Coin Stories

I received this coin from the mother of one of my piano students in Oregon, WI. What a beautiful idea!

I received this coin in the mail from my cousin Peaches. We spent two days traveling together and really getting to know one another on a different level. I feel so blessed to have received this coin and will treasure up until the moment I know who to release it to.

I received this coin from a co-worker who has been the kindest teaching partner ever!

Although I was unable to attend the Day of Kindness in Berthoud this year, I was able to support it financially through my company Cottonwood Custom Builders. DOK is very special to me since I knew both Alex and Zach and it is an amazing event to keep their spirits alive.

The butterfly coin is beautiful and a great idea. I will be passing mine onto a co-worker who is having a very rough time with some personal issues and really needs the support. We are helping her in any way we can to put some recent events behind her.

Thank you to Julia and Dave Sabados, Kelly Dunkelberger, and all the volunteers for making DOK a yearly event in our wonderful town.

On April 6th, the werrp and mushroom were hidden at the Vietor House Trail behind Humboldt Area Foundation. Tammie found them and will send them on their next adventure--Amy

I received this coin from my Mama who is the most kindhearted woman I know. I can't wait to see where it travels and the lives it affects.

Susan was an awesome person. Always fun to be with and had a kind soul. I miss her bunches. Thanks for doing this Betsy, great idea to keep her memories close.

This beautiful butterfly coin was given to me in a form of a generous random act from a wonderful friend. 🦋💗 I almost cried.Thank you to my friend Kelley. 💗 🌟This coin is so pretty, and yet I love what’s behind it. 🌷🦋Random acts of kindness. 💗🌷 Yes I am looking forward this coin’s journey.🌟

I gifted this coin to one of our beautiful servers at Ducktales. I am anxious to see how many lives this can touch as she gifts it to someone else. This is such a delightful way to pay kindness forward.

I received this coin from a close friend. Over the years we have laughed, cried and looked out for one another. If anyone deserves recognition for kindness...she does. Selfless, loving, funny, smart, protective and caring she embodies what most of us aspire to be.

I was given this coin by my sister-in-law Genny Plumb. She raises butterflies in Port Charlotte, Fla. I live in Ohio and grow common milkweed and raised maybe 20 butterflies last summer, but no where near the amount that Genny and my brother have! Genny thinks I have a heart of gold and always helping others, but she should be talking about herself!! She gave me this coin on March 23, 2019. I will continue to choose joy, be kind, and pay it forward. 💕🦋

Liebe Carina. Ich danke Dir für diesen Coin, den Du mir 9,1 km entfernt von San Sebastian auf dem camino del norte am 03.04.2019 gegeben hast. Es bedeutet mir viel diesen coin nun für eine bestimmte zeit bei mir zu tragen. Ich werde mir gut überlegen, wer diesen coin als nächstes bekommt. Es war spannend, interessant, lustig, gemütlich, abwechslungsreich, tiefgehend, schön, geschwisterlich und unvergesslich Dich für ca. 300 km auf dem jakobsweg begleitet zu haben.

After being introduced and blessed with this dear coin from sweet Jenny in Denver for a yummy dinner.... I carried this coin to gorgeous Steamboat to pass it along to one of the more kindhearted people I’ve ever met. What better place to spread kindness than in a place where people are so incredibly kind to my family in this blissful town!

I purchased several coins to pass out to family and friends in memory of my sister, Susan. Susan passed on Oct 1, 2018 after living 5 years with brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme). Susan was not one to give up. Whenever she was around others she was always happy and grateful for the time she had to share. I have started this coin and asked that the recipient do something good for someone on Saturday, May 4th - in memory of Susan on what would have been her 60th birthday. Do Good & Fly On!

I received this coin from a woman in which I am not sure I would have made it through my younger years without her. She amazes me every day. We have been through the most trying times in our lives. She has taught me to keep going, even when life seems so bad. Even when we haven't talked in forever, I have always felt her with me.

I am now going to send this to another amazing friend. This friend made it possible for me have courage in life today. She "gets" me. She taught me how to have fun and that saying Fuck It is just ok. We can be in a room for hours not talking and have a blast.

It is only appropriate I would receive this coin from my best friend April and that I pass it on to my best friend Casey. You two are sincerely the truest of friends. It has been and is an honor to be in both of your lives. I am blessed.

