Coin Stories

I recived this coin from my very good friend Patricia I can’t wait to share it with other lovely people 🙂

My work involves providing professional services. Occasionally I meet clients that have difficulty in dealing with the high price of services. I gave the coin to Marcia because I was able to help her begin to deal with a difficult situation and helped her to understand what is required to eventually resolve the situation. I did not bill Marcia for most of the time I spent working on her issue. I accompanied Marcia (without billing her) on three separate occasions to visit with other professionals in an effort to help her find the best solution for her situation. I bill people for my time. That's how I earn a living. Time is a precious commodity, once it is gone, we can’t get it back. However, I realize that I am here today because I have received blessings (for which I am very grateful) because others were willing to give their time to me. Because of this, when I can, I will continue to unselfishly provide my time and expertise to others in need without any expectation of benefit to me.

Hang on to that one and I will send another one for you to pass on. This way you have one to show others what it is all about.

Thank you Gary for this beautiful coin and for thinking of me. I’m so torn because I want to send it along it’s way but it’s so lovely I’d like to keep it. So my plan is to hold it for a few days to enjoy and then I’ll brighten someone’s day. What a great idea this is.

Thanks Gary!

I received this coin from my sister and her husband today. I am in Maine and cannot wait to pass it along.

I have chosen these coins to keep my Son Samuel Morgan DePauws memory alive for me. He had a great heart and a very kind soul. ❤️This Coin is being given to my favorite Hair stylist Rachel Perales She has a Very kind Grateful Heart and truly cares about her Clients. I know that she will choose wisely for this coin to begin its journey. This coin was given to her on January 18,2019

This coin was passed on to me in memory of Lt. Brian Lowe. Our paths crossed through Harcum House, trauma informed care collaboration, CIT training and a few shared investigations in our community. He is missed.... He was approachable and cared for our community! I will find a fitting time to share the coin again, in his memory. I hope this coin continues to travel into many lives and share kindness to others. Prayers continue for his family and fellow officers.

This coin will go to Florida with me. Will be given to a good friend.

This coin was a wonderful gift and a highlight to the work we do. I have for years worked for nonprofit organizations that have all left a profound impact on my life. At Valley Vista I get the opportunity to touch people's lives on a daily basis. Sometimes it is that little extra we can do for someone that makes even those last few moments of life special.
This beautiful coin is allowing me to think outside of my normal daily life to push me to find someone else I can do something for, and for them in turn to pay it forward. Until then I will keep it with me to remind me to always try a little harder to go that extra step for everyone I come into contact with.

A small gift and this coin starts its journey. It was given to an exceptionally wonderful person who is full of life, very giving and positive. She is a great listener and is inspirational to all around her.

A small gift and this coin was bought for a very special neighbor. He is an excellent role model for all. Very helpful, kind and giving. He deserves to start this coin on its journey.

I released this coin to Judy Esposito-Griffith who has done so much for me over the last several years. She has a heart of gold and I am anxious to see where her coin travels.

Thanks for the feedback Gail. Daffy Duck had been helping me search for a person like you and am so glad we found you. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile!

Long story short, 17 years ago because of a needed operation my husband and I were told the chances of having another child was slim to none. So, imagine our unexpected surprise when we found out I was pregnant! 9 months later we welcomed home a new baby boy, so in honor of our wonderful surprise I am naming this butterfly after him. May Nicholas fly far and bring many happy unexpected surprises to everyone he touches…

Hamilton, Michigan
We received the coin with a planner from a friend in Sterling Heights, what a fun idea! We're excited to see where it travels.

We received this coin as a gift for Christmas and think this is such a fun and creative way to watch how paths are taken...on to the next

I launched this coin into flight shortly after Christmas, after receiving an amazing Numerology Reading by my friend, Martha Hoxley. She is an incredibly, talented Numerologist who I recently reconnected with to catch up on life happenings in the past 3 years since our initial reading. Life has a way of unfolding into infinite possibilities and it was super fun to hang out with her! Thank-you Martha, Do Good & Fly On! And if you are ever thought about getting your Numerology done, look her up, you won't regret it!

