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I got a call from Sheila Balison at Valley Vista Care Center in Sandpoint to do a story on their employee recognition program. As part of the program, employees caught in a random act of kindness at work or in the community are gifted a Butterfly Coin. After our interview concluded, Sheila gifted me with a Butterfly Coin.

Fast forward to another story and I was off to take pictures at the Power of Community fundraiser organized by Lauren Adair to help the businesses and employees impacted by a devastating fire in the downtown which destroyed two buildings and five businesses. Lauren and her partners immediately offered free use of space in a building up the street to those impacted by the fire if they needed it AND organized The Power of Community fundraiser to raise money for those hurt by the fire.

Needless to say, I've paid my Butterfly Coin forward to Lauren, who most definitely exemplifies what the coins are about.

I am the first recipient of this coin. Feeling very special :)
Received for being a good listener and kind deeds to doggies. Thank you Esther!

Received from an esteemed colleague whom I’m proud to say I worked alongside in creating a database of resources to aid the abused, homeless, jobless, and otherwise in-crisis individuals of our county jail.

Thanks, partner. Looking forward to future projects.

I belong to 719 Kindness Rocks. As our fearless leader said in her original post, we promote kindness throughout the city (and beyond) by painting rocks with positive messages on them and leaving them for people to find. Several of us have set up Little Free Libraries (take a book, leave a book) and added Little Free Pantries on to them (hungry? No food in the house until next payday? Take what you need to feed your family). Hilarie started our amazing group and if ANYONE in the group is passionate about a cause that is close to their heart, all they have to do is speak up and suddenly hundreds of rocks will be left around town sharing awareness and love. We've also helped in one of our kids' classrooms and taught them about the importance of kindness, not bullying, etc. The kids got to paint rocks and take them home or hide them. It's great trying to teach the next generation to be kind with your words, your actions, and more. I've made very good friends in this group that I never would have met otherwise. Hilarie is the glue that holds us all together. I'm convinced that if not for her, our group would fall apart, or at least not be the group it is today. Thank you, Hilarie, for passing your coin to me. I'll cherish it and will keep it close so that I can hand it to another very special person that is making a difference in our world. <3

“Patience Takes Flight”
Monarch Waystation #15715

I have Multiple Sclerosis & for me these beautiful butterflies gIve me a feeling of hope & gratitude. I’d like to think others who receive a coin will feel that as well.

I got this coin from my friend, I wish it will going to more places , make more good stories...

My first coin is going to an old friend who spent a short time working for me while he undertook his undergraduate divinity studies in a different state. Now a full-fledged pastor, he works tirelessly to advocate for those whose voices are suppressed – and I mean he works *tirelessly*. I don't have many spiritual beliefs, but one of the things I most respect about this coin's next owner is that his interpretation of "God" is so far beyond what is traditionally presented to us. He promulgates a progressive, selfless love and respect for humans, animals, and Earth that surely represents what religion was created for: living with kindness, generosity, and integrity. I hope this coin passes through his hands and takes along with it some of those qualities.

My wife and I bought this coin in hopes of showing our 6 year old daughter how a small act of kindness can inspire further acts of kindness from others... and continue on and on. We'll see if this works!

Thank you!!

- The Kraus Family

I am giving the "flamazing" hands to Brenda Van de Steeg our Library Assistant. I'm always hearing about your story time in the Library. Keep up the good times in there.

Darrell Welker - Custodian

Holli Webb is the moderator of The Beautiful Monarch. She and the group helped me during my first year of raising monarchs.
I'm sending him on to Kris, a colleague who has become a comrade.

The beautiful Butterfly coin was given to us (Leslie and Ross) personally by Heather Mehra-Pedersen in her magnificent Talus Rock home. This is the day that inspired us to move into another level of kindness.

