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Ready to start my new journey

Ready to start a new journey

Ready to start my new journey

Ready to start my new journey

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Butterfly coin presented to Lisa Wiebenga, volunteer with Monarch Research and Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA.

I received this coin from Kellye in Tulsa. For now it’s on my coffee table, reminding me of her many months of kindness when I lived at her home. She treated me like family and trusted me with her children. I will never forget her kindness in my need of hope.

January 17th, 2021
My dear god mother died exactly 2 years ago. She was an amazing, spiritual lady. She even edited and wrote spiritual books. Two years ago, my birthday buddy (Daniel) cheered me up by bringing this coin to during my early stages of grief. It was a rough ride the first year, mostly because we did not have her memorial till a year later. As the anniversary passing date was coming up this year, my family friend lost his father. I thought, how can I support this beloved friend of mine? I immediately thought of the medallion and how cosmic that it was close to a grief anniversary in my life. It made me feel better and like I was releasing something, which I'm guessing is what this coin is all about, right? It's not so much the receiving of it and kindness extended to you as the individual. For me, it's more about the carrying of this coin and being able to release it finally. In some ways, this has made me heal a little bit. It feels complete. I hope the same for my friend. He has known me since I was a little girl, around the same amount of time my god mama knew me. He has the most giving and generous heart. I know he'll take good care of it, and I know he deserves kindness in the world because he gives a lot of himself to others. I am so happy to just offer a little bit back. I also know that he will carefully consider the next person who gets this. This is the true spirit of this coin, kindness and releasing it. May whoever reads this know, I am with you. I know your pain. I hope you will meet me on the other side, where breaths aren't as heavy and sorrow doesn't cloud your heart. I hope you will hold on to the beautiful gift life is and how the people who are gone, well their not really gone. They live inside you. They also give you signs. This coin is one of them.
-Love you mama, love you forever

Diese Coin habe ich in der Bücherbox von trinschen gefunden - meine erste Münze - spannend! Sie reist in der Box wieder weiter.
Liebe Grüße aus dem WienerWald, efell

This coin made it to Oviedo, Florida with the help of my very kind and thoughtful student! Can't wait to see where it travels to next!


I purchased this coin because I am a citizen scientist with Monarchs. I have been raising, testing for OE, and tagging Monarchs for years. This is my passion. I was blessed to be able to go to Mexico in 2018 and visit several of the Monarch wintering areas. A dream come true to see this sight. I am now passing this on to my dear friend and neighbor, Nancy Dunn. I introduced her to Monarchs several years ago. She is a birder and wildflower member, so it was natural to teach her about rearing Monarchs. When I go out of town she watches my cats and chrysalis. She is a true friend that is so kind.

Given to Bridgette Cudzilo for being our realtor extraordinaire who went above and beyond to make our dreams possible!

I am passing this coin on to my sister-in-law God speed and many blessings, from Portage,in

I was given this coin in 2018 for Christmas from my Aunt Sue. I’d been holding onto it waiting for the right kind act.

My car was part of a hit and run crash while parked on the street. In theory the driver could have gotten away without penalty. Luckily a kind neighbor saw the person hit my car and went out of his way to leave a note on my windshield with the license plate of the driver. His act of kindness truly saved me from a huge financial burden. I will be forever grateful.

I got this coin from my neighbors for Christmas. Fox T

I was given this coin by someone who’s helped bring me back from the brink and I’ve helped him as well. The kindness I’ve given him is why he gave me this coin. I hope it spreads more love and kindness through its journey.

God give me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Found by a volunteer in donation bin at Ridgefield Thrift Shop.

I got this coin from a bookcrosser during a holiday gift exchange.
I’ve attached a geocache trackable to it and sent it on its journey visiting geocaches and spreading kindness.

May you spread love and kidness in the world. May you develope awareness, oneness, and prosper in spirit letting that spiritual energy guide you on the road of happy destiny.

I recieved this coin from my friend June. The best friendships teach us how to love and care for one another. I've now known June for almost a quarter of a century. She first came into my life while I was going through a painful divorce that left me as a single parent. I could have never made it through that time without her friendship! We are both from VA and we would often travel in a convoy on the road to visit family (it was a comfort to not make that trip alone). She also provided a ride sometimes for my son, either coming or going, to visit his Virginia grandparents when it would have been hard for me to get off work and make the trip. June showed me during that time what it means to be a steadfast true friend. I hope to always follow her example in my friendships. We haven't seen each other in almost 7 years (hoping to change that after COVID), but everytime we talk, it is as if no time at all has passed. I hope to do something special for a friend this year that honors what I've learned about friendship from June. Not sure who I'll pass this coin along to, but I'm sure that at the right time, I'll know the right person.

