Coin Stories

This coin is beautiful. I didn’t want to give it away, but I will so I can watch it. Only give it to someone special so you know it will get passed on. Best wishes to you.

This coin arrived from my good friend Sr Barb. Sr Barb shows compassion everyday and always has a shoulder to lean on. Listening is a way to show kindness and she is a great listener. I try hard to listen to see if I can “pay it forward “.

I am going to send this coin to my friend Andy. Andy has shown me both large and small acts of kindness. He thinks nothing of taking time out of his day to help out. I have seen him drive hours to help out a friend (me) or family or stay late to help finish tasks. He has donated lots of time to Boy Scouts.

This coin is being delivered to David Keith who is the CEO of Oklahoma Heritage Bank (Ada, Stratford, Byng, Roff). David and the staff of Oklahoma Heritage Bank (OHB), in collaboration with East Central University in Ada, sponsored the 2019 Making College a Reality program with ECU President Katricia Pierson reaching out to over 1000 high school juniors and seniors at the seven district schools in the towns around OHB with an informative pizza lunch and challenging the students to continue their educations beyond high school. ECU President Pierson told of her life experiences and successes that were made possible by her education, encouraging the high school students to pursue education in whatever field and wherever.

I purchased 5 coins last year with the thought that I would give them away at my Grandmothers 100th birthday to some of my family members that have overcome struggels. Well for whatever reason that didn't happen.
I also purchased one to give to my girl friend (Laurie) as a gift of remembrance of her son. On the one year anniversary of his passing, the family released 100 Monarch butterflies. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN EITHER.
Now I know why, she is in for the fight of her life this year. She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We knew it was coming, but every milestone that was passed, was like we passed this and no cancer. It was always when will she be diagnosed, not if she would be diagnosed. We have always prayed that with all the trials she has had over her life that she wouldn't be diagnosed. So, now is the time to give her the butterfly coin.
Butterflies represent transformation. Through this next year, there is going to be a transformation, and although we can't say why she has been given this mission, at this time, there is a reason. Fighting this fight this year is her mission field, and who's to say that someone out there might touch her life, or she might touch someone's life with how she lives through this battle. So butterfly coin, fly on and bring healing to her, and when the year ends, she will be a beautiful butterfly.

This coin was given to me by a lovely passenger on one of my flights from Amersterdam several months ago.

Found this coin on December 24th, hanging out with a glass hermit crab, in Fortuna CA. It decided to move along today with a couple of companions.

Given to a friend during her fight against cancer. Now it's moving on.

Got a friend in Anacortes who was central to helping me to be successful in Bali, especially after the terrorist bombing in October 12, 2002. He plays a mean saxophone and he and his wife helped me write a rock opera that was central to healing the community after the attack.

I have a "Billie Holiday" coin in memory of Boppa Gene Nelson. What a beautiful tribute and a great way to "pay it forward"...

I received this coin many months ago. I thought it was such a beautiful gift. Unfortunately I didn’t register it until now, almost a year later. Partly because I wanted to keep such a beautiful gift that my person aka beautiful, kind, caring friend Merri gave me. She’s been my guiding light in many dark times. She’s my inspiration to keep my head up and always do me !! To respect myself , know that I deserve more. We push each other to do better. Thank you Merri.
I want to find just the right person for this!!!
I will be sending it to my wifey!! The one who has been with me for 30 plus years. Julie is my friend, my partner in crime, my sister, my wifey the one who knows my every secret good, bad and very ugly. Yet has never left my side. She has had my hand, my back for almost all my life. God blessed me beyond imagination when he sent her to be my life time living guarding angel.
She’s is my butterfly

I have just received this coin from one of my good friends, Judy. We have become so close and have had many adventures, all of which I treasure greatly. I love how this wonderful woman encourages me to see the world through gracious, compassionate eyes.

Until I find another kindhearted person to pass this coin on to, I will use it as a reminder of where I am, and where I want to be as a person.

Thank you, Judy.

Gift received. Ready to spread happiness.

This coin came to me as a Christmas present from a dear cousin. I received an advent calendar and decided to share with a friend via text every night. I started this long before I received the coin and It wasn’t really designed to be an act of kindness but a way to tell her how awesome she is and how grateful I am to have her for a lifelong friend. She phoned me tonight and said how much she has enjoyed our experience and that she had been feeling down. my heart was full. I’ll b passing this coin to her in Nashville even though her life is nothing but random acts of kindness. June - Daytona Beach Florida.

On Christmas Eve 2019, I gave this Monarch Butterfly coin to a most wonderful young friend in my life, Alaina Copeland. She lets me call her Ali. My son introduced me to her as someone who would "captain" my new electric boat named "Kick" after my late husband. She did that and more. We now go to Pilates together and she is always here for me and warms up heart. She is only 19 and is the kind of warm-hearted, intelligent, caring person the world loves. I dearly love her and hold her in my heart.

