our coin on to one of my oldest girl’s little buddies who also isn’t afraid of a little dirt. Adventure awaits!

I gave this coin to a very kind gentleman who helped us find our way on the Camino, taking time to bring up a translate app to communicate in English so we wouldn’t get lost again. Muchas gracias senior!

I purchased several coins to pass out to family and friends in memory of my sister, Susan. Susan passed on Oct 11, 2018 after living 5 years with brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme). Susan was not one to give up. Whenever she was around others she was always happy and grateful for the time she had to share. I have started this coin and asked the recipient do something good for someone in memory of Susan. Do Good & Fly on!

was a pleasure to welcome dawn and her daughter to my part of australia, we tennis nuts need to help others in what we call a sporting network a way to meet like minded sports people, to help in this small way was the pleasure of our club the clifton beach tennis club now 48 years old. i will pass this coin on so your story continues.

This coin was given to me by my Realtor to pass the kindness along. Paying it forward.

This coin was given to John Collins of Clifton Beach, Queensland. John’s trusting heart and kind deeds will always be remembered. I took two tennis racquets across the world intending to keep my game sharp while on holiday. Day 1, courts were discovered close to our rental home. Enter John C. who welcomed 2 American tennis nuts to his club courts with open arms- on a rainy day. Within five minutes of playing my strings broke. John to the rescue. He returned with a shiny new racquet, the code to the courts, and a warm Smile. His kindness went truly above and beyond.

This coin is starting it's journey from Burlington WI after a Real Estate Transaction I was a part of on the Buyer's side. The Coin has been given to the Buyer.

San Diego Zoo received this coin from the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey on May 17, 2019 during the launch of San Diego Zoo Kids channel at the Goryeb Children's Hospital. By bringing a sloth, penguin, and other amazing animals, Turtle Back Zoo brought tremendous joy so many ill children that day. They also spent numerous hours helping us film four new stories for the channel. They are the ultimate community partner. Today, May 31, I pass this coin on Tim Morrow, CEO of San Antonio Zoo, who helped us bring the San Diego Zoo Kids channel to Children's Hospital of San Antonio. It is wonderful to know that the channel will bring these children hope, happiness, and healing. Debra Erickson

This Kindness coin was given to me as a surprise in a Mother's Day card from my niece in Florida while visiting my Mother. This Butterfly coin is very special as I have been restricted and denied contact with my 14 year old son living overseas with his Father. Mother's Day was a difficult day for me and this gift from my niece Ashley really brightened up my day!! I am so thankful to have such a caring and thoughtful niece. With Much Gratitude - Aunt Michele

This Butterfly coin is ready to travel........

This Butterfly coin is ready to travel........

I’m just a simple kind of girl in search of Nirvana! Peace*Love*Happiness to All Who receive this coin. May it travel far!

I got this coin from my best friend for saving her life from an evil ocean :3 lol -Kathryn

Thank you Betsy. I've passed this coin on to my good friend Jane (along with a box of tea, as she is always running out). Jane's inspiring kindness will send this butterfly out into the world to do good as Susan would have wished.

This coin was given to me by my dear friend Phyllis Porter. She gave it to me for all the kindness i showed her and her son John during his illness until his passing. I gave the coin to my beautiful daughter Lavon Sturkey. A woman who does and will do for anyone on need. Her heart is big as the state of Texas and full of compassion.

I was given this coin by my mother. I have done my good deed and will pass the coin forward.

May 25th this butterfly was found looking over beautiful Clam Beach. She wanted a closer look but did not want to get her wings wet.

On May 26 2019, the Kuehl Cousins were cementing bicycle hoops at Kuehl Rocks near the Greenbrier Creek Little Library on the Raccoon River Valley Trail one mile north of Herndon, Iowa. This was our 2019 project in memory of our Kuehl parents and grandparents. Cyclist CH was riding the trail and stopped to help. He worked with the Cousins, who are 70 to 78 years old, by helping shovel, transporting bags of cement 1/4 mile down the trail, mixing concrete, pouring concrete, leveling the ground. He worked with us for several hours until the project was finished. We presented CH with the Monarch Butterfly coin that Cousin JMKH had placed inside the Little Library several weeks ago.

I feel very privilege to have been given this coin and to add to its journey. The person that gave the coin to me has made me feel honored in receiving it and hope that I may live up to the responsibility it entitles me. May this coin have a long and successful travel and come full circle

I was given this coin by Mary, I met Mary in Spain as we were walking the Camino de Santiago just outside Cacabelos. Mary was walking with her friend Roxane - both were amazing people and we formed a connection right away. I was struck by the kindness of Mary and her friend and I hope to pass this on with the coin in the future.

The coin I received from my friend Beth I carried with me daily. I'd ride my trike around our community, Seaside Resort. Mostly I was looking for milkweed. It was early in April 2019 and I was considering raising Monarchs for a second year - just considering mind you. But nobody just considers raising Monarchs. I'd sign up for Monarch sites and looked up Monarch information. Who was I kidding - considering raising Monarchs for a second year! Well, I knew of one spot in the park where I'd gotten milkweed, seed pods and caterpillars last year. But they'd been sprayed and there was a new tenant on the lot. I passed it by several times, but didn't go onto the lot as no one was outside. So I kept on riding and noticed the red/orange flower of the milkweed in a garden around the block. I watched it and looked for seed pods, but none and it was only the one stem. One day Bonnie was tending the garden, I asked her if she knew there was a milkweed in her garden. She'd noticed it and was watching over it for more sprouts. I offered her seeds I'd ordered online and some others gotten from the plants on the other lot last year. She planted them in the corner of her garden and showed me where. I've watched over them as Bonnie and her husband Jeff have now gone back to New Hampshire for the summer. I look forward to her first post for this coin. Thanks Bonnie for you interest and concern for Monarchs. Together and all of us, we'll keep them migrating, Trish

Dropped off at the Post Office and on the way to Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Started in Spotsylvania, VA and is on the way to Siloam Springs, AR as a birthday present.

