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Not something I did, but wanted to write what someone just did for me. I was grocery shopping with a hungry 2 year old. She loves bananas, so when we picked up a bunch of bananas, she immediately wanted one. I told her she needed to wait until after we pay for them, little whining but she said OK. Then we moved on to whatever other produce we needed. One of the produce stocking men, came up to me after a few minutes, and he had a banana in his hand and cut it up for her. It was very sweet of him. He said "I hope this makes your shopping trip a little bit easier." I am incredibly grateful for his kind action.

Hi! I found the coin today 1/23/20 with 2 companions in the McKay forest, Eureka near Redwood Acres. Can't wait to set it free again in a favorite spot of mine & follow its journey! ~Rachel 🦋🤟

We received this beautiful coin from two amazing people, Doug and Debbie. We met them a few years ago during our annual trip to the Caribbean and instantly remembered and connected with them when we saw them again a couple of years later. We are very grateful for the extraordinary people we meet on these trips. They leave a lasting impression on us!

This coin is currently with us in Greenville, WI but shortly it will be on it's way to Dallas, TX to a person who has had a huge impact on my life. I was fortunate enough to meet her at work but we quickly became good friends. We live over 1,000 miles apart but keep a strong connection and support each other daily! I appreciate her so much. The following quote reminds me of her:

“I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.”

Given to Laura Inclema at our Ambulatory Nursing Leadership retreat in hopes we can continue to inspire kindness throughout our organization and then beyond. Laura is working to build a leadership structure that mimics the mission behind these coins- to look for opportunities to help someone. We constantly are looking for ways to improve our services to patients and to work well as a nursing team. Laura is a fantastic role model to her leadership team and has created a culture of kindness among us.

This coin is beautiful. I didn’t want to give it away, but I will so I can watch it. Only give it to someone special so you know it will get passed on. Best wishes to you.

This coin arrived from my good friend Sr Barb. Sr Barb shows compassion everyday and always has a shoulder to lean on. Listening is a way to show kindness and she is a great listener. I try hard to listen to see if I can “pay it forward “.

I am going to send this coin to my friend Andy. Andy has shown me both large and small acts of kindness. He thinks nothing of taking time out of his day to help out. I have seen him drive hours to help out a friend (me) or family or stay late to help finish tasks. He has donated lots of time to Boy Scouts.

I am sending this butterfly coin along with 2 $5.00 Starbuck’s gift cards to my Brenda Novak Book Buddie and challenging her to buy two people’s coffee and to pass on the coin to at least one person. This coin is traveling to Elma, WA.

I am sending this coin to Elma, WA to my Brenda Novak Book Buddie with 2 $5.00 Starbucks gift cards to challenge her to pay for someone’s coffee and pass the butterfly coins along to at least one of the persons.

I was told I was worthy of having this coin because I have been teaching early childhood education for 16 years, and I have impacted the lives of many children, including my own. And now I will pass it along to another that I find worthy and special.

Started in Grand Junction, CO - sending to my best friend in Monte Vista, CO

This coin is being delivered to David Keith who is the CEO of Oklahoma Heritage Bank (Ada, Stratford, Byng, Roff). David and the staff of Oklahoma Heritage Bank (OHB), in collaboration with East Central University in Ada, sponsored the 2019 Making College a Reality program with ECU President Katricia Pierson reaching out to over 1000 high school juniors and seniors at the seven district schools in the towns around OHB with an informative pizza lunch and challenging the students to continue their educations beyond high school. ECU President Pierson told of her life experiences and successes that were made possible by her education, encouraging the high school students to pursue education in whatever field and wherever.

Carrying this coin, waiting for the right time to let it fly . . . (1/11/2020)

I gifted this coin to my granddaughter, Kaylin, on her 23rd birthday. She is a senior in college and I hope these wings give her flight when she graduates and moves on to become her own life butterfly. My hope is that she will pass it on to someone as kind, generous and with the same heart of gold as she has. She is a very special young lady who will always have my heart.