We were given a coin by someone who noticed that one of my tow truck drivers while heading to a call would continually pull behind a school bus blocking anyone from trying to pass the bus. In recent months all around our country we have heard too many stories about children either being hit getting on or off the bus or having very close calls. My driver is a father of 7 and has a heart of gold. I can't wait to tell him about the coin we received because of his caring heart. I will be giving the coin to him to pass on to someone of his choosing.

This coin was gifted to Christy, a coworker at Valley Vista Care Sandpoint. She helped pull together a special anniversary dinner for a patient of our's who has terminal pancreatic cancer. It was his and his bride's 15th wedding anniversary...probably his last celebration of it here on this earth:( ( Determined to make his last days as incredible as possible, we quickly planned a dinner hosted at our our facility. It was complete with a private meal, sparkling cider in champagne glasses, 12 red roses + 1 white rose and gifts for his wife! It turned out beautiful and they LOVED the thoughtfulness behind it! I tried to give them a Butterfly Coin, but they requested that I pass it on to someone who was involved in making this celebration memorable. So, Christy is the recipient...Do Good & Fly On! Operation Butterfly Effect at Valley Vista is taking flight!!

This may become the only blue Swallowtail in a country that has a butterfly flag. We wish bon voyage to it and the friend who will now carry it with a good deed to accompany it to its next owner. Should be easy for him who does random acts of kindness wherever he goes. Fly on, wee butterfly!

This Swallowtail may be off to Africa if I can give it to our friend Gretchen timely. Constant kindness defines her. She'll have no difficulty finding just the person to receive this random act of kindness coin!

I received this coin from our local veterinarian because of my sponsorship of a Trap-Neuter-Return program we are collaborating on for the stray cats in our area. I have not yet passed the coin on, but am on the look-out for a worthy recipient.

My birthday coin came to me just a few days before my friend's second corneal transplant, which she is receiving today. This coin represents our long-time friendship and the many kindnesses she has shown me. Today I pray that she will be surrounded by the skill of her doctors and nurses and the love and kindness of everyone she sees and meets. Love heals and kindness comforts.

Coin was given to me for Christmas from Emma and Heather! Daughter in law and grand daughter. Loved the coin, concept and reason behind them. I popped it in my purse to have it with me for when I met that special person and good deed.

January 11th had appointment to get oil changed at Ron's Repair here in Owatonna. While waiting Mike the Owner had this beautiful US map made of wood on the wall. He explained it was made by Vets and the coins on it were to give Vet of your choice as a thank you for their service. Then he handed me one. With that gesture I remembered the butterfly coin and handed it to him! Perfect time to switch.
Now I still look for that special person!

I was given this beautiful coin by my amazing friend Michelle Stenerson Webb! I was so humbled that she felt I deserved this coin because she is truly one of the kindest people in the world! She will be receiving one from me! This coin will be passed on to someone very special and kind! This made my day ! Thanks Michelle ! I love you!

I received this coin from Fatu Harris for been kind and caring for others. We both work at Good Shepperd home in Watford City.

Brother Mike, the CPA, will receive this coin in his mail about 1/14/19. It is sent for his birthday, the 10th, with love to Mike and all good wishes for those the coin encounters in its happy travels! Mike knows so many people in southern California, and he does so many nice things for people, that it will be hard for him to decide who will become the next owner of this transitional butterfly. Hope whoever looks up this coin on the web will keep on telling it's flight story!

Bought this coin for with a very special friend in my life. Although we live far apart,we know each other like we lived next door. My special friend became a grandma for the first time so it was so easy to surprise her with a “just because” gift.

I was given this butterfly coin by a dear friend. I love butterflies so it was a great gift. Once I read more about the coin I realized I had to pass this on to another person and do an act of kindness. My first thought I don't want to give it way. Second thought what act of kindness can I do for another? So I thought and prayed about this. This morning I knew who was to get the butterfly coin. I have a very special family who's son/brother died on January 14th two years ago. I wanted to give them this butterfly coin to let them know I was thinking and praying for them.

I am giving this coin to a friend who is one of the kindest people I have ever known as a gift for her birthday. We live in the same town, but hopefully this coin will travel widely and leave great memories of acts of kindness wherever it lands.