I received this coin from my friend and neighbor in Key West FL on Big Coppitt Key on April 11, 2019. Beth mentioned I am raising Monarch Butterflies, this is my second year. Last year I raised and released 36 in our small community here. This year I have raised and released 20 so far. I have 2 more to release. I am worried about one chrysalis. It has been black for quite a long time and hasn't emerged yet. That's one of the two, the other is eating mandarin orange and Gaterade on cotton ball. It's too windy today to let her go. If the other does emerge I'll release both tomorrow when it's not as windy. Then I have no more caterpillars. They have been hard to find this year. The milkweed we bought didn't produce any so far.

I'd like to tell you about our miracle butterfly. She traveled with us on a 1,000 mile trip as a chrysalis. We took the enclosure as we had intended to stay overnight. She remained as a chrysalis along with a few others thru out our trip. The next morning she emerged from the chrysalis and must not have gotten a good grip on it as she fell to the bottom of the enclosure. She remained still the rest of the day. When she did flutter I could see that her lower wing was turned under. Six others also emerged, when I was releasing them I hoped she would not escape the enclosure as I felt she was not strong enough to fly, even though that day was calm. She stayed in the enclosure overnight and late in the afternoon, she crawled onto my husband's hand. He took her outside, straightened out her wing and off she went. We feared she would fall into the canal right in front of our house, but she flew straight and true over the rooftops across the canal and into the wild blue yonder.

There is more to this story. I had been given information that she may be sick and should be euthanized. I said if that was true I could not do it, that I would release her and ''let nature do what nature does''. That was the day before. When we did release her as I've told you. Nature did what nature does and away she flew with her wing straightened. God takes care of all his creatures, even the tiny ones.

So now I have the butterfly coin in my pocket waiting to find a way to do a random act of kindness and pass it along. Be back to you when I have succeeded. Be kind and fly on. Trish

This coin has been a reminder of great people in my life and the opportunity to pay it forward. Passing it on to an amazing woman who brings joy and love to everyone she meets and is doing an extraordinary, selfless act for our family. Hope this reminds her how much she is loved!

I received this butterfly coin through a beautiful gal named Mari.
Mari also gave a coin to each of the others who had gathered together that day. It really touched my heart to see everyone listening and expressing love, care and prayer for one another.
Seeing everyone's heartfelt desire, support and prayer to help each other win with Jesus over life's battles was amazing!
My prayers continue for you, Mari and for all our treasured friends from that day. I pray the Lord to use each of us in similar ways to "pay it forward."
Blessings to all,

This coin is traveling to DC for a school trip!

On April 4, 2019 I heard the werrp calling to me from her hiding spot on Sotsin Point along Scenic Drive. Her hobnail friend has now joined my beautiful glass collection and I carried the werrp with me on a few adventures until she told me where she wanted to land.--Amy

These coin is going to my fried in Key West,Florida
She raises and releases Monarchs in our little community
on Big Coppitt Key

This coin was given to you on April 13, 2019 for all your kindness and support making the 9th Annual A. Day of Kindness in Berthoud, CO such a big success.
Love, Hugs and Kisses from Dave and Julia Sabados.

I was given this coin a couple of months ago, mid-February, and until I found a new recipient for the coin did I realize I had forgotten to post this part of its journey.

I was given this coin by a coworker. We were planning for the day, doing our usual check-in, asking how the other was doing. According to my coworker the next day, she had been having a rough day. Not knowing the extent of her day, beyond her not saying she had a “good” day, I offered to let her pick the flow of the day’s work flow(we are both outdoor educators, and co-teach part of the day together).

I didn’t think twice about offering that to my coworker. It goes to show how small moments like that can be a turning point in an otherwise less-than-good day. I didn’t realize it was so needed. Looking forward, I want to do more regular emotional/mental check-ins with people in my circles.... Humans support and influence each other more than we truly realize.

I'm DISCATS. I received this coin from Sara H.

I participated in a women's retreat to help us discover the fire within us and to use it to light up our lives (yours and mine). I provided cleaning products and children's items for spring cleaning and an Easter party for parents and children in a low income housing complex in the area.

I hope this butterfly goes far and lights up each life it touches.

My name is Lisa, I'm the cashier that received the coin. It did brighten my day. I have passed it one to my chiropractor. I left there feeling like a new person. He was very caring and kind and always inquires about how I and my family is doing. He also always has something uplifting to say. I look forward to finding out the next step this coin will take.

