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i tied my friends shoe so that he did not trip and fall.

September, 2019

When I think of loving and kind people in my life, immediately I think of Kelly, who shared the Butterfly Coin with me, and Joy who is my choice for receiving this coin.

Kelly made choices each and everyday to connect with people, to boldly proclaim her faith, and to care deeply for others. Thoughtful gifts, a listening ear, a prayer, a song, a meaningful conversation were all a part of her daily routine. And for that I am grateful.

Joy is the epitome of generosity—helping, giving, and sharing. I have been on the receiving end of her generosity—when I really needed help, she came to our house and spent a day painting uprights on our deck. When I mentioned how much my husband loved sweets, a delicious rhubarb cake showed up. And when I’ve needed a listening ear, she has shared her time and expertise. And, as one might expect, I haven’t been the only recipient of her love and kindness-just ask her son and his family, her sisters, her nieces and nephews, her neighbors, her friends, and her church family. Thank you, Joy, for asking “What good can I do this day?” and then doing it.

This coin inspires and tracks the butterfly effect of kindness. Just like Monarch butterflies are beautiful, may the coin and its stories highlight the beauty of kindness and love.

I was honored to receive this coin from Charmaine. She and I were in college together at UMass Amherst and have been soulmates. I held this coin until I could pass it to Maggie (also a friend since UMass).

I helped my neighbor, Lucy, by inspiring her to go into Lakewood High School's IB program, and encourage her to do theater. And give her information all about Lakewood High School and answering her questions.

I am passing this coin along to someone who has been such a great help to me! I started a new job and he helped me to get acclimated to the company much quicker than I would have been able to do it on my own. He is awesome!

I work part time in the Outer Banks at Awfuls Seafood Restaurant upstairs I was left this coin by a family vacating;) I wish anyone who gets this coin much love, prosperity and good health!

My Name is Scottycat and I live in Glasgow Scotland and am one of the Cam Mods for FFRC.
My neighbour is 82 years old, lives alone and is fiercely independent and will not ask anyone for help whatsoever. Her two sons live abroad but do keep in regular touch with her. A few months ago I noticed when speaking to her she was showing what looked like me signs of a stroke, her left eye was drooping and her speech was slurred. I insisted that she should see her doctor , reluctantly she did and it was confirmed indeed she had suffered from a stroke. As she refused any help from Care Givers, I managed to persuade her to get a key safe installed outside her house so that if she fell or became unwell I could let myself in and call a doctor. She also agreed that she would pull her window blind down at night and lift it in the morning to let me know she was alive and well as she did not want me having to either visit her everyday or phone her. This is working perfectly for both of us, it gives me peace of mind and her sons know that I am looking out for her but respecting her independence and privacy too.

I received this coin from Dawn. A very generous gift. I will look for an opportunity to pass it along.

To Kristy and Glen, what a remarkable couple. I believe you set the bar for southern hospitality. The kindness, generosity, consideration and attention to detail that you both display in everything you do and towards everyone you meet is truly an inspiration. You made our experience with your wonderful band at the House of Blues in Dallas unforgettable. I look forward to a long friendship which I already truly value. Thank you

This coin will be given as a symbol of love and in honor of Shirley Gibson at her private burial on September 7, 2019.

As we will release some live butterflies, each family member will received this coin to help remember the day and to help carry on a legacy of kindness and love. No act of kindness is ever wasted and we will continue to share the butterfly effects of kindness with others.

Shirley surely will be missed but she will be close by, forever in our hearts and so touched by the kindness shared in her memory!

Kindness matters .... pass it on!

This coin will be given as a symbol of love and in honor of Shirley Gibson at her private burial on September 7, 2019.

As we will release some live butterflies, each family member will received this coin to help remember the day and to help carry on a legacy of kindness and love. No act of kindness is ever wasted and we will continue to share the butterfly effects of kindness with others.

Shirley surely will be missed but she will be close by, forever in our hearts and so touched by the kindness shared in her memory!

Kindness matters .... pass it on!

This butterfly coin represents the kindness my 5th grader's display within our classroom community.

Received this coin from a coworker. I'll be taking this coin with me to Ireland on Thursday and will give to someone in Ireland.

Giving this coin to a co-worker who is taking a trip to Ireland. Hoping she enjoys her trip. Lets see what awaits this coin journey.

My friend Tom LOVES and LIVES orchids. Today I stopped in to garden gawk and he immediatley handed me one of his progeny plants. Super kind. Always. Thanks Tom Tillisch!

