Coin Stories

I was so happy to receive this coin from my friend Holly Michaelson as part of Hope Days 2019. I look forward each year to coming up with new ideas for my random acts of kindness in memory of Holly's sister Hope. Thus far I have personally thanked our walkers at the JDRF One Walk and I have given homemade fudge to the staff at many of the doctor's offices and PT staff that have gotten me back on my feet after a bad fall off of a ladder several months ago. I have a few more things planned over the next few days that will bring a little joy to people I care about.

I am sending this Butterfly Coin back to NY to a friend and previous colleague who has inspired me in many ways. Jean Marie Trick is a breast cancer survivor who never let her cancer get in her way. I have followed her story during her battle and she never let her cancer get in the way of being a fabulous wife and mother. She is a positive role model for everyone facing this battle and I want her to know how much I admire her for all she does to bring awareness to this dreadful disease. The world could use a few more people like Jean Marie!

I received my first butterfly coin from my aunt Julie and I loved the idea so much that I purchased my own coins to acknowledge special people in my life. I have received so many blessings during my journey with cancer and I wanted to plant the seed for more love and kindness to grow.

I wanted to give Grant this coin along with a gift certificate for Great Harvest as a token of my appreciation and gratitude for his thoughtful and compassionate heart. He is such a kind and thoughtful person and I am very blessed to have him in my life. Thank you for your never-ending love and support!

Just started..

Gave this to my friend sue because i was unable to help my fur person and she did help my fur companion to the Rainbow Bridge and that act I will be forever grateful!!

Thank you S.M.R. for presenting me with an A-List Kick-Tail. I appreciate you and thank you for being the best part of Southwest Airlines! I was so happy I had this coin in my pocket. I'm so happy I could give you something special in return, it made my day to.

My friend slipped the coin in my pocket after we volunteered together with the book bike for Friends of the Huron Public Library. My friend helped me out when a volunteer was unable to stay as planned so I called at the last minute. She is amazing. She and her husband are true friends.

I was fortunate enough to receive this coin from my dear friend, Holly. Holly and I met a few years ago and I'm in awe of her strength and courage and blessed to be a part of Hope Days! Yesterday, I passed my coin, reluctantly because it is so beautiful, to our dear friend, Carole.

Carole is the group leader of Passion, Purpose, and Legacy, Chapter 2 and has become a crucial part of my 'new normal' as a cancer survivor. I could not think of a better person to receive this coin!!

Today I will be making a donation to help find a cure to Colorectal Cancer in memory of Hope and in honor of Carole.

I can't wait to follow the coin's travels! Love you both!

a dear friend gave my wife and this coin after we brought her breakfast just outta the blue while she was working all day

I received this coin from a friend in honor of her sister who lived with brain cancer for 5 years..
Susan, Happy Birthday!!!!!!
You are truly missed....
Do Good & Fly On!

This coin was given to Martha on the occasion of her retirement and to kick off Hope Days 2019. Martha was a source of great strength for me during some of my darkest hours during my own cancer journey. I made her a set of handmade cards that she can use during Hope Days to brighten a few other people's lives and I wrote her a heartfelt note about what she means to me. This coin's journey may now begin!

Received beautiful Monarch coin this past Monday from friend and her husband traveling from Florida to visit! We have had our loving sons to pass away! The coin is beautiful and special memory to have! Thank you Leslie!❤️

I received this coin from Betsy Conner in honor of her sister and my friend, Susan. Today would have been Susan's 60th birthday. Betsy and Susan were inseparable and Betsy cared for Susan until the very end. Today I am passing this coin on to a dear friend of mine, Denise. Her son's birthday is today and he would have been 29. Unfortunately she loss him in 2011. Today I celebrate Susan and Mark, as well as all I have loss - to All - FLY HIGH!!!

Happy Birthday to my friend Susan in heaven she was a kind hearted caring person, and is truly missed. 🦋

Meeting Glenda B at the Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas was a breath of fresh air. The knowledge of the plants in the garden and willingness to share information was much appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you today!

Starting this coin's journey by giving it to Nestor R. was a perfect start. The butterfly effect is epitomized in everything that Nestor does. Making positive connections between people and nature is a lifelong activity. Thank you Nestor for sharing your garden with me and connecting me with others who have similar interests in Asclepias.