Received from B Lloyd today. Sweet & Kind always doing for other. Paying forward To Be Kind. The world is always a better place if you something “even small things”

Purchased from a very kind couple that practice random acts of kindness on a daily basis. Hamburg, Iowa 2019

Chrystal Kelly - This coin was given to me by a dear friend and co-worker. I didn't give to someone right away, because the coin gave me comfort by sitting in the arms of my Mom's Angel. I sat it there to help my mom soar along with the butterflies. It actually gave me a piece of sanity in my life. I call this coin the 4142 Depot Monarch and I shall give this to a friend who I know needs our prays with family. So I give this coin to my new Depot Friend who knows that I care with every fiber of my being. Please let it travel to someone else within our Depot walls.

Janice was so kind to me on by birthday, 2/13 and I received this beautiful coin!

This coin went to Pamela, a new friend and sister in Christ as a token gift from God. 🎁

Remember Pamela, the devil is a liar and you can do All things to Christ who strengthens you! 💪🏼

Now it is your turn to pass on this coin along with an act of kindness. ❤️

May the prayers and acts of kindness that accompany this coin be a blessing to all who receive it! - Mari 🦋

This coin is being passed on to Skip because he discouraged me from giving it away to Tammy. It's just time for the coin to move on.

One of the things I like about having a butterfly coin with me is i look for people that are doing good. I know I will know when its the right person to give it to.

I want to spend time(and buy them dinner) with my good friend and her daughter.

We donated clothes and toys to a family in need. <3

Jug and Roon shared this with me. How nice of your aunt to do this for us!

this was a gift from my Butterfly loving Aunt.

This coin was gifted to DuckTales Kitchen. We hope it tracked many miles and brings many smiles!

This coin originated in Santa Rosa,California to Sue Davis from Sue Falco. Given with much 💕 LOVE

This is EagleFan4Ever98 and I received this particular coin from Kris M.

My good deed for the day was to spend a few minutes listening and talking to my friend who is going through a very personal struggle right now.

Something I also do to "pay-it-forward" because I'm a huge fan of doing that is heading up our local high school Parent Advisory (or PTA) group. We are in the middle of our busy season right now as far as events, but I put my time and treasure into this group because the rewards are SO great! I love impacting people's futures by doing for them.

I was given this coin by Ron and love the mission. I took the coin down to Puerto Rico where it has spent a few weeks hanging out in the warm Caribbean sun. I plan to give this coin to a friend of mine who is visiting from Australia, as I feel it will accomplish wonderful things on that side of the world.


~ John Lee Dumas

I am gifting this coin to Mrs. Kleindl, one of our amazing Kindergarten teachers. It is always fun to listen to her incorporate music into her lessons and learning times.

Today the werrp continued her journey. She's nestled near a creek where she can hear the ocean. She flew to the very top of a hill with a gorgeous view before deciding to rest on a log near the beginning of the path. Note: (Just in case anyone with access to this story would like to hunt her again) While she did spend some time on the Rez, she is not hiding at the pinned location. She is not far away though.

I took my son to his first basketball game and when the Phoenix Suns Play the OKC Thunder while in line to buy pizza.

Recieved this coin from my sweet cousin and her daughter on April Fools Day, but it was no joke. A perfect gift for the day! East central Indiana.

So Cindy passed me this coin and it was much appreciated, since she played such a pivotal role in me adapting to my new job and she remained my go to person. Now the coin has moved on to Margie who expressed how grateful she was for the assistance and guidance I provided her. I am happy I had that impact on her life. Margie is genuinely sweet and kind and I’m sure she will find another recipient for this coin soon. Thanks Cindy.

Given to Nicole, Christopher and Nicholas from cousin Zoey

Thanks, Jenny. I love this project. I'd like to pass on the coin to Katie MacDonald. Katie ran into someone at WalMart who couldn't afford to buy diapers for his child. Katie picked up the tab and made another person's day better. Way to look out for those in need!

From Audrey to me for being her friend for 33 years and giving her a "small" birthday party! Ha ha!

I got it from my friend Ross who calls me resilient but who showed me the meaning of unconditional love and acceptance.

I have not given it to anyone yet. My sister Mae Campbell gave it to me Saturday. I really want to keep it but I will give it to someone Thank You, sis. For giving me this beautiful coin And I want you to know I will pass it on .

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