I have passed this lovely coin on to you alongside the beautiful journal your mom left me. Kindness was a natural extension of who she was and following a butterfly coin as it spreads acts of kindness ... well she would love that! There has never been an act of kindness that hasn't sparked joy, have fun finding your butterfly coin moment!
Lots of love, Aunt Hillary.

I love this coin so much. And I am glad I got it from
this lady. And I have this coin every day. And I have
it with me every where I go.

Love Mackenzie Lavy ❤️😀

This coin was given to me by someone who always encourages people to be their strongest, truest self. I am passing this coin on to my daughter, Kristin. She has accomplished her dream of caring for and preserving all wildlife. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and who she has become!

I passed this coin on to Ashleigh, who bottle-fed four kittens from two separate litters. Unfortunately, none of the kittens lived, but she gave them so much love and care while she had them. She has also been proactive in getting the word out about the abandoned cats in our community. With her help, I have trapped two male cats. They received medical care, were neutered and now have a home on a local ranch, where they are safe and protected while they keep the mouse population in control. Ashleigh is a true hero.

My sweet cousin Myrna gave me this coin as a reminder that I am a warrior, as well as a survivor.
The journey starts now for this coin,
it’s going in my purse, and waiting for the Holy Spirit’s prompting on who will receive it next.

Beautiful Butterfly, where are you flying?!

Where is the beautiful butterfly......and who is the lovely owner!?

I received this coin on 7/11/2019 from my friend Sheila Seiler who is my friend and is the Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Evansville Tri-State. After being a volunteer with Komen Evansville for over a decade, Sheila brought me on board as the Mission Coordinator at the affiliate to help get the Komen Cares Direct Services program launched in Evansville. I've met so many warriors in my position which has gone from Mission Coordinator to currently Community Services Manager. My focus is on our community, its warriors, and how we can fight harder to end breast cancer forever. The fight means raising awareness and money!
On 8/31, I'm passing the coin to my best friend and 10+ year breast cancer survivor Marsha Durham. Marsha has not only participated in Race for the Cures in multiple cities, has done the 3-day walk twice, and is preparing for the next 2day in Atlanta, but she uses social media to remind women to get their annual mammograms. The world needs more Marsha's!

Yesterday I babysat my little sister and then today my grandma gave me an extra $5.00 with this coin.

Received this coin in the mail yesterday 8/28/2019 and am so excited to help it continue on its journey. Hoping that whoever gets this next will pay it forward so it’s journey can be seen by all who receive it. “Do Good & Fly On”

This butterfly coin is flying on to my adventurous world-traveling and nature-loving cousin Sue Hansen! Sue advocates for the environment and wildlife through her lifestyle, travels, outdoor hobbies, photographs, and personality. I think that nature feeds her soul, as it does my own. I admire her kindness and her outdoor loving spirit!

This coin was given to someone needing help moving an elderly couple dealing with Alzheimer's.

My butterfly coin was given to me by one of my colleagues. We began our teaching careers together. I was fortunate enough to work on the same team as her this past year and learned a lot from her! Our lives have taken us to different areas now, but I am grateful to have learned from her!

I got this coin from my colleague ‘Doug’. I live in the US.
I am visiting my extended family in India and brought this coin with me. Happy to see this coin travel around the world.

Helped a co-worker with a hard day!

I have been ill for the past 5-6 weeks and a dear friend & co-worker handed me this coin this morning, she thought I needed the positive vibes. Oddly enough, a beautiful monarch flew off of our back door as I was leaving for work this morning and then to receive this beautiful butterfly coin, I have to believe it is a sign of good things to come. I can't wait to share it.

Having spent the past five days in the beautiful land of the Outer Hebrides, I am passing this coin on to Andrew, our extraordinaire tour manager.

Andrew has displayed a very special quality of kindness to our entire traveling troupe. Throughout our journey, he has been relentless in overseeing every detail, making sure that everyone’s needs of our tour group of 31 senior adults have been seen to in a very personalized way.

It takes a specially gifted person to continually shown such kindness and thoughtfulness to so many different people, who come from so many different backgrounds, from all around the world. Andrew has set an example of positivity, thoughtfulness, and kindness that we should all strive for in our lives.

I received this coin from Shawn Wheeler. Before I personally knew her, I admired her from afar. Now that we are friends who happen to be fighting cancer, it’s brought us closer. I was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of gynecological cancer you can get on my birthday in 2016 and the dr said, well you have to remember your 40 now🤬 I fight everyday & I believe that every morning I wake up, it’s God saying ...... Get up, you have more to do. It’s not your time. So everyday I wake up is amazing. God bless those who need it❤️

I received this coin after I lost my dad. It was a thoughtful, kind gesture at a time that I was struggling. I held on to the coin for a bit and I'm struggling again. I'm so let down and disappointed that my pup's surgery was postponed. I think I need to hold onto it just a bit longer as tomorrow should be his surgery date..