I'm passing along this coin to my beautiful "naturalist" daughter, Jessica, and her family (husband Dave, daughters Julia & Maria). They all love and enjoy the great outdoors, nature and all its beauty and I know they'll take very good care of this coin and pass it on to the best person possible. I appreciate the thoughtful kindness of my co-workers and will miss them terribly, but I now know that their thoughtfulness will give joy and be spread hopefully far & wide via this traveling coin!!

I received this from a friend and colleague after doing our first Habitat for Humanity build in Marathon, Florida.

This coin is given in honor of Joetta Shellabarger for her retirement from Fairbanks Elementary. Joetta is a special kindergarten teacher and friend. She will always be part of FES family. Best wishes as you
"Fly On", Joetta!
Tina Hall

I received this coin from my friend and co-worker at Mirum Agency in San Diego. She bought me a coffee and it made my day! Cheers to spreading the little joys.


Labor and Delivery is losing one of our best Nurses and a great Friend! We have all enjoyed working with you over the years, and you will certainly be missed. Hopefully all of those extra hours you put in to help out your team will now allow you to have fun and many travels during your retirement :-)

Your co-workers at Aurora


You are a such a wonderful Nurse and Friend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and 40 YEARS of experience with all of us. It just won't be the same without you! Enjoy your retirement--you certainly deserve it :-)

Your Co-workers from Aurora

Julia & Dave Sabados gave me this coin for volunteering at the annual Day of Kindness event in Berthoud, CO. This was the ninth year of the event, nine years since Alex Sabados, their son, passed away from pediatric brain cancer just after his 14th birthday.

Alex was a Boy Scout with my sons and I got to know him a little at different Scouting events. Alex was perpetually cheerful, kind, and active—always ready for the next thing! Watching him suffer and die of cancer, watching Julia’s, Dave’s and their daughter Mia’s journey in grief has been both heartbreaking and inspiring. Their creation of A Day of Kindness has created good in world, out of terrible loss and tragedy. I look forward to passing this butterfly coin on to someone who needs help, while remembering Alex.

I am giving this coin to my nurse Julia because she has been on of the kindest people I have ever met. She has helped me and my baby through my pregnancy and afterwards and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. Thank you so much for everything you do Julia! -Cassidy

Hi my name is jackie callahan. It was honor too receive this coin from my dear friend / coworker edna. Its amazing too feel loved when you least expect it. Since i had this coin i have tooken extra time too help a very close friend of mine ,who was in need of encouragement and extra love. I will be passing this coin along thid weekend coming to someone who is very special too me in my work place. Again i am thankful this coin has came into my life at the moment it did.

I received this Beautiful coin from a Beautiful Lady with Love and Kindness in her heart❤️! Just ask her how her garden grows!!.........and I am just a simple kind of girl in search of Nirvana! Peace*Love*Happiness to all who receive this coin!!

I gave this coin to the sweetest and most honest soul I have ever known. We have been best friends for over 20 years and seriously have been to hell and back. Carole...I love you with all my heart and never would’ve made it this far without you.

5/10/19 Our family went to West Virginia for a "memory-making" Mothers' Day trip. Our oldest son gave us (his parents) this coin in thanks for planning a very special time for train rides, radio telescopes, table games, hikes, and more.

Sanford, MI 5-20-19
My best friend Leah gave to me. We have been friends for 20+ yrs. We have had more than our fair share of struggles in our own personal lives. But our friendship survives them all! 💕

I received this butterfly coin from doug Hawkins in Sandpoint, ID and giving it to De for her kindness, thoughtful giving of starter plants for my garden. Thank you De!

Thrilled to be a part of this journey and to spread kindness! I will be passing it on!
Ruth :)

Registering this coin! So excited to see the kindness and happiness it will bring! ❤️

I received this coin on Mother’s Day in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful reminder of the effect of kindness 😊 I am so excited to pass the coin and kindness forward. I hope it brings joy to many all over the world!

Im giving this coin to my new roommate. I waited 5 months to finally find the best roommate a girl could want. He is a very nice human being and im lucky to have him in my life at this time.He randomly does acts of kindness when he gives me items that help me grow my financial security.

Received from my daughter for Mother's Day, 2019

GrowMilkweedPlants, you sincerely did make my day by presenting the Butterfly Effect coin to me. I luv traveling on Southwest Airlines...I've watched you over the years always treat the passengers as if they are your own family. You are a kind and gentle soul. I can't wait to pay it forward as I have someone very special in mind to present it to.

After receiving my coin from Lynn Bice, I passed my coin to Ann Marie Lizzi. Ann Marie is a member of our Passion, Purpose and Legacy group. A group of women sharing the experience of having been diagnosed with cancer. Ann Marie is a great example of courage, resilience, faith and kindness. She has a smile that brightens any room and is always a loving support to other women. Ann Marie is celebrating her daughters First Holy Communion, so I passed on a Mother Mary medal to her daughter to add to the memories of her special day. Mother Mary is a source of love and comfort to many, and quite frankly so is Ann Marie. ❤️🙏

Blessings, Ann Marie.

Thank you, Holly, for kicking off this butterfly effect! ❤️ You are one of a “ kind”.

Carole Heaney

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