This coin goes to the fabulous, inspirational, brilliant, benevolent, kind, wise Ross and Leslie Hall who continue to do great things every day for others. Their generous contribution to Sandpoint and the world is an exemplary testimony to the the God we serve. Thank you for not only naming the "Nooma" Room at Talus Rock Retreat, but for helping me find my "one thing". Hardly a City Slicker, I am grateful to remain your friend, and grateful for your continuous mentorship.

CONTINUE to "Do Good and Fly ON" (that's my tagline y'know)!

xxoo to the moon and back!

The beloved Administrative Assistants regifted our "Flamazing" signs made by Mrs. Vaillancourts wonderful students to our Custodian Extrodinaire, Darrell. He is always there at the other end of the two way radio when we call him. Darrell quickly cleans up spills, messes, the cafeteria, hallways, and preforms any other task we ask of him.

Received this coin from Kathleen Robertson, as I visited Speyside, Tobago. Kathleen and Sean was giving me an unforgetable stay at the Tobago dive Experience. Kathleen has a big heart from all animals especially dogs.

I received this coin today from a girl that will always be special to my heart. I haven't know her for very long, but in the short time that I have, she has amazed me with her strength, her courage, and her kindness. Thank you so much for your smiles and your laughter, sharing your tears and your stories, and for being an authentic, amazing person. I'm here to stay! You're stuck with me now!!

I bought this coin in hopes to giving it to someone who already makes the world a brighter place and know they will pay it forward and let them know the are amazing and deserved to be recognized. While away for work for Jane Doe No More [ a nonprofit organization I volunteer for] I met an amazing women I gave the coin to with some other little gifts.

I bought this coin to pay it forward and help someone. Plz don't hold on to it. Plz keep this coin going helping someone..pass it along.. so we can track it's progress all over the world!
Jenny. Galveston, Tx

I'm going to pay it forward with this coin helping someone in hopes it will continue all over the world! Plz do not hold onto this... keep this coin going so we can see it's progress. Jenny from Galveston, Tx

I got this coin for a lady that has turned out to be an awesome friend.Love you girl..pass it on❤

I am sending this coin on to my aunt Dorothy who lives near San Diego. She is an amazing person and I am blessed to be related to her. One of our shared experiences is that we both have two sons. It's been fun to share similar stories thru the years of raising boys and being "boy Moms". Sending cards is one of the many generous things that Dorothy does she knows just the right sentiment to write in each card. So I'm sending stamps along with the coin as Dorothy touches people's lives with her pen.

I shared this coin with a wonderful young lady who has been a angel to me as well as a blessing to my life!! She has a very big heart and is always putting others needs before her own. She has a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer at such a young age who is in need of many prayers. So many prayers are being said for both of these young ladies and I am hoping this beautiful butterfly will touch many blessing on my special young lady before she passes it on. Much love!!

My sister gave me this beautiful butterfly coin and I had all intentions of passing on …. but she unexpectedly passed away at the age of 69 a couple days after. This was the last thing she gave me and I really need to 'hold it close to me' right now. I know sometime in the future I will pass on as she intended. Love those near and dear to you.

So this coin I am sending hopefully today in the mail for my sister's birthday. March 27th.
It's a gift to share across the pond,and another way to say thanks for being a great sister.
And of course some kindness I will attach by sending something else special for a birthday treat.😊

Happy Birthday 🎂 Patsy.!!

Found an old postcard of the Newton square and thought of the current owner. I hope she enjoys this as I have enjoyed seeing the restoration of their building! Blessings!

This coin I’m sending to my cousin Janet in Cunard, West Virginia. I can’t talk highly enough about this beautiful woman. She has a huge, huge heart and has done so much for me and my family. She loves just about everyone and helps wherever someone or animal needs her. I’m so thankful she is a part of my life. Loves unconditionally too. That to me makes her awesome!!

I received this coin from a good friend who's son was taken to early. I would like to pass this coin on to a long time friend who is currently dealing with similar issues as me. I know that her and I will can get through anything and our friendship will always last. Charo this ones for you .

Having explained Geocaching/trackables to a friend, she sent this to me as a gift... dawes!!!

