Coin Stories

The first 5th grade parent passed this coin on to me. I'll share two ways in which I helped someone recently. The first situation was part of an organized event, in which volunteers deliver care packages of homemade soup and bread to a member of our temple community - could be someone who is sick, had a death in the family, etc. Much of the time the volunteer drops off the care package and leaves. I made a delivery to an elderly woman who had recently moved into a retirement home, and instead of "dropping and running," we sat down in the common room and had a lovely visit for around 15-20 minutes. I think she really appreciated the outreach from the temple, and the opportunity to socialize with someone who was interested in what she had to say.
Second situation - I was picking up my car from the dealer after some repairs. The person I needed was helping a dad, who had his young daughter (3 years old) with him. The daughter was distracting them a little bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. Until she picked up the stapler and the employee had to take it away (not the father). This continued a few more times, still the father did nothing. I went over and took the stapler from her, brought her a foot or two away from the desk, and started playing with her so the employee and the dad could finish their business. Funny thing was, this random act of kindness was GREATLY appreciated by the employee. Not sure the dad even noticed!

Received at my retirement ceremony on 27SEP2019 from a friend with high energy, and a positive outlook :-) Thank you!

Looking for a good opportunity to pass this along and track the journey.

I am giving this coin to honor Ginger on Boss's Day.
Awesome BOSSome! She's the best.

This coin was given to me for my birthday in Portland, Oregon, by a dear friend.

Nov 12, 2019. I received this beautiful coin today from Jerry at the 29th Honor Flight orientation at the Tucson International Airport. I was so honored and humbled by his gracious act of kindness. Jerry has a big heart and spreads his gratitude to veterans by presenting them with a wood pencil holder that he makes for each and every vet going on the honor flight. He shows up at every orientation and personally thanks the vets as he gives them his special gift. It is a privilege and honor to work with and know Jerry. His gift of passing on the coin to me was very heart warming.
Karen Baker

Received my coin yesterday (10-10-19) to my surprise and delight from my childhood neighbor and his wife (my new friend). I love butterflies. This means so much to me.

I received this coin from a friend. Had a fun evening catching up and sharing stories from our childhood !
Myrtle Beach 10/11/19

I received this coin from my friend,Nancy who shared her knee walker with me as I contemplate foot surgery. I have given the coin to another friend, after I gave her a certificate for a free night and breakfast in a hotel for two in Saratoga Springs, this last Sept. I know they enjoyed their stay. Mary

I bought a set of coins to remind us to practice and/or recognize kindness. Today, I gave one to a wonderful nurse at Mayo Clinic St Mary's hospital in Rochester MN, Brenda H.

John had surgery this week and is in the hospital at least until tomorrow. He's had tubes and monitors, been poked and prodded, lots of vital signs, blood draws, etc. Nobody likes being in the hospital. Brenda has been his nurse quite a bit of the time, and has been great. She has been working double shifts yet is still pleasant and helpful. She puts up with John's wry humor and complaints. She does her job very well and makes it easier for her patients.

Thank you, Brenda, for taking such good care of John and all of your patients.

10/10/19 given to Gracie S for coming along with her sister to help brighten up the day for Doug and me!!
Myrtle Beach,SC

This coin is going to Deborah W. For catching up with his old friend, Doug and giving him the pleasure of remembering old times.
Myrtle Beach, SC 10/10/19

This coin was given to me by Jessica Melchior, along with a lovely note! My act of kindness was buying my colleague Melanie McCulley coffee and sent her a not about how much I look up to her. She has the coin now and I know, she'll pay it forward!
-Emily Pratt

This coin begins it's journey in Kapaa, Hawaii with my business friend Robert! I'm sure it will bring joy to many people as it travels person to person blessing those who receive it with kind words and kind deeds.

I am starting this beautiful coin's journey from Bridgewater, NJ! I received it from Mr. Diskin, the principal of Eisenhower Intermediate School a week ago & and will send it aflight today with my act of kindness: a little box of goodies (hot chocolate & tea, snacks & handmade bookmarks!) for the faculty and staff of this incredible school. Hopefully on this gloomy fall day, something in the box can bring forth a smile and reaffirm knowledge that they are appreciated.