Thank you for propagating and cultivating a few of the worlds most interesting plants. Thank you for your generosity.

Received as a gift from my wife for Christmas 2020, one of several gifts on the theme of travel. Since 2020 has been a year of very limited travel, I'm looking forward to watching my coin and its kindness fly around the world in 2021!

Holiday gift, December 2020.

Found this beauty out in the Manilla dunes humboldt county while searching for my lost marbles....

Thank you for working safely. Merry Christmas. Spread the LUV!

John and Darlene,
This coin starts its journey with you. My heart will forever be greatful for what you did for my daughter this Christmas. ❤ your kind heart and generosity has been such a blessing to my family. You two are the most kind hearted couple I have met in recent years. John the world would be a little dimmer without your jokes and your personality. Darlene, you have such a kind heart and you're always there to help someone in need.

My hope is that you will take this coin, write a note and pass it on to someone who has touched your soul as you have mine. Then log into your account every so often to follow its journey. Knowing it all started with you. Merry Christmas John and Darlene!

-Samantha Bush

Found this beautiful coin on an early morning adventure in Trinidad, California.

This butterfly coin began its journey in Valparaiso, IN. I am giving it to my son’s girlfriend for Christmas.
Do Good & Fly On ❤️

This butterfly coin began its journey in Valparaiso, IN. I am giving it to my sister in law for Christmas.
Do Good & Fly On ❤️

This butterfly coin began its journey in Valparaiso, IN. I gave it to my Mother in law for Christmas.
Do Good & Fly On ❤️

This butterfly coin journey begins in Valparaiso, IN. I am giving it to my Grandma for Christmas.
Do Good & Fly On ❤️

This butterfly coin is starting its journey in Valparaiso, IN. I’m giving this coin to my mom for Christmas.
Do Good & Fly On ❤️

My Aunt Marry Kay recently passed and I found this coin when I was cleaning my room shortly after we came back home from her funeral in Butte. I am not sure if I should give this coin to someone if they do a kind deed or if I do a kind deed for them and pass it on, but I know I an going to give it to someone soon. In this time with COVID-19 there is plenty of kindness around.

Given to Jen Hart who supported her team and clinic during a pandemic while wearing multiple hats with added responsibilities. Jen advocated for adequate PPE for patient and staff safety, revised workflows unique to primary care, and helped to create an innovative nursing role within the clinic. This new role will provide needed support to front end operations, support the mission of the clinic, and provide better care to the population they serve. Jen is a dedicated leader who seeks out opportunities for improvement and the staff and patients are lucky to have Jen in this role. Thank you Jen!

Received this coin from my neighbor, for offering help during the corona crisis.

Today the journey starts.
This coin will be given to someone I really care for at Xmas 2020 and hopefully, it will travel a lot and spreads joy and connection.

Today the journey starts.
This coin will be given to someone I really care for at Xmas 2020 and hopefully, it will travel a lot and spreads joy and connection.

Today the journey starts.
This coin will be given to someone I really care for at Xmas 2020 and hopefully, it will travel a lot and spreads joy and connection.

Today the journey starts.
This coin will be given to someone I really care for at Xmas 2020 and hopefully, it will travel a lot and spreads joy and connection.

The light of one the worlds most beautiful souls went out on us this year, but that won’t stop all the wonderful things she stood for from carrying that light forward. This coin spreads love and support, the same as the light we lost. 💕

I’m passing this coin onto a friend who came in to my life when I was swallowed up by grief. He has stood beside me with honour, wisdom, friendship and most importantly, kindness. Grateful that God answered my prayers that day. I prayed for a friend to walk beside and He answered my prayers in abundance. Thank you for all the good memories to fade out the bad ones. Thank you for your kindness.

Coin is traveling from
Wichita Ks. to Sioux Falls S.D.

Giving this Coin to

On her Birthday. My hands shake too bad to write her a personal note.

But I want her to know I think of her every day & she is always in my prayers.

With Love,
Uncle Bill

Helped shop for food for my neighbor during much of the corona pandemic. She is medically compromised and had many fears of leaving her home.

this coin was gifted to me by a very special person. part of what makes her so special is her dedication to helping preserve our monarch butterflies.
i am gifting this coin to another special person who finds and expresses the world's beauty.

Thank you so much for this coin. I will try to come up with a good plan for passing it on.

Given to Paul and Elizabeth Berthelsen for their work and passion towards including pollinator habitat benefits in their property in Minnesota.

Given to Nicole Hasheider of the National Corn Growers Association for her work and passion towards promoting and including pollinator habitat benefits with new projects across the country.

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