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Die Münze ist jetzt Geocashing Versteck 7 Leben. Sie bringt jedem Glück, der Sie mal in den Händen hält. Über eine weitere Reise freut sie sich und über eure Einträge freue ich mich sehr.
viel Glück 😍

Monday, May 8, 2023

Dear Krista,

So butterflies are beautiful creatures that represent hope, transformation and rebirth. They remind us that no matter what happens in life, there is always time to start again.

Welcome to #4142, I look forward to getting to know you and please let me know if there is anything you need as you adjust to our store and become our new, fearless leader.

I can already see that you will do great things here and I believe in you. Thank you for letting me continue to do my greatest passion, teaching about the Monarch butterfly!

Die Münze ist jetzt im Geocasch Versteck von Dr. Dada
Sie soll jedem Glück bringen der Sie findet. Nimm sie ruhig mit behalte sie eine Weile. Verschenke Sie weiter, oder lege Sie in einem anderen Geocasch wieder ab. Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich über jeden Eintrag. Viel Glück

I was given this coin last summer by a lady at cedar bog with my grandparents. We were learning about fens and bogs in our 4-H botany club and my grandparents wanted to show us an example of one. I engaged in a conversation with a really nice lady who at the end of the tour gave me this coin. I had put it in a keepsake box and while cleaning I found it and saw that it had a code on the back. I will take it on my journey to Williamsburg, Virginia for my 8th grade trip. This coin is too beautiful to keep and deserves to be passed on.

This coin is making its way to BJ, in appreciation for all she does for everyone every day! We hope this coin brings a smile and reminds her to take time to see the beauty and wonder in nature all around us.

BJ - you can keep the coin forever or as long as you want, and/or gift it to someone special and watch it 'fly' via this website.

Wishing you the best always!


Kim and I hope you enjoy this butterfly coin! You can keep it or gift it and track it's flight via this website.

We treasure your friendship and look forward to creating more fun memories together in the coming years.

Love ya!


I'm giving this coin to my coworker, wishing him strength and good fortune as he begins his epic quest. I hope that every time he looks at it, he knows how many people are rooting for him!

This coin started at Forward Ketamine of Wisconsin, a place of healing for mental health in beautiful Madison.

This coin started at Forward Ketamine of Wisconsin, a place of healing for mental health in beautiful Madison.

This coin was started at Forward Ketamine of Wisconsin, a place of healing for mental health in beautiful Madison.

After 3 years I am passing this coin onto Courtney Garland as a personal recognition for the amazing and selfless work she has done for Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital, especially on our journey to AAHA accreditation. Her dedication does not go unnoticed and I am so grateful to have her as part of my team and to count her as a friend. Words are not enough to show her how valued she is but I hope she knows that she is priceless!
- Wylie

It was passed on to us at dunkin

Just starting out. Do something that brings you joy today.

Just starting my adventure. Do something just for you today!

Just starting out. Have a great day!

Received this coin from my friend Amy while helping her in Anchorage, Alaska. It was a total surprise and I was very humbled.

Robin got this coin from one of her students in honor of her uncle, to memorialize his memory.

One day, a box appeared in my Kindergarten classroom. It was covered with inspiring messages and sweet pictures. It was a box of books for my students, from Robin and her 2nd grade class.

My class was so excited to read the books and hear the story of the butterfly coin. They were inspired to practice kindness as much as they could.


I received this coin from a former student. She emanates kindness everywhere she goes! She’s one of those students teachers never forget! I feel honored and blessed to have received this coin! I will pass it on to someone who brings joy to everyday!

This is the start of the journey.
Please let it give you happiness and joy


I have had this coin for a few years now. It was given to me from my mom. It reminds me of my sister that was lost to suicide in 2015. It has given me comfort when I hold it. I have not been able to pass it on just yet.

I bought this for my fiancée

I received this coin from such an amazing girl. Maybe we don't know each other for a long time but she is extremely nice and helpful person.You can always count on her and you feel extremely comfortable like you know her your whole life. This coin well give me strength for the future.

My best friend gave me this coin at school, I’m going to share it with my cousins who I don’t get to see very much.

The coin stayed at the Food Bank over the holidays.
Many generous energies coming and going.
It is now going to be passed on to a very kind and generous person who is out helping others in the community.

The coin came from my wife who gave it to our granddaughter. She never used it and gave it to me.

I met a lady today in her 70’s who is still working and does not expect to be able to retire. She washes, dries, and folds people’s clothing. She was very helpful so I struck up a conversation with her.

We talked about our children and grandchildren and she told me how she had raised several of her grandchildren. One in particular was very difficult but has become a wonderful person and mother. Anyway when I left I handed her $50 and the coin, hoping to brighten her day. She seemed very surprised and touched.

My best friend Betty gifted this gorgeous butterfly coin to me after my ex-husband passed away in 2017. Betty is a truly amazing woman, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. She would give you literally anything you are in need of, even if it would make HER struggle because of it. And she does not ever expect anything in return except friendship, love and respect. I have known her for 20+ years and wouldn't trade a single day of knowing her for anything in the world!