I bought butterfly coins last year to give to my friends so they can start their coins on their journey. This coin was given to Tom L in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10, 2020 ... Do good and fly on!

I bought butterfly coins last year to give to my friends so they can start their coins on their journey. This coin was given to Carolyn L in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10, 2020 ... Do good and fly on!

I bought butterfly coins last year to give to my friends so they can start their coins on their journey. This coin was given to Tom L in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10, 2020 ... Do good and fly on!

This coin is given in memory of my college teammate, suitemate and Matron of Honor, Suzi Kay Lee. Her extreme kindness and thoughtfulness will live on though this monarch butterfly.
RIP Suzi Kay

On Christmas Day my dog escaped our yard. In our pajamas, and in my 12 year old sons case bare feet, we searched for him for almost a half hour. It was only about 30 degrees and the trail we were on was ice, snow and gravel. By the time I caught up to my son who was able to capture our dog - he was sobbing in pain. His feet were scraped up and frozen. I knocked on the nearest door I could find to ask a complete stranger if my son and his dog could stay at their house (on Christmas morning mind you!!) while I got my car. They were so gracious and without hesitating said yes and made him feel as comfortable and safe as possible until I returned to collect them both. What an example of “Peace on earth, goodwill to men.” It takes a village and I am blessed this family is in mine! ❤️🙏🏼

Coin passed to Cherie on 12/23/19 in Dallas, TX

I purchased 5 coins last year with the thought that I would give them away at my Grandmothers 100th birthday to some of my family members that have overcome struggels. Well for whatever reason that didn't happen.
I also purchased one to give to my girl friend (Laurie) as a gift of remembrance of her son. On the one year anniversary of his passing, the family released 100 Monarch butterflies. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN EITHER.
Now I know why, she is in for the fight of her life this year. She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We knew it was coming, but every milestone that was passed, was like we passed this and no cancer. It was always when will she be diagnosed, not if she would be diagnosed. We have always prayed that with all the trials she has had over her life that she wouldn't be diagnosed. So, now is the time to give her the butterfly coin.
Butterflies represent transformation. Through this next year, there is going to be a transformation, and although we can't say why she has been given this mission, at this time, there is a reason. Fighting this fight this year is her mission field, and who's to say that someone out there might touch her life, or she might touch someone's life with how she lives through this battle. So butterfly coin, fly on and bring healing to her, and when the year ends, she will be a beautiful butterfly.

I received this coin a a volunteer for a program called Horizon Outside Sisters. We visit a women's prison once a week and meet with inmates for social interaction. This year I'll be looking for someone to pass the coin on to!

This coin was given to me by a lovely passenger on one of my flights from Amersterdam several months ago.

Found this coin on December 24th, hanging out with a glass hermit crab, in Fortuna CA. It decided to move along today with a couple of companions.

Found at Harbor freight Tools Vancouver Wa

This coin is given to our amazing aunts, Paula & Carol, for their unconditional love and support. They exude kindness and generosity in their words and actions, not only for those of us fortunate enough to be family, but to all people and animals in need in their community. Your warm hearted acts of kindness are an inspiration to us all ❤️

This coin is to express our sincere gratitude to our wonderful & loving aunts, Paula & Carol, for their overly generous gift to our sons college account. We are so fortunate and appreciative of your help in paving the way for Bryce’s future.

This beautiful coin was given to me by a kind and thoughtful friend/coworker. I am passing it to someone who appreciates the beauty of a butterfly and good friend. 🦋

Given to a friend during her fight against cancer. Now it's moving on.

This coin was gifted to Markus Welker who has been a dear friend to Shelby, Katie, Rowan and Rosie. With it we wish him a fantastic 2020. May the joy and generosity he brings be shared far and wide for generations to come. We love you Markus!

This coin was gifted to Teneasha Ross, who has been a dear friend to Katie and Shelby and is God mother to their children Rowan and Rosie. With it we wish her a wonderful 2020 and beyond. May the joy and generosity she brings be shared far and wide for generations to come. We love you Teneasha!

I received this coin from my SIL's mother on Christmas 2019. She lives in Peabody Mass and I live in Miller City Ohio.

