Coin Stories

Found this by the “OLYMPICS WANNABES” statue. A child was holding it. It was so cool to find it there, especially since I thought it was just part of the statue.
I called my parents to see how they are doing. Which made them happy :) especially my mom. Since she enjoys the nature very much and it is really beautiful and green here on the campus.

This coin was in the Children’s Garden at the Penn State arboretum. Finding it made me feel like a little kid again, and made the children’s garden feel even more special :)

To Steph,
Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the love that I have always searched for. You are an amazing human with so much to give. I love you to the moon and back!

Ich vermisse einen QR Code und eine App mit der ich den weiteren Weg verfolgen könnte.

Wenn ich den Coin jetzt weitergebe kann ich den Code nicht mehr nachsehen und wie bitte soll man sich xdds-cvm bitte sinnvoll merken :-)

Für Jost. Vermutlich findet er das alles albern, und kann damit nichts anfangen. Er bekommt trotzdem diese Münze. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass er die Münze schnell weiterreicht, und nicht vergisst.
Bitte auch nicht eine kurze Nachricht vergessen!

Für Steffi. In der Hoffnung, dass sie das Prinzip/die Idee gut findet.
Vielleicht - vielleicht auch nicht - jedenfalls bekommt sie jetzt diese Münze - so oder so.

Received this in key west , fl from someone who passed on some free tickets they were unable to use.

Hi Bubbie. I know you’re with Jesus but I miss you very much. It is mom’s birthday today. I got her a Costco cake-of course. I am taking care of bluey just like mom said. Harper is doing ok but she misses you too. She is mopey but she also ate a bag of cashews and got a stomach ache. She is ok though. I love you punkin, GGL, Grandma

Good morning babygirl! It’s my 32nd birthday and I’m missing you like crazy but I know you’re here with me always. I love you so much! Auntie Jennie made me breakfast and I’m sitting here with uncle Sergio and tia Shirley and Santos and drinking my coffee talking about how beautiful you are. How much we miss you. I talked to grandma this morning and she misses her bubbie so much and she’s keeping bluey safe and I've got spirit with me too. Love you to the moon at back always and forever, I true love kiss you ❤️💜❤️

I received this coin from a dear friend and colleague. We discovered the life cycle of the Monarch together, as a team, while teaching it to our Kindergarten classes. It became a passion to instill in our students the true miracle of the Monarch Butterfly. Once you experience it, you will never look at a Monarch the same way again. Thank you for this gift, Tami. I now release it to my co-teacher who I could not have experienced this journey without. She was so instrumental in everything we taught to our classes. Our dream is to one day travel to the winter home to experience the migration in all its glory. Fly on to my dear friend, Debbie. Thanks girls for the memories!!!! 🖤🧡🥰🖤🧡

Yay nels🙌

from Nelson to Robyn☺

I left this coin with some unused firewood for the next person at my favorite fire pit. I’m so glad it is moving forward already.

My wife and I go on regular walks to enjoy the beauty of the birds of prey area in Idaho. We found this coin at a little used camp site overlooking the swan falls canyon. We look forward to adding to the coins forward adventures.

Der Coin hat es sich eine Weile bei mir gemütlich gemacht und darf jetzt mit einer anderen Box weiterreisen.
Viele Grüße aus Schleswig-Holstein!

I received this coin as part of the 2020 HGG. I am just now getting around to documenting it (even though the coin has been by my computer for several months).

I am passing the coin, and several books, to my sister who began teaching high school English second semester this year. She is creating a library within her classroom for students to be able to select from if they have down time or forgot their reading.

Lost without you!!!!

Wow!!! I really am in awe of the way you love me. I’m laying here with tears of joy streaming down my face. My heart is so full right now. I love that you are so giving of your heart to me. We learn more and more about each other everyday and I am definitely so blessed you are in my life and you love me tooooo much. You are my love!!!!!!

I really can't wait for the day when we can be together forever. You are one of the most precious things in my life. I never want to lose you. I can't wait till I have to drag you out of the craft room to watch a movie with me. I can't wait till we are entertaining both our kids and grandkids at our shared warm, beautiful, loving home. I love you. I love you. I love you. Smooches BTW only a nerd would listen to CMSGT AF Podcast. You - Robin Thick Lost Without You. Me - Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

The person who was skipped in this coins story is a canine rehabilitation technician I work alongside daily. The individual who gave it to her was very truthful when stating that miracles happen around her every day. I see her hands move with such love and grace in a way that heals and touches the hearts of her patients.
Today, I was honest when asked how I was doing while catching up over our weekend; I responded to her question which said that physically I was well but mentally I have been struggling. Later in the day I was gifted with a beautiful letter and this precious coin.
The kindness and blessings that flow from the woman who gave it to me is an inspiration and I am grateful to be apart of this story.

The coin will continue its journey from Geneva Elementary School in Geneva, Florida where it inspired donating supplies to a beginning teacher’s classroom to University Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.

I found this coin on the Elk Head trail in Trinidad. I am from out of town and this coin will travel with me south.

I miss u.

We are on break right now. Man do I miss you soooo much. I know that your going through a lot right now and I am not helping the situation. I really want to be there for you, but I don’t know how. I have tried my best, but you are a different person sometimes. I love you. I love you. I love you. I want this to work so bad it brings me to tears. I keep saying that you taught me what LOVE means. I need you in my life you don’t have a choice. I love you toooo much.