This coin was given to me by Brad, a guy that works very passionately with milkweed and monarchs. He has been a great friend and I'm so thankful that he exists! The love of monarchs brought us close together, long live the monarchs! :D

I sent this going to a friend of mine today for her birthday she 65 just has cancer n this coin was stolen out of the envelope how can I track this point all reorder it for her thanks im deedeed

sent to friend was stolen out envelope today 5/2 anyway to track it

I was honored to be gifted this coin from one of the best nurses I admired most in my nursing career . Her name is Bailey. Thank you Bailey for the encouragement, guidance & for believing in me even if I doubted myself/ abilities at times. I am now gifting this coin to Neneth who is a dear friend of mine since we're in grade 1. She is kind, knowledgeable & a hard working person. She helps a lot & I'm sure she will find another recipient for this coin too.

This coin was given to Bev, a dear friend and former co-worker, to kick off Hope Days 2019. Bev has embraced Hope Days with enthusiasm and is currently recovering from her own surgery. She also knows loss too intimately. I gave her a package of my handmade cards (that she can use during Hope Days), along with this coin, to send my love across the miles. She can use the cards to spread some kindness to people she knows. I am hoping the coin arrives today, May 1 so this coin's journey may begin!

This coin was given to Jennifer to kick off Hope Days 2019. Jen has been a dear friend to me during my own cancer journey, and an invaluable volunteer to help me prepare for Hope Days 2019. Her expertise and efficiency are unparalled and we couldn't have done it without her help to prep for this year! I made her some handmade cards (that she can use during Hope Days) and gave her this coin, to show my sincere appreciation. This coin's journey may now begin!

I’m not sure where this little gem even came from, cleaning my house and reorganizing and came across it in a candle just sitting in sight waiting to be found. ❤️

I received this beautiful piece of art in LA from a really sweet girl from Portland. She had just moved here to LA just like me. I moved from Reno NV. I was born in Magadan Russia & moved to Seattle after I got adopted when I was 9 by a family from Eureka CA. I grew up mostly in Reno and then went to college in Bellevue WA & finished school in Reno. Then i fell in love with music festivals & was spending most of my time in Southern California so I decided to move to LA. I’ve been having a wonderful time! It’s been 5 months since I moved here and I’ve met some of the most wonderful people here which is how I got this pretty little butterfly coin. I can’t wait to see how far this pretty coin will travel. Xoxo

Hi, my name is Edna and I have worked at 4142 for many years. Thank you Chrystal, for choosing me! I love the coin and adore the idea of sharing kindness within our family.

I choose Jackie Callahan, I want to let the coin sit in her hand and bring joy to her heart because she is loved.Thank you for being YOU!

my cousin gave me this coin and I am paying it forward to my good friend Betsy. She is a wonderful, giving person.

I received this coin from a dear friend and supporter of FFRC. I donated to our local food bank and grocery shopped and make dinner for a friend who is homebound after surgery.

Hi - my name is Sherry and I received this coin from my new and good friend Rachel Allison. She gave me this coin because “Kindness is doing something and not expecting anything in return. Kindness is respect and helping others without waiting for someone to help one back. You’ve done this more than once in many different ways for me. No matter how big or small it may have been. Even putting a smile on my face, it’s made my day. I’ve giving you this coin because of how caring & kind you are!” Thank you for this opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself, dear Rachel! This is a wonderful idea and I’m excited to be part of it.

I want my friend to have this coin because we talked about this coin project a lot.

We are kind each other and I do not need to pick one particular event. This is for her kindness to fly :)

I found this coin in a geocache. Beautiful coin! Plan on moving this forward. Thanks for sharing it.

I received this coin from CherylC and I am giving George a ride to the Milwaukee Airport. I am giving the coin to George. We will see where it ends up next.

Bought a few monarch butterfly coins, as we travel our journey of child loss, raise butterflies, we want to share this coin with a special friend on same journey...From Florida to Alabama

On April 14 I found the werrp helping baby Ellie learn to fly in the forest. After Ellie took flight, the werrp came along adventuring with me, until on April 27 she insisted on staying where she saw friends nearby, and a fabulous view! -Tammie

Happy 64th birthday Mickey!

This coin was given to Lynn to kick off Hope Days 2019. Lynn has been a dear friend to me during my own cancer journey, and an invaluable volunteer to help me prepare for Hope Days 2019. She has been stamping and helping me prep for a week with such enthusiasm! I truly could not have pulled off the lovely seed project without her.