Butterflies always remind me of Joe. And his favorite color was blue. Having a coin with this blue butterfly was the perfect fit for me. I have held onto it for almost six years now, as it made me think of him. I currently have terminal cancer with an unknown number of days/months/years left. The doctors said they expected I would have 6-9 months left. January 15th, 2023 was the 9 month mark, and I passed it right on by. Every day going forward is a win!

I have decided to pass on this coin to my high school bestie, TiNille. I met her when I first moved to Leavenworth, WA in 1993, and from that day we were connected. We have amazing memories together including; sneaking out during sleepovers for some raspberry filled powdered donuts, cheerleading together under the Friday night lights, Summer camp, ditching school, etc.

We lost touch, as many do after high school. But she has always been there. And we always pick up...right where we left off. One week, one year, one decade. She is a true friend.

TiNille recently came to visit me from her home in California. We had a wonderful weekend making new memories and reliving old ones. I will never forget your kindness and love, TiNi. ❤️

I hope this coin brings her happiness and memories of our friendship. And I hope someday, she will pass it on and do something kind for another human.

Be good to eachother. Be kind. Love your fellow humans. If you find yourself in a position to help for their gas/groceries/diapers/etc. You never know when you may be in a position of needing something someday. If you are, hopefully someone will be there to help YOU out.

p.s. Always say "I love you!"

Received in Pismo Beach from a client in Utah. Save the monarchs, plant milkweed and pollinator plants.

This coin got to my hands from someone very special... Someone with great, kind heart, who made a major difference in my life. She helped me with opening up and seeing world and myself through different perspective. We shared our stories about Blue Butterfly...
I am forever grateful to this beautiful person and will hold her in my thoughts and heart forever....

Received this meaningful coin from dear friends that I happened to meet by chance through our mutual love of dogs. I have had this coin for three years and it has helped and guided me through some hard times that life throws your way.
I am passing it on so that this 'butterfly' may help others who are always kind in heart. Thank you.

So, my Mawmaw got it for me before I left and moved with my family to Washington State. I love you Mawmaw

It is now January 2023 and I have to move again. This time I am moving to Flint, MI with my little sister and brother and my biological mother. The move is set to happen anytime between the last week of January and the first week of February.

I moved to Tecumseh, MI, in my uncles apartment. We were working on getting Mom here as well, but in 2021, she passed away to Covid related symptoms.

We moved in with my best friend and his wife at Marshfield, but it wouldn't last long, around christmas that same year, I had to move to Michigan with my uncle to get her and myself closer to family.

I was living in Lebanon at the time, taking care of my mother (She was actually my grandmother but she raised me since I was 6 months old, so I call her my mother). After she broke her ankle and dad (Same story as my mother) passed away, things were getting tight. In 2020 moved.

I got this coin during church, it was called Freedom, back in 2018 in Conway, MO. I have had this coin since and I haven't gotten a chance to pass it on and I completely forgot about with everything that was happening at the time.

My name is Sky Parriott and I received a Butterfly Coin from my friend Doug.

Give to my beautiful butterfly friend, Wendy, on her 50th birthday.

I received this coin from a coworker, who was instructed to give to me so I could give it to my husband by one of his former coworkers (lol)

received as a Christmas 2022 gift in Ithaca NY.

Our friend Debbie Dick gave us this at Christmas!
Thank you Deb! We'll pass ot on!

Correct location..

Passing it along to my friend Tarek , wishing him a Happy New Year 2023, and all the best for the next year and many years after.

Try to not lose this coin , because this is your second.

Talk soon

Gave this coin to Deb and she kindly passed it back with our lovely Christmas gift, I will pass it on at the food bank when I drop the generous donation that people made, thank you lymoon, Ravi, joanne

I've held on to this coin long enough and have found the perfect person to pass it on to. During the pandemic Bitsy D. was one of many Zumba instructors to teach via social media but Bitsy choose to teach on zoom free of charge to all of her students. But now that "lockdown" has been over for quite some time she not only has her home life, her work life, teaching Zumba at a health facility, she is one of the only instructors I know that continues to teach over Zoom and it's still free to all her students. And that's just one of the many acts of kindness Bitsy has done.

Received my coin as a Christmas present from my sister Deb. I think Deb and myself will "Be the Good" together, coming up with ideas of how to do this the best. Once we decide on what we are going to do, I will come back and update this story. Some choices are: helping a homeless person or helping a low income elderly person.

Some kind stranger gave it to me. I'm so happy!!

I got this coin from a friend a couple of years ago. Just came across it. Looking forward to passing it on!

This coin is for Katie. Let's make our world a better place for everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, gender, or differences. Even the smallest kindness can change the course of the future.

THEre is
the world.

Please use this butterfly coin to be the good in our world!

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