I have been thinking about you and the significance of this coin. For the most part I did not really care if you gifted me one, you know these type of things don’t really jive with my personality. But, you gifting me one put a different spin on things. You continually expose feelings within me that I never knew I had. Not seeing you and the kids on hurts my heart so much. I can’t wait to make things permanent between us.

This past week was so awesome for me. I know it sounds selfish, but having you all to myself for seven days was a dream come true. You have taught me so many things throughout this relationship. You taught me a different kind of love that I have never felt in my life. My heart beats to a different drum when I’m around you. Your sense of humor, your laugh, your soft touch. I would not trade those things for anything in the world. I had a really good time in the Maldives with you. If that is a peek into our future then I am ready for the journey.

My friend Maille gave me this coin while I was walking with her to her house. We go to the same school and she had left it in a box on a tree, I don’t know who I am going to give this to, but I know I’ll give it to someone who deserves it. If you are reading this and I gave it to you. Thanks for being a good person. 😊❤️

I retrieved this coin in Humboldt at the Baker Beach outlook during negative tide. The coin will soon be hidden paired with glass on another marble hide.

I found this coin at the arcata marsh after Doing an epic photo scavenger hunt for a marble prize..... I have already rehidden it for someone else to find....

Hey love. We in here. More to come.

I hope this coin will continue to tell our love story. I love you so much!!

This coin was given to me by my Me Me. I live in Roanoke VA. I can't wait to see where this coin travels.

Received this coin from Wyoming and sent it off, but forgot to register it. Sorry, Cousin! Got it back and will try to do it right this time. We need more kindness in the world, so I'm sending it again with hopes that we become more aware of those that need an extra dose of love and respect.

Received from my dear friend in Sweden. I was so pleased to receive this. Bless your heart. I shall treasure it for a while and then see how I can do a kind deed and let it fly on. It's so beautiful.

Was working as a server one night, 8 months pregnant.... Exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling alone. A beautiful family I was serving that night gave me this coin that they have held over two years in memory of their son. I now have a healthy and happy 4 month old baby boy. Being given this coin was what I needed at that time, I was broken and had lost hope. The family who handed down this coin to me had no clue what I was going threw and the hardships I was suffering. But this gesture of love was what I needed. And one day I will pass on this coin to someone I feel needs that glimmer of hope.

Discovered this coin traveling with 'Undercacher finally find 2000 caches' - MS7QCK and currently checked into Skyberg Travel Bug Motel - GC8AFNH, Kenyon Township, MN.

I found this coin at Goodwill in Lincoln City, OR. I was just killing some time looking around and saw the coin in the jewelry case. When I bought the coin for my youngest daughter and my granddaughter. The butterfly has a special meaning for them. It wasn't until I showed my husband the coin that I read it and found my way to this sight.

I'm sending this coin to a bookcrossing friend. I was so happy when they had clearly written on their profile a wish for a butterfly coin.

Fly on and do good, little coin!

I am passing this coin from Chesterton, Indiana to my former student in Valparaiso Indiana!

This coin is for nelson

Sending this off to give the finder good Luck and Peace!!

Enjoy the dream!!!!

Starting this coin in a Geocache in Fairbury, NE!!!

Fly on Bring Joy!!!

I found this coin along with another glass treasure on a trail that ran along the Mad River in Mckinleyville, Ca. It was a beautiful evening with a beautiful sunset. We watched the Sea Lions play in the water as the tide was coming in. It is now going to be off on a new adventure.

Thanks to the Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund and Conservation Blueprint for the coin. It is an honor to have and look forward to being able to pay it forward to someone doing great conservation work.

Received this coin from an amazing friend and coworker at Mirum agency in Downtown San Diego.

My intent was to a hold it for a short time and regift to a complete stranger, but I lost it. Two years, a job change and a global pandemic go by, and my partner and I moved to a new home, rediscovering this beautiful coin during the unboxing process at our new place. With much excitement, all the positing, loving feelings came rushing back from the very first day I saw it on my desk along with a note that made my heart smile.

My intent this time around is A. To NOT lose it! :P and B. give it to our amazing new neighbor who is moving out of our building. I want to let her know she brings with her all my love and joy as I cheer her on in the next journey.

Butterfly love to you, good neighbor-friend.

I found this in a purse I totally forgot about. I am so excited to use this for Geocaching with my son's. Hopefully it makes an amazing journey :)

I found a flower garden box where people put a gift in and take one out. I am finally paying it forward. Can’t wait to hear the next story!

A neighbor dug some plants out of her yard for me. Some sedum, hellebores, and foxglove. Al things I didn’t have and always wanted. Now they are in and growing along happily. I let the coin fly and now it resides with her now. Thanks Pat!

This coin was presented to Wendy Caldwell for her exceptional efforts in promoting monarch butterfly health, habitat and conservation. In addition, her extra efforts of support for The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund on its Steering Committee, with financial support and with collaborative efforts is making a difference.

This coin was presented to Nate Hylla with the Stearns County Soil & Water Conservation District for his exceptional support of pollinator habitat through a series of webinars conducted with The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund and Conservation Blueprint in February 2021.

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