I made her a set of handmade cards that she can use during Hope Days to brighten a few other people's lives. I also wrote her a heartfelt note to show my sincere appreciation. This coin's journey may now begin!

This coin was given to me by a friend that lives far away from me and we only see each other every now and then. I had kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed a few months ago. We reunited after a few years at a retirement party of a mutual friend. I believe she gave me the coin because of my courage in my third battle with the ugly disease called cancer. She told me that a random person gave her this coin and was told to pass it forward and she passed it to me. I’m going to pass it to my granddaughter because she deserves an Act of Kindness for being such a joy to the world! 🦋❤️

presented to Sheila Countryman for her generosity and friendship given without judgement to all who need her help. She's served in leadership for the regional Quilts of Valor organization; organized donations to fill gift bags for underpriviledged teens at Christmas; shared her quilting fabric and tools with women in need; serves her church and community in myriad ways and never asks nor expects recognition for her efforts.

Received the coin from Cindy this morning, but Cindy is the one who should be receiving all the coins! Since I can't give it back I'll find a person who deserves it!

My names Rachel Allison & I received this coin from my Stepmom, Jeannie Wink. She gave me this coin because of my kindness, my hard work, & for being the stronger mother I am today! I have 3 beautiful children & she has watched me raise them from day one. It was tough & not always easy, but she has support me every step of the way!

Donnie works with me at Fleming Island. Told me his sister gave him this coin and he knew exactly who he was giving it to. I have heard of the butterfly effect and the kindness that follows them..

Received this monarch from Cindy today. It commemorates one year since I began this journey as a full time coordinator of special education.

I received this coin as a gift from my sister who is one of the most important people in the world to me. We are so much alike in so many ways. We love the outdoors and gardening anything that involves nature. Am I constantly telling one another how amazing each other is. Probably two of the biggest hearts you'll never find. I am so excited to start this journey.

I have passed this butterfly coin on to my friend Janice Ruma. She is a very giving and caring person. Janice shares my love of Monarchs and is interested in providing a positive environment for them. Janet volunteers and is always ready to help others. She loves her family and supports them in so many ways always with a positive attitude. I am confident that she will continue to spread kindness in all she does.

I received this coin from my Aunt Julie with a beautiful monarch-winged necklace. She is a nature lover and enjoys researching the pollinators.
I loved this concept so much that I decided to purchase more of my own coins to pass along to those who are special to me. I decided to spend April 24th having lunch with my sister for her 35th birthday and passed along this coin to her because she is so dear to me.

This coin was gifted to me by a dear friend from Walterboro, South Carolina, when I visited her there in April 2019. I truly adore it, but I know it's destined for my friend Lyn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who needs it to help her through her challenging journey.

This coin was discovered at the Tardis Little Free Library by a curious little boy with autism who loves butterflies and likes to go for walks and smell flowers. He called the coin his “penny”. It is now on its way to one of his favorite teachers at school where he hopes it will have many adventures.

4-24-19 I Sue Falco gives this coin to Carrie my precious Cousin. She is one of the sunshines in my life.She is a very giving person.May she have a life of good Karma only.

I love to observe butterflies and I raise monarchs. I put this coin into a geocache named after butterflies. I hope it flies far and is associated with many acts of kindness on its trip.

I Sue Falco gave this coin to Linda Arthur 4-19 . This lady is my true Soul Sister. She has given me so much love 💕 and support all my life. We have been best friends and cousins all our lifes. I am truly blessed to have her in
My life. May this coin bring her 🌞 sunshine everyday of her life. Me

I have received this butterfly coin from Discats.

I have of late, tried to share my grief of losing my son and the joy it
was in having him for 27 years. A gift.

Many people are out there that don't know where to turn and although I have no answers, I share how it came, that I could again get out of bed and smile. I hope I have helped someone with the hope for Peace.

I love FFRC!!!!! They are a good part of the reason I smile.

a co-worker of mine shared a common interest with a lady that has passed away from cancer, God Bless her soul... I too am a cancer survivor and my daughter is going through chemotherapy herself. I plan to give this coin to another co-worker who is battling with cancer, she is brave, strong, and so kind. She is an inspiration and I am hoping she will pay her kindness forward with this coin.

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