This story begins with a set of 24 Butterflies, given as gifts in memory of Eugene Bernard Nelson, a great man of music who at 96 years old got on the Boat for his journey out of this life and beyond the Veil. His life was truly a great example of giving and service to others through his passion of music and singing. His love and his soul's calling of teaching music touched hundreds of lives, and through those he touched reached out to many more, continuing on into the generations. I love you Papa. Thank you for your music and your stories of the road. I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go. I thank you for your kindness, and the times that you got tough. And Papa, I don't think I said I love you near enough. Fly free, Papa! Now you can continue to touch the heart of the world through all of these Butterflies. Love, Laurie.

This story begins with a set of 24 Butterflies, given as gifts in memory of Eugene Bernard Nelson, a great man of music who at 96 years old got on the Boat for his journey out of this life and beyond the Veil. His life was truly a great example of giving and service to others through his passion of music and singing. His love and his soul's calling of teaching music touched hundreds of lives, and through those he touched reached out to many more, continuing on into the generations. I love you Papa. Thank you for your music and your stories of the road. I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go. I thank you for your kindness, and the times that you got tough. And Papa, I don't think I said I love you near enough. Fly free, Papa! Now you can continue to touch the heart of the world through all of these Butterflies. Love, Laurie.

Pretty cool to see this butterfly coin. Can wait to pass it on with kindness

I am now in possession of the Butterfly Coin and when the timing is right, I will pass it on to whomever in need! Btw Heyyy! It’s Chad from Chad Tarot!!

I received this coin from my friend, Mary, who gave me a gift certificate for a hotel stay. It brought refreshment!
I gave this coin to a friend after I supported her in her service of decorating for a Christmas dinner for International students. I attended and contributed to the dinner, and provided her with transportation. The whole evening reflected the true spirit of Christmas!

My sweet mama sent this coin to us along with a bunch of other goodies. Her grandson (4yrs old) was so excited to open a package all the way from Missouri from his mema. He looks forward to pass along kindness along with this coin!

Hiya, my name is Tenisha and I am a cashier at the front end. Thank you Maurice, for honoring me with the coin. I would like to pass along this coin to a kind and thoughtful cashier that I work with, her name is Ashley.

Merry christmas Ashley and I hope 2020 will be your best year ever!

Received this coin as a Christmas gift from my friend of 47 years. We met in 5 the grade and have been friends ever since.

I got this coin from my friend at school, along with a few cake pops. I am now going to give to my friend to keep the coin alive!

Sending off as a Christmas 🎄 gift to a friend who collects medallions. I gave her one last year and she was surprised and thrilled. Hope you like it TEMSH!

This coin was given to me today as part of my birthday gifts by a friend. Grace surprised me at work today. She retired from where we worked together for 10 years. She and I shared so many of the same likes and dislikes is was crazy we weren't sisters. (although she hates Ranch dressing and ginger) ha ! Her listening ear was often my place of refuge. She will forever be my person. The coin is just a reminder how people travel the earth for treasures and adventures but few don't have to go far to connect in the most special of ways.

Gifted to my friend for all good and kindness she has always shown to me.

I want to thank my dear friend Phyllis for thinking of me and for her kind words. She is such an amazing friend! Now I want to share this with Frank, who has been my good friend for most of my life. He is so thoughtful of others, always ready to help anyone, and has a great sense of humor. As my act of kindness I will offer my daily rosary for his intentions today.

Traveling to Kyan's house this December. Kyan has such a genuine kindness and caring for others. What a sweety!

Off to Bothell to join Kelti this December. Such a prankster! Always makes us smile.

Merry Christmas!

Traveled to McKinley in Lake Oswego this December. Always kind! Love how she bought Kyan the penguin he wanted just because :)

Traveled to Ashlyn this December. She brings such joy to family!

I received this coin from Kathy. It was given to me for the help and friendship my husband and I gave to their family. This gift made me tear up, as Kathy is a wonderful person and friend. I am thankful every day that our paths crossed and we became friends. I am excited to carry this coin and look diligently for it's new home.

Merry Christmas share the blessings

I hope many smiles are made with this Christmas gift

T, 12/3/2019, 7p, Forster's Dugout:
This lovely Monarch Butterfly Coin migrated into the hands of Shanen S. as part of her birthday gift! Enjoy!

I received this coin from AK on her retirement from 20 years of active duty in the military. I presented this coin to a patient of mine when I had to say goodbye to her as her employer changed her health insurance. I have helped take care of "T" for 10 years, through a number of serious health issues. "T" is one of the strongest people I have known, and only got stronger in the face of adversity. Even at the peak of her health issues, she greeted me with a warm smile and our visits left me with a smile of my own. I learned from her through how she coped with her illnesses and managed her job and family, including twins the same age as my twins. She has enriched my life as a person and as a doctor and I will always remember her. I'm sad I can't take care of her anymore!