This Butterfly Coin is (# 11) and will travel on a journey to Maine to meet with Gail and Norman Weston. Gail is my older sister and was the first recipient of "A Gift From the Heart" series that l started a few years ago. A gift from the heart is when I would send something special to a deserving person without them knowing where it came from. These coins are similar and help keep acts of kindness moving forward.

This Butterfly Coin (# 10) will travel to Maine to my wifes younger sister Ann Carver. Ann and her husband Ray belong to a snowmobile and 4 wheeler club. They spend many hours each year working with the community to make these sport events better for everyone to enjoy. I am sure she will find someone doing an act of kindness and will be able to pass this amazing coin on it's journey.

I bought this coin as a gift for a friend and will be mailing it to her.

The story continues as I was then blessed to be apart of Katie 10th Birthday one week later! After I have traveled the 16 hours home. God is Great!


This Coin took its first journey New Year Eve 2018. A beautiful smart young girl of the age of 9 about to turn 10 met me on the doorstep of there to be new home. I was blessed to be invited to come help with the project of remodeling this home. After driving 10 hours to be with this special family, I would be blessed to see God work many amazing wonders over the next few days. One of which was the blessings of this family! Getting to spend New year with them. Receiving the best gift life can offer. That is of true friendship, Love, kindness, gratitude! From being able to help teach, build, and feel what it is like to have a family. From an amazing lunch at Mexican restaurant, to night of fun, latter, music, games with a family that has taken my breath away with love! Self sacrifice of (Irina’s) mother giving up her bed for me. Then the adventure of seeing the project which was going down a wrong path turn 360 degrees as God used me to bless them. As they were getting blessed I received the biggest blessing of them all! The opportunity to see God at WORK first and foremost, but that turning into one of the deepest Loves I have ever felt in my life. For a beautiful girl who is much like me in many ways (Katie) and the impact she is having as support to me and her mom. Her mother who I met in airport heading to help children on the border of Mexico just 3 weeks before. (Irina) is one special Mom! I have been blessed to see her many talents. From the hard work she does each day at the office to the self sacrifice of being there for her friends. Her talents with stretching her money and in fashion. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I have laid eyes on but her Heart shines so brightly that her beauty is dim in comparison. Shining her caring heart for all around her. This love stems from our Father in Heaven who I see brightly within you! This is topped by her devotion to her mom and daughter who she treasure and devoted to. I have been blessed to get to know many amazing people over the years. You are one of the top! I see something amazing within you and the Lord our God has to! Shined down on you with love and kindness for all you are doing in your life! Thank you for sharing this with me!! For in life, it is not about where you live, what you have, but the people you love and touch by that love! I am honored to have received this gift! I treasure it and will pay it forward. But words can't express the love I have gained by being apart of your family this night! The amazing dinner / lunch and quality time New Year Day. The amazing gift I received New Year eve! To our steak lunch and playing heads up 7 up with both Katie and Irina! You both will always hold one of the most special places in my heart! The days that followed are some of the best of my life!!! Thank you for your love. Thank you for accepting me! And allowing God to work through me to help you this week! May God bless you with all the riches of His Love and Grace for all that you have done! May God be Glorified by this journey as it has started with an opportunity to serve and has left off with love inexpressible by words. Praise Be to GOD Almighty!

Thank you sooo much to the wonderful Kizzar family for pull us out of the ditch today!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 . You are all a God Send and helping us today we can’t say thank you enough.
Lyons native and friend of mine is co-founder of ButterflyCoins. I always carry one.

My husband and our family were traveling to Hutchinson and found a car in a ditch. We passed by but my husband felt he needed to turn around. If we were in their shoes we would sure hope someone would stop and help us. They were traveling to see their dad in the hospital, he just broke his hip. A bell rang for me and I realized this was Amy’s family! I used to work with Amy at the Sterling clinic. Small world! Blake got them out safely and this nice man gave us this coin. How cool, we have never heard of this and will definitely be passing it on. Prayers for your dad!

This is the first of 20 coins that I purchased in hopes to spread the kindness message it is meant for. I honestly do not know whom will receive it yet, but plan on carrying it with me until I come across its destiny.
Its journey will begin in Chuluota, Florida...