~~ Here starts the journey of this Monarch coin in 2019 ~~

** Be Kind ** Do Good ** Pay it Forward **

I'm on a journey to deliver all 12 of my Monarch coins over the next 2 weeks, as my family goes on vacation. We'll be driving up and down the east coast.

If you find a coin, please share with others and pay the kindness forward, in whatever way that means to you.

I received this butterfly coin at my 80th birthday party in Golden, CO. I’m passing it to young friends from church along with a set of barbecue tools. They bought their first home in February and recently bought a grill. Note: the barbecue set was a free gift to us for buying a piece of furniture, but we can’t use it. Happy grilling, Jen and Matt! And

Some friends of mine raise Monarch Butterflies. One day they invited me to participate in releasing some. Such a beautiful experience. Thank you, Susan and Mike! Monarch Waystation #15715

My name is Cynde,
Thank you Jackie for gifting me this butterfly coin. You are so very special to me and i look up to you as a friend and as an amazing parent. I want to give this coin to someone who is so kind and generous and is always there to lend a hand. I know everyone has times in their lives when they need a little extra friendship or love. I hope this person knows they are loved by so many.

I am passing this coin on to Avery Tobias. I’ve seen her do kind things for others time after time and I want her to be able to share this coin to remind others to be as giving and caring as her.

A couple of loving, sensitive, friends gave this to me today. I lost my Lucky today and while my brain understands that it was time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge, the hole in my heart is open and wide. With the love of friends and blessings from God, in time, my heart will heal and I will have this wonderful brass coin in my care until that time when I will know it is time to pass it on. Thank you Mike and Sandy!

About a month ago I was at work on a busy day. A woman came up to the drop off counter and was clearly in pain and uncomfortable being on her feet. She asked for the restroom key and I told her she had to get it from the front end cashier. As I started to work on her prescription I noticed she just went and sat down instead. I quickly went to get the key and brought it to her. It was something so little but she appreciated it so much. She gave me this coin and encouraged me to keep doing kind things for others no matter the greatness.

Sandy and I are giving this Butterfly coin to our good friend, Joan, today to help her get through the loss of her beloved Lucky who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Joan, you can keep this Butterfly coin as a remembrance of Lucky for as long as you want; and, then when and if the time is right you can pay it forward to someone else. We are sorry and we care, Sandy, Mike, and Maggie too.

I received this coin from J Seeley in Polson Montana. I feel her loving kindness every time I hold it. I will pass it on one day. For now it is bringing me strength and joy.
Thank you dear friend.
You mean so much to me.

Received my butterfly coin from my good friend Bea in March 2019.....We haved moved to Alabama, so the coin has started its journey.

This coin has been given to Muriel Masih, in Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana State, India. Muriel was visiting the US in August, 2019 and she took it home from the US. Muriel also went to Susan and Linda Tidrow's home and released butterflies on August 7, 2019. Muriel is a guest of Judy Allen, Belfast, TN.

I forwarded this coin to Dan and Rudi Taylor for their repeated acts of kindness through their non-profit Harleys Dream which seeks to end the practice of puppy mill operations. They have done a great deal to educate the Town Board on what we can do to end this practice and were instrumental in drafting an ordinance that bans pet stores in Berthoud from selling dogs and cats that came from puppy mill breeders. There are many where the individuals and organizations in Berthoud that embrace kindness, but I hope by transferring this coin to Dan and Rudi that we recognize that kindness should be extended to all creatures. Thanks Dan and Rudi for doing what you do!


"Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us."

-Matthew Scully

A lovely colleague gave me this Ulysses butterfly coin in Providence, RI on my 65th birthday, as she thanked me for actions that she appreciated at work. Such a random and thoughtful act! The concept grabbed my imagination, and I'm looking for the next opportunity to pass along some friendship and send Beautiful Butterfly forward. We certainly need kindness more than ever in this crazy world we live in- Let's commit to that!

I am passing this coin forward to someone who is new to our company and my department. I have gotten to know her a little bit but am looking forward to knowing her even better. She is uplifting and kind, and I look forward to working with her more in the future!!

I am sharing this coin with a dynamic lady that I have the pleasure of working with. I appreciate the guidance and help received every time I send an inquiry about knowledge transfer. Have a great day!

Julia and Dave are a blessing to me and my family. I'll be choosing someone soon to spread the kindness that comes with this coin.

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