Sun Knapp
Parent of 5th grader Isabella

Today October 7, 2019 I gave this special coin to Maureen Gutsch. I Sue Falco is blessed to know her. She is one of the most gentle souls. She is the sweetest little lady I know. I gave her this coin to let her know she is one of the 🌞 sunshine’s in my life. When I am in her presence I feel so peaceful. May God bless and protect this unique young lady. Much love 💕 my dear friend.

I received this beautiful butterfly coin today from my cousin Judith (Cookis) Rubens in remembrance of our cousin Hope Cookis Mccarthy, who was one of the most loving, beautiful, caring people I’ve ever met. She leaves behind two brilliant, exceptional children Erika & Thomas. Sweet Hope, you will NOT be forgotten!!

Here I am.

I'm here.

First Coin.

I only ordered one coin but was given a second for being a Bookcrossing member!

This beautiful coin will be making its way to Marty -- Judith and Holly's cousin on the Cookis/Freelander side. Like her cousin, Hope, Marty is always thinking of others and trying to lend a hand.

This coin is flying to my dear friend Sallie. Happy Birthday! You’re always kind to everyone. You care, you give, you listen, you’re fun, you’re my Uber driver, you go to McDonald’s and you’re the best friend a person could have. I know you would be there in an emergency if I needed you. Have a wonderful birthday month!! Love is being sent your way. 💗❤️🦋🦋

I have the honor of being the first parent in the 5th Grade to start this coin's story. My goal was to practice a random act of kindness. Here is what I did. We have a large parking lot at work and due to my time of arrival I park in a spot close to the entrance. When I was departing work one day I asked the group I was walking out with, "hey, where are you guys parked?" They stated, "all the way in the back." I replied, "hop in my car, I will drive each of you to your vehicles." They all smiled and stated "really, you're going to do that? No one has ever done that before." They all piled in my car and I drove each to their vehicle. You can tell this gesture had a positive impact in their day and going forward when given the chance I will do this again. Amazing how a simple action can have such a positive impact in one's day!

braving heavy rain in Nebraska this a.m.

seeking out Freedom Rocks, spent the thunderstorm night in Bellvue Nebraska!

This very special coin will be presented October 5, 2019 at the hattitide convention for the Donna M Saunders foundation . What a wonderful women think is happening at this event is that I am receiving an award- given to me by them. What they don’t know is that this coin will be given to them (from their friend Donna, through me !). Their college friend Donna for a valiant fight for breast cancer and they have honored her legacy ever since she lost her battle by providing funding education and assistance to those who are battling this her Renda’s disease. Their college friend Donna fought a valiant fight for breast cancer - and they have honored her legacy ever since she lost her battle / by providing funding , education and assistance to those who are battling this horrendous disease .

I was blessed to receive this coin from a very sweet coworker/friend.
I really do anything "spectacular". Another friend/coworker admired my "breast cancer" bracelet and asked where I got it as she has a friend who is a survivor. I honestly don't know where I got it, probably at a fund raiser. so, I took it off and gave it to her to give her friend. Hey, I've lost too many friends to this cancer and it would mean much more to me to have a "survivor" wear this bracelet than if I do. That was my simple story. Now I'm excited to see who I can pass this on to! Share Joy! <3

Heading to the Bruce Family in Alabaster, Alabama.

Heading to Alabaster. Alabama.

This Coin was received and what a beautiful surprise!! It will be traveling back to the East Coast - Elliott City MD.

Thank so much to my sister from another mister for this great gift!!!!!

I am sending this coin to George and Ginger Trefz. This couple have been working as volunteers in the Homestead at Mansfield Community in Columbus New Jersey since they moved in. They have given countless numbers of hours to make the community as wonderful as it is today. They are also constantly helping their neighbors in whatever needs they have. In addition to working for the community they also volunteer at their local church. If more people took a lesson from their book it would be a much better world.

Acts of kindness will always bring a smile to the receiver. Have some fun with this coin and when you see an opportunity to pass it on let it fly away and watch its travel. Smiles are worth a million dollars!!

Acts of kindness will always bring a smile to the receiver. Have some fun with this coin and when you see an opportunity to pass it on let it fly away and watch its travel. Smiles are worth a million dollars!!

Acts of kindness will always bring a smile to the receiver. Have some fun with this coin and when you see an opportunity to pass it on let it fly away and watch its travel. Smiles are worth a million dollars!!