My friend, Carrie, gave me this coin and I am passing it on to two of my dear sisters-in-law who came out from Kentucky to help care for my ailing mother until she passed away. They also were a tremendous help clearing away a lifetime accumulation of “stuff” from my mom’s home in preparation for its sale.

I backed my teacher up when my classmate said she was being mean

I helped my friend when he was having trouble

I would like to pass my coin to Jake Vollstedt. He is an amazing young man and is a "light" for all of those around him. His energy is contagious and is an extremely hard worker. I appreciate his support in and away from the workplace. I am passing the coin on in remembrance of my sister Kelly.

Thank you to my Mother Brenda for sharing this coin with me so I may share the love it brings to others....

Monarch butterflies have always held a special place in my heart. Growing up my grandmother would raise them from their caterpillar state, and once they hatched from their cocoons she would let me gently hold them in the palm of my hand until their wings would dry so I could watch them soar into the sky to their next adventure! My mother, Brenda, and I have held fond memories of butterflies ever since. As I grew older, the butterflies symbolism grew even stronger for me. The idea of transformation and growth is something I strive to do on a daily basis. Understanding challenges are placed upon us for reasons that we may never fully understand, we fight unknowing for the future. The same that a butterfly fights through transformation for its wings to fly.

I've decided to share this butterfly with my co-worker and friend Kristen! During the few years I've known her, Kristen has proven that kindness and friendship does exist! It's been awhile since I've meant someone who is as positive and selfless as she. Words can not express how thankful I am to have met her and to have her in my life. I wish everything in the world for her. She is truly the definition of unconditional love and friendship.

I love you Kristen... and your acts of kindness will never go unnoticed.

Your wings are growing beautifully... get ready for flight!

I am giving this coin to my "second dad" (Joe) in Maryville, Missouri. He was my athletic trainer in college at Northwest Missouri State University but has become more like family. We love his kiddos and one of his daughters (Austyn Jo) is my god-daughter. I am giving Joe this coin in memory of my triplet sister (Hillary) who passed away in a car accident when we (myself and my sister Candace) were 5 years old. I am hoping Joe passes this coin onto someone special in his life that has lost a loved one in memory of his sister who passed away from cancer a couple years ago. I love you Joe!!

I received this surprise butterfly coin in the mail this past Saturday from my good friend Barb Pisciotta. The Butterfly Effect is the story of one small act of kindness and the impact it can have. I am passing this coin along in the hopes that the person receiving it will “pay it forward” by showing kindness to someone else.

I chose to pass this coin along to my sweet friend Sister Barbara O’Kane. I met her at work and after several years she had a “calling” by God and chose to leave the corporate world and become a Religious Teachers Filippini sister. She is such a special person and she has definitely found the right path in life. She just exudes joy when you are with her. I’m so happy to call her my friend and so happy she is a part of my life.

My babysitter sent me this coin from John F. Kennedy School in Raritan, NJ as part of a school wide project to promote kindness. I currently live in Nashville, TN. Ms. Jaclyn sent me an awesome cookbook because she knows I love to bake. It was always something we would do together. I love Ms. Jaclyn very much. I miss her a lot too! I am going to give it to one of my best friends. She is a very smart, responsible and kind person. I am going to give her a bouquet of cake-pops. I can't wait to see where this coin travels!
-Emma Kate

a great friend gave me this coin at work today. She knew work had been stressful, and wished me the best day ever, and it was!!!

I received this coin from my late mother as a Christmas gift. She ordered it online to promote kindness. She was an amazing woman that always thought of everyone else first. She is no longer with us but she is watching it’s worldwide travels. I then gave to Sean and Kathleen in Speyside, Tobago for their amazing hospitality and SCUBA diving operation and all the altruistic things they are doing for the dogs of Tobago.

I was given this coin after my mother's suicide, it is our belief loved ones visit from heaven in butterflies. Kindness followed her passing including this act of a simple coin. I plan to keep it until someone is in a big need for hope and kindness just as I was.

I work at a retail store, and my team had a rough day of sales on Friday. Business and traffic was low, so in an effort to increase team morale, I cooked breakfast for my coworkers. Before work, I cooked a large batch of fresh pancakes and made fresh coffee. To accompany the pancakes, I bought maple syrup and an assortment of fresh berries. It made the whole team very happy and excited to start the day!

received this coin from a best friend, "kindness " could be her middle name! My boss gave me the book, Butterfly Effect, a good read and along the lines of the Butterfly Coin. Columbus, OH

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