I will have you know, that I am very reticent to let it go because it is such a nice coin BUT in the spirit of purpose, onwards it shall travel.

What a fun lil idea and it def put a smile on my face.

My mom gave this to me in Ghana. She listened to the needs of school communities and will attempt to find ways to help!

I received this coin today (2-15-19) from my best friend Nancy as a birthday gift. I will carry it with me until it calls out for a new owner.

This is the very first butterfly I was given. My sister wants to see how far this coin will travel. Began in Central Florida. My vision for this coin, is to be release anonymously; if possible. Meaning; given while doing a good deed. Some people do good, without recognition. Keep spreading kindness!

Mrs. V’s class at West Elementary made cards and decorated the office space of our beloved Administrative Assistants

I found out about these in our local group 719 Kindness Rocks .... we are all about kindness and paying it forward, so these are perfect! Can't wait to see them travel!

I found out about these in our local group, 719 Kindness Rocks .... we are all about kindness and paying it forward, so these are perfect! Can't wait to see them travel!

I received this coin from my husband. He gave it to me as I raise Monarchs and will cherish it always.

I loved my valentine coin. I am passing it on to Lisa Davis as she is a very kind and giving person. She is always looking out and taking care of people all around her.

I am so pleased to have been given this beautiful butterfly coin by my daughter and I look forward to passing it on!

Nicole received this coin, #1 of 5, as a gift from Celina on Valentines Day 2019!

I received this coin for all the good I do and for helping others

I received it for working with a young man trying to mentor him and too for standing up for those unable.

This coin is being gifted to Lynn (:
Lynn is a lover of nature, art, all things beautiful- and Thankful for these gifts from our Heavenly Father! Lynn is a steward of the Monarch...and always shares her love of them to others! She shares seeds and information. Enjoy being a part of this movement!! Love you! Lynn = Kindness!

This coin was given to me as a gift by my father, Ron Cater.

Received this coin on 2/13/19 while celebrating my Sisters 64th Bday @ Outback Steakhouse. It was her birthday, but she told me she had this gift for me and hoped I would enjoy watching its travels.

This butterfly coin is released to Janie on this very special day of love...Valentine's Day! Janie gives of herself each and every day to so many kids and adults at our school! She has a huge heart and is an amazing example of one who spreads kindness! She is also a lover of the Monarch! Do good and fly on Janie!

This butterfly coin is released to Chris on this very special day of love...Valentine's Day! Chris gives of herself each and every day to so many kids and adults at our school and in our community! She is an amazing example of one who spreads kindness! She is also a lover of the Monarch and our Earth! Do good and fly on Chris!

I am giving this coin to my wife for Valentine's Day, 2019. She is a very generous person and I know she will pay it forward with a kind deed.

You've received a Talus Rock Retreat butterfly coin from the home base! Here, at Talus Rock Retreat, the mission of the butterfly effect rings loudly throughout our retreat. Since our beginnings, we've considered Talus Rock Retreat as a blessing from God to bring joy, love, and rest to each divine appointment who enters our doors. Perhaps it was the intended peace and quiet you felt during your stay, the joyous company of another, the sight of a spectacular sunrise, an unexpected wildlife spotting, or some other wonderful memory that made your stay extra special. Whatever it was, may Talus Rock Retreat become the perfect launchpad to continue the flight of kindness and inspire you to continue to do one good deed after another. Soul to soul, keep the butterfly effect moving throughout the world. Do Good & Fly On! We absolutely love you, Amy and thank you and Lincoln for making the world a better place!

Here with Amy Stone, doing good and flying onward she she sets out on more medical missions serving those in 3rd world nations who are less fortunate and can not afford proper medical attention. Thanks for all your hard work Amy, keep up the good work!

Starting in Pueblo, CO. Likely with my friend Barb who has been through so much and with so much resilience; and an inspiration to me as I go through so much and find the strength and resilience, in part from her.

Received while home sick, missing birthday party!

From our hands to yours!

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