This Butterfly coin (#9) will by fluttering it's way North to the great state of Maine. It will end it's journey in the mail box of my sister Linda. Linda always shows acts of kindness everyday as she is very active with Hospice care and helping to find homes for stray animals. She is the one that sent my the link to this experiment. I am a huge collector of Geocoins (over 5000) and like to send them out on journeys around the world. I have sponsored many Geocoin races around the world through Geocaching and have made many friends throughout the world. I like the idea and awareness these coins will bring as they are passed forward.

January 11, 2019 Chris Kuse, East Troy, Wisconsin.

This coin is being released in memory of Miss Chaeley R. from Nebraska. I never met Chaeley (she is the daughter of a friend of mine from high school) but from the stories I have read it was clear that she brought joy everywhere she went; just like a butterfly!

Please do a random act of kindness (R.A.K)and pass this coin along and be sure to log your R.A.K so Chaeley's family can follow this coins journey and know that their daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece/friend continues to spread joy and happiness. Prayers to Chaeley's family and I hope this coin helps their hearts heal.

Thank you!

This coin was gifted to me by one of Lauren's great points of light. I am an HR Manager for our Company, and as such, I have the privilege of hiring some of the best folks on the planet. Our Fabrication Facility and jobsites are full of fitters, welders, and other crafts who have the biggest hearts and spread the love of Christ and joy of life wherever they go. I love offering jobs to people who have sometimes been through a rough patch. Second chances are one of God's biggest blessings, and I am a grateful girl because of His mercy.

I am now gifting my coin to one of the most compassionate and hard working person I know. Cindy E is a nurse who changes lives every day with her knowledge and care. Thank you, Cindy! Now send this butterfly coin on its wings of kindness!

This is the 8th coin that I will pass along. It was given to another special Lauren family member to pass forward in the hope it will bring smiles to each and everyone it comes in contact with. Thanks Gail for all you do to help make our company geeat!

Bought 10 coins to gift and share. This one went to my sister to thank her for being my walking partner at Midland Mall on these winter days.

Thank you Teresa for being such a great friend, you don’t know how much you guys mean to me. Thank you for this coin and I will be sure to pass it on with all this craziness that’s going on in this town.

Pastor John loaded up my car with groceries for a family in Fernley, NV who is struggling with health issues and overwhelming debt. It was way and beyond the normal food donation, as it was bags and bags of food to hold them over. He gave me this coin to pass on to someone else. I hope this coins story continues!!

Ready to start this journey.

This concept caught my attention and I put it on my "to do" list. In December a dear friend lost her daughter in a car accident. This inspired me to buy a dozen coins to keep her memory alive through the Butterfly Effect.
This coin is my first to set free. They are SO beautiful and the concept is something I believe in wholeheartedly. Kudos to Ron and Bruce for making it possible to be involved in something so beautiful and positive.
Carrying a coin keeps me going with a generous attitude when I go out into the crazy world we live in today and I LOVE being a part of this project.

I just received this coin in the mail. The sender, whoever it might be, can not know how very kind this gesture is and how much it means to me TODAY. This afternoon I received a message that a dear and sweet friend passed away. I was having a difficult day, still am, and to be honest, this coin brought tears to my eyes...but they were thankful tears. Someone thought of ME in this very special way. Whoever you are...I can not thank you enough. I will pay it forward.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this coin from my Aunt Sally. About her: she is someone who is nice to everyone. Some people don't think that's possible, but she is proof that there are some folks in the world who are kind and loving without expecting anything in return. My Dad passed away in November and Sally has been a consistent companion to my Mom (even before then) and helps her with things when I can't. This particular day, my kids & I were meeting my Mom, my brother, and Sally for breakfast. Sally always has some new little trinket to show us, so it didn't occur to me that this was any different. I was really touched that she passed this to me. She also treated all of us to breakfast! What a great treat! As time passes, so many things change...our big family isn't as close as it used to I am truly thankful for the cherished moments to share with loved ones. Thank you, Sally, for always passing on love...not only through your gifts but just by being you.

My name is Bryant and I recieved this coin from a woman named Kim. I cannot thank her enough as well as the makers of these coins! I was just doing my job, and for someone to go out of their way to say thank you by giving me this coin felt so good. I look forward to finding someone and passing it on! No matter what I hear or see I choose to believe whole heartedly that there will always be more GOOD than there is bad.

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