Coin Stories

I received this Butterfly coin from my bestie from Somersworth, Nh and she is also a caregiver and very smart lady. She is the kindness women I know and would never hurt a soul. We as women should build each other up and keep each of us strong working together for our family and community. I hope this butterfly find it's kind people and give strength in who ever it finds.

Thank you, Jeff! We are grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward!

An ICU nurse reached out to me in response to our freezer that was posted for sale. Her freezer stopped working yesterday and all her perishables are at risk of spoiling without another freezer. She can't pay for the freezer immediately, so she will pick it up today without payment.

Keep it flying!

Hi, This coin was given to me by my close friend Dyanne Pinkowski ( she’d order several coins as gifts )
She gave it to me in a thank you note. I had ordered tickets for us to see a flower show. I can’t wait to see where this butterfly goes! Now I’m looking for an act of kindness going forward. Margie Skahan ✝️💟☮️

This coin is given to my special friend and neighbor Lisa Huelskamp in honor of her 49th birthday!
Much love,

What a caring gesture! I received this coin and a postcard of our south side of the square in Newton, Ia. Being a business owner on the square makes it extra special! ❤️
I’m forwarding this coin to a lovely lady who inspired me through her faith in God. She has struggled with Bipolar syndrome. So I am sending this coin along with a heart felt thank you and a product that has been changing lives for centuries and I just started selling it. CBDone & neuro from Vasayo....

Received this coin from Micael Malmberg while he was at home spending a nice weekend at Pirque , Santiago de Chile.
He is a very good man, with very good feelings and most of all avery good friend

This butterfly it taking flight to spread joy and get stories from other Geocaching Vloggers. Its is starting with me, GeoJay603 and i am sending it off to Canada to visit Simrebel where it will gain a new story and then be sent off to another vlogger with the instructions to add to the story and then pass it along to more vloggers. I hope this coin finds everybody.

I seen the Butterfly Effect of Kindness on Facebook and absolutely fell in love with this coin and the pay it forward deed!
So I ordered several of the coins and received them in Feburary, 2019. So now I am releasing one of my coins from Archdale. N.C. to a very special person in Fayetteville W.V.
This person Loria, which I have never met has been truly an inspiration to me!
She was friends with my precious nephew Timmy on My space.Timmy had a rare brain disease and was diagnosed at the age of 12, well Timmy being the out going little boy and fisherman of God he was , would get on Myspace and get all the friends he could:) So one day he became friends with Loria,(brighteyes) and prayed for her, so they became pretty good buddies and they would pray for each other! So of course Timmy's mother and I became friends with her also! Timmy passed at the age of 13 and I have kept in touch with her since 2009, now through Facebook!
She was there for me when my sister, Lisa which is Timmy's mother passed at the age of 2016 and then again when Sarah ,my niece Lisa's daughter and Timmy's sister at the age of 28 just this February .
She would always show her kindness, check on me through messages and see that I was ok! She sent me cards and 2 beautiful paintings ,she painted of a special place my sister Lisa and I would visit when I would go visit Lisa!
She will always hold a special place in my heart for the love and kindness she gave to a special little boy who lives in my heart forever!! So as of tomorrow, March 13,2019 my first coin is on it's flight of kindness, may this butterfly travel with love, joy and laughter and bring happiness to all that encounter her touch.

To start this coin off right, I am giving it to someone I truly admire.

She has an amazing strength through rough times (even when she doesn't feel it). She sees the good in people and supports her staff to the very best of her ability. She is dedicated like no other--putting off her own duties to fill in gaps and then staying late/coming in early to get things done. And, most of all her heart --which is almost as big as her laugh that can be heard three classrooms over!!

Thank you for all you do, Lori! You are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Stephanie M


This coin is a token specifically for a very special and hard-working group of people. It is meant to say how special you are and how much you are appreciated in our Tobin School Family. It has been a rough year for all of you and you have gone through so much. Your hard work and resilience shows and I hope that you can all see some light at the end of the tunnel.

This coin is meant to be circulated and then RE-circulated around the Tobin School as a reminder to be kind--not only in thoughts and deeds, but also to yourselves. You are a special person to do what you do and don't ever forget that!!!

Now that you know, make a note here and pass this on to someone else who shows a kindness, goes out of their way and or deserves a bit of appreciation. OR , more importantly pass it to someone who is IN NEED of some.

Congratulations for being part of this coin's special Tobin Journey!!

Gift from Jeanie.

This was given to me as a gift to give to someone else.

I give this coin to you as a token of my affection. This coin will travel a beautiful journey and you are a part of that. Please enjoy it for a moment but find someone in this building who you would like to gift it to..take a moment to leave a message for the next person right here, thank you, for being you!

I received this coin for my kindness and caring for others, fur or no fur.

Got this coin from my daughters, boyfriends father Gary in Texas. I am planning to pass it on to someone else soon!

