Coin Stories

Given to my friend Mary Franzel for her it forward Mary!

To the kind person who always cares for others.

It has landed in fargo. But will soon to heading to Knoxville, TN this coming week

I received this coin after helping a man with his broken-down car.
I fixed the problem and he gave me this coin as reward.

Found in a geocache in Peculiar, MO. Looking forward to sharing love with this coin.

Die Münze habe ich in der Bücherbox gefunden. Als Geocacher und Bookcrosser mache ich gerne einen Eintrag. von diesen Münzen habe ich ja schon gelesen.
Sie macht sich mit der Box weiter auf den Weg.
Viele Grüße aus Grevenbroich von Köbi

My brother has always helped me and I try my best to help him. My sister helps everyone and hardly has time for herself and hopefully will pass the coin on when the time comes.

It was given to me by my brother who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August of 2019. By summer of 2021 he was considered clear of cancer but still has to be monitored every 3 months. Sending the Butterfly coin onto my sister in Arizona who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent double mastectomy. All good for