Acts of kindness will always bring a smile to the receiver. Have some fun with this coin and when you see an opportunity to pass it on let it fly away and watch its travel. Smiles are worth a million dollars!!

This coin was passed along to an amazing man/family whose lives passed ours while my mother was on hospice at the Elaine Center in 2019. We didn’t know Jason’s story while we spent our days/time visiting there, but we got to know his smile/eyes and see him improve. He is strong and I know he is fighting to get better each and every day. Someday he will go home but we know it will take some time, money, prayers and the love and support of his family and many friends along the way! His family (mother) was always so kind to mom (and us) ... they have already given an act of kindness to us! We stopped by today to share stories, hugs and to give a smile and small monetary gift towards some expenses. I know they will continue to bless others and we surely will keep the Laguerre family on our thoughts and prayers during the days ahead!

To Gia Randazzo, a dear friend who's more like family. Gia has been a tremendous source of positivity and support, not only to me personally, but to my daughter in particular. At a time when things were turning upside-down for my child, Gia stepped in with countless displays of support and compassion in ways that few others would. I am constantly amazed and impressed by her ability to love and support others. She has been there, without ever being asked, to do the supportive things, like being a shoulder to cry on... all the way to the tough things like helping us move in an emergency situation. To our very own Earth Angel, I'm passing on this special coin to you... and I know you'll find an amazing place to pay it forward.

This Monarch originated in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was given to Erin, she is also Vegas Born. Erin is an amazing woman that I am proud to call my daughter. She always puts other people’s needs first. She is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around, for her laugh and her thoughtfulness to her family and friends. Although she is a distance away, I keep her close to my heart. Erin, hold on to this monarch for as long as you need to, but when you are ready, I hope you release it to someone as special as you are. I love you with all my heart, Mom

This coin was given to Teresa Huxhold in her birthday card. Teresa has a heart of gold and always has her hand out to assist others. I have been the recipient of her kindness many times and wanted her to know how much she is appreciated.

Last week I cooked some dinners for members of our church in need. We have a Daily Bread freezer to store dinners for members who are sick or have a baby.

I purchased this coin for my beautiful mother Bette. She has helped so many people and creatures big and small. I thought this coin would be a perfect way to thank her for the love and kindness she has shown me. The butterflies thank you too mom!!!🦋

After receiving this coin from Jen I passed it on to a coworker and friend, Mary. I had a knee walker that I used following foot surgery and it made the getting around so much easier than crutches. My friend is anticipating foot surgery herself. I passed along the knee walker to her so that her recovery will hopefully be a little easier. ...Nancy

This coin was given to me by my sweet friend, Joan for my Birthday ❤️

I am so very grateful to be a part of your life and the life of your beautiful children. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey of friendship with all of you. Love, Gina

Shawna showed me what a real woman is, how youth can blend with age & love!

I was taking the hole class is conpters

I helped my friend take his computer because he had so much stuff to do so i helped him out

Someone paid for my food at Bob Evans. The server gave me this coin.

I purchased this coin for my sister Beth who has helped me and so many others with her time, generosity, knowledge and kindness. It is a reminder that she makes a difference in the lives of those around her and inspires me to pay it forward. ❤️

I was blessed as the new superintendent of the USD 305 Salina, Kansas Public Schools to have a caring, dedicated, newly elected president of the Board of Education in Nedra Elbl. We made a great team-two strong Christians who believe in grace, the value of every member of the our school family and that leadership matters. Nedra honored me with a Butterfly Coin. Now I pass this coin on to another leader, just like Nedra Elbl, caring, dedicated and in this case, one who values every member of the Northwest Wichita, Kansas YMCA family: Ginny Wong-Newman.
The Northwest YMCA in Wichita, Kansas is the largest YMCA in the United States in term of physical size, membership, and daily use. Ginny is the glue that holds the organization together. She is a positive, enthusiastic force for good, making every one of the 27,000 members of the "Y" family feel valued and important. Ginny is what servant leadership looks like. She is in constant motion planning special events,taking care of the details, making it look easy while the rest of us marvel at the results. She is a blessing.
With this all in mind, I now pass this Butterfly Coin, which took flight in Salina, Kansas now in Wichita, Kansas to Ginny Wong-Newman of the Northwest Wichita, YMCA. September 2019

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