Through a series of unfortunate events, i ended up with a duckling in my house. The 2 year old grandson loved it and was quite gentle with it, but Quack Quack was so lonely . I knew he wouldn't be able to stay in our house. I contacted my friends from church who have a flock. John came over and rescued Quack Quack from certain harm. Oh, did I mention that the dog got QQ by the neck and he no longer has any down. I was given my Butterfly Coin because of the compassion i had for the little guy and sought out a safe good home for him. I was so surprised to get it. The coin will be passed on as i observe kindness in my life. Good life Quack Quack (now called Lemon)

I received this coin for Christmas 2018 from my BFF Charis. It is gorgeous! I am so inspired by her faith in me as an author and in my message for the glory of God. Charis, I love this gift, and I love you! It will be hard to let go of/pass on this coin that I cherish, but I am thankful we can follow its journey together. Maybe it will find its way back to you!

This coin was started by the Sunset Coast Monarch project as a means of spreading kindness to others as the butterflies do. We are excited to see the kindness get passed along.

Was blessed to receive this coin from a very special person. I can only hope to spread as much kindness and compassion as Hilarie and the person who shared this coin. Footprints...

💞 Remembering Megan Howe

Every time you see a butterfly think of me...

Every time you see a butterfly know that I am with you...

Every act of kindness you perform is honoring the memories of me...

On the wings of butterflies your love reaches me!

~ JRF 3/9/2019 Waxahachie, Texas

I send this coin to my dear friends Greg and Olivia who moved from Sandpoint to Madison, Wisconsin. I always loved the bumper sticker that Olivia had on her vehicle... it reads "What Are You Grateful For?"
I thought of giving the coin to them because of their generous and grateful spirit. Then Olivia texts me out of the blue and asks a favor... I gladly helped out and that gave me the perfect opportunity to pass the coin on to them! I'm sure it will make them smile and be excited to FLY ON with kindness and good deeds, which are an everyday thing for them!

This coin was sent to me by a very good friend whom I love. My sister passed away on the 5th of March. Never expected that. She was a special sister- she beat cancer twice. She was an inspiration to me. Kathy was so strong. For now I will keep the coin in remembrance of her.

We moved away from Loveland, Colorado in 2018 to our new home in Miramar Beach, Florida. On a visit to Colorado in February 2019 we had a chance to go to lunch with our long time close friends Jackie and Jeff. We had a chance to catch up with many stories and laughs. Jackie and Jeff have always been very thoughtful, fun and endearing. They were kind enough to buy us lunch and entrusted the butterfly coin to pass along to someone else with an act of kindness.

I made my niece and nephew some sugar cookies and I’m passing this coin along to them.

I was caught being nice to my little brother Logan today at my field trip.

I was caught being nice to my little brother Logan today at my field trip. 3/8/2019

This coin goes to Herb in NJ who is an author and a great entrepreneur. I am fortunate to be working with him and I look forward to many awesome experiences together in the years ahead! I hope this coin creates miracles and blesses many people on it's journey!

I was inspired by my grandson named Hunter. He has always been fascinated with butterflies, in particular the Monarch. In addition he is such a kind and loving being. We were excited to see this coin and will be interested in how they travel the globe.

Plan to give this coin to someone I admire in the business world

I am giving this coin to Sue Davis. She is a Dear Friend of mine for many years. She is a very SPECIAl Lady. She spends much time in helping the homeless people of Sonoma County. I hope this coin makes her ♥️ heart 😊 smile. She is now recovering from heart surgery. I hope she has a speedy recovery. Love your friend Sue F.

Jenny gave this coin to me as we were leaving a parking lot at pier 21 in galveston tx. She is so friendly and sweet. My husband and i are from maine. On vacation in galveston. I will pass coin on soon. Thank you Jenny.

Jeff - thank you for thinking of me! You are a great friend and I appreciate it! I have decided to pass this coin along to Elma. Elma is doing an internship as an office assistant and I truly appreciate her help. She is a wonderful person with an amazing story of growing up in the Philippines and moving to the US a number of years ago. I encourage her to be a blessing in her journey to happiness and to help others through sharing some of the experiences that has shaped her being. Wishing you all the best as you ponder the "Butterfly Effect".
- Scott

I received this coin from my mother. This is such a great idea! I look forward for passing this coin to someone that shows kindness and compassion.

My dear friend Jenny gave me this coin. I have the perfect person to give it to, but I plan to give it to her around June when her work visa here expires. Hopefully she will take it with her on her world travels.

By Dorilee
Another takes flight. Now, I do understand that we give them to people we help and ask they just fly it forward. My son gave me four. And I am sending them off to a group of dear friends. Ladies who give unselfishly to friend, family and community. They will get this kindness wave going. I have two in my state of New Hampshire. One on the other side of the planet. Last one across the country. USA is covered from east to west. This butterfly is heading to my birth place, and home town. This friend was a nurse for 40 years. You know she's a caretaker, and gives of herself. She socially helped me get back to life. Isolated for years, she helps me feel safe. Stand up woman in my life. We will spread kindness, like nobody's business. Hehehe