Going to Charleston, SC for the weekend. Hopefully I will be able to help someone, give them the coin, and then they will pay will it forward with a kindness and the coin.

A Christmas present from one of the ladies in my painting class. It is beautiful!

Got a friend in Anacortes who was central to helping me to be successful in Bali, especially after the terrorist bombing in October 12, 2002. He plays a mean saxophone and he and his wife helped me write a rock opera that was central to healing the community after the attack.

I received this coin from a wonderful patient in our office. This world could use all the kindness we can all give. My job is in front of the public and I can strongly endorse the good a smile, an act of kindness, or a thoughtful word can make in the life or just the day of another person. I love the idea of paying it forward.

I got this coin from my Dad as a Christmas gift. He heard about this organization from the local newspaper in Spokane. Everyone in my family got a coin as a challenge to go out a spread good deeds. I think it is important in today’s chaotic society to spread kindness. Often we get caught up in the troubles and hate in our world and forget about the loving nature of humanity. I thought this was a very special gift from my dad and I am excited to see the story this coin tells.

I have a "Billie Holiday" coin in memory of Boppa Gene Nelson. What a beautiful tribute and a great way to "pay it forward"...

I bought six of the Butterfly Effect coins after I read an article in the Spokesman Review about the Butterfly Effect project. I bought six so I could give them as a gift to my family at Christmas. Each of us will register a coin and give them away. We hope that next Christmas we will be able to share the story of our coins.

I gave this coin to my daughter-in-law. My Mom recently passed away and I sent each of her Grandchildren (spouses too) a Christmas card along with the remaining money in Mom's savings account as a parting Christmas gift from their Grandma.

I gave this coin to my son. My Mom recently passed away and I sent each of her Grandchildren a Christmas card along with the remaining money in Mom's savings account as a parting Christmas gift from their Grandma.

I gave this coin to my son. My Mom recently passed away and I sent each of her Grandchildren a Christmas card along with the remaining money in Mom's savings account as a parting Christmas gift from their Grandma.

This coin was just Gifted to a sweet soul who is working as a waiter (who was waiting on us!) and also working on his Masters in Teaching at The Evergreen State College. My gift was cash to help him with his education. When finished with his degree, he will be teaching music. Papa, your love of music and serving others through music lives ever on! I adore you, forever and forever, always and all ways!!! Love, Laurie

I received this coin many months ago. I thought it was such a beautiful gift. Unfortunately I didn’t register it until now, almost a year later. Partly because I wanted to keep such a beautiful gift that my person aka beautiful, kind, caring friend Merri gave me. She’s been my guiding light in many dark times. She’s my inspiration to keep my head up and always do me !! To respect myself , know that I deserve more. We push each other to do better. Thank you Merri.
I want to find just the right person for this!!!
I will be sending it to my wifey!! The one who has been with me for 30 plus years. Julie is my friend, my partner in crime, my sister, my wifey the one who knows my every secret good, bad and very ugly. Yet has never left my side. She has had my hand, my back for almost all my life. God blessed me beyond imagination when he sent her to be my life time living guarding angel.
She’s is my butterfly

Gifted this coin to my sister-in-law for her kindness and giving spirit. She is a great nurse, especially for my brother. Thank you Beth.

I received this coin from my wife for Christmas as a gift. Working through some transformative times in 2019.

I have just received this coin from one of my good friends, Judy. We have become so close and have had many adventures, all of which I treasure greatly. I love how this wonderful woman encourages me to see the world through gracious, compassionate eyes.

Until I find another kindhearted person to pass this coin on to, I will use it as a reminder of where I am, and where I want to be as a person.

Thank you, Judy.

Gift received. Ready to spread happiness.

Marion, Ohio, USA. In one of my sisters' possession.

Given to one of my sisters on Christmas Eve in Marion, Ohio. Love you, Sis. Fly little butterfly and do some good.

Given to one of my sisters on Christmas Eve in Marion, Ohio. Love to my sister. Fly little butterfly!

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