I am Ryan's mom, I got this beautiful coin from Carol in honor of my sons birthday on 2/20. He passed away in a motorcycle accident on 4/3/2012. A few weeks before passing he gave me a card. Inside of the card was his signature and a butterfly, the same color as this butterfly on my coin. Memorial weekend 2012. I had all his friends over from his church to my dads cabin, all day I felt I needed to go home. I went and sat on the deck and this butterfly landed on my shoulder and stayed for about 15 minutes. Again the words go home came to me. I said my goodbyes and headed home. I approached Hastings and I was driving down a road I had no idea how I got there. I took another turn and again thought why am I on this road. I drove two blocks up and there was a motorcycle accident. The person was laying on the road, I decided to pull over. I was scared, I had no idea what I was going to see. I approached the young man. He had been drinking and wanted me no where near him. He thought I was going to call the cops and get him thrown in jail. I explained to him I had just lost my son in a motorcycle accident I just wanted to help him. He said oh my gosh are you Rylos mom. I said yes he started crying. I finally convinced him we needed to go to the hospital. When we arrived we talked as we waited. At that time he told me a story that I was very familiar with, parts of the story was missing. You see my son had struggled with alcohol addiction and one day I got a call from an unknown person. My son was in trouble and he was wanting to end his life, he said you need to go here and help him. I called a special police officer from church we found Ryan and he indeed was saved by a special angel who had called me. That special angel was the same man I had helped at his accident scene. God made sure he was there that day to save my son, and God and I believe my son kept telling me to go home that day and drove me to roads I would not usually take that day. Later that day after I had left the hospital they ambulanced him to United. It was once he got there he was told if he had not gone to the hospital he would have died. He had a very very bad night in the hospital. I believe my angel helped him that day. I know this is a long story but this butterfly coin to me is all related. My son used Carol to send me a sign on his birthday. FYI My son gave his life to the Lord three months before he died and had given his addiction up. Praise the Good Lord. My son Ryan on the left. Thank you Carol.

I received this coin from my very sweet friend Michael. She has been a blessing who I met not too long ago (year or two...time flies) in one of the most important parts of my life....finding myself. I have had many lows and highs and she has been a very special friend helping through it and I hope to have her in my life through the rest of the journey....she did this special act of kindness for me and truth is people like loving, so giving of their heart even when times can be rough for them as well are so hard to find and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. I'm holding on to this coin for a bit but surely will find someone one I can have it travel to soon enough. It's good to let people know they are loved and thought of. Thank you are an amazing friend!

I received this butterfly coin from my sister. Years ago she found out I like whale tails (dolphin tails) and, now, anytime she sees a whale tail charm, necklace, bracelet she gets it for me. I wear one at all times, not only does it remind me of my sister but it also reminds me that although we have a dysfunctional family, we will always stick together. I have been depressed and lonely a lot lately and my sister started tearing up when she gave me this butterfly telling me how much she cares about me. She made me have tears as well because sometimes I believe no one would care whether I was around or not. I love my sister and I hope I can pass an act of kindness forward and get this butterfly to fly around the World.

I was given this beautiful coin by my cousin, Kim. I just love this coin and I look at it all the time. Kim is such a thoughtful and sweet person. She deserves so much in her life. She has suffered greatly. I pray she has everything she needs and loves in this world. Thanks for this beautiful, thoughtful and kind gesture. Love you Kimmy.

Have coin to meditation Lynn. She found my golf key and every time we meet I see her so many acts of kindness toward others as well as me. She is a person of peace, kindness and love.

I hope this little coin brings joy into the lives of those that receive it on down the road. DO GOOD & FLY ON!

Received this coin in the mail from some wonderful soul. Not sure what I did to deserve it but I know for sure the next person who will get it!

By Dorilee
Butterfly # 2 took flight this morning. Heading to the other side of the planet. Had to give a description of object for customs. Told her about the butterfly,that we were trying to spread acts of kindness around the world. As she rung me up, I saw 18.00 on the receipt. She said " 4.03. Thought it was more I say, smiling. She didn't charge me the international fee. So she was passing the kindness to me, herself. AWWW! So my dear caring friend in New Zealand, already the journey is magical.

My coin arrived in County Sligo Ireland today 5th March 2019. A gift from my brother , it's such a beautiful coin & thoughtfull gift..I havd to read up on what to do .thank you kind bro love you xxxx

I can hardly wait to read about the goodness journey of this coin! Fly On!

I was visiting my family in Gallatin, Tn and my niece gave me this coin. I brought it all the way to Florida!

I wish that when this coin travels that it is associated with at least one good action in every person it encounters. "Today is a good day to have a good day!"

As the librarian of the high school I see a lot of students. This morning a dear colleague passed the butterfly coin to the library staff in honor of our work. She was given this coin because of her good deeds and capacity to care for others which is immeasurable. She hoped that by passing this on to us that with all the students we come in contact with that we can pass it on to a student who deserves to be recognized for their acts of the heart. We gladly look forward to passing on this lovely gesture. May it go far and wide.

I was at a fundraising event - I was bidding on an item I really wanted but was outbid. Moments later I was taken by the hand and lead to the auction table only to be given the auction item as a gift from a dear kind friend.
I was deeply touched by the kindness, but even more touched when I found the butterfly coin tucked away deep inside. The dear friend didn't know anything about the special coin - her act of kindness turned out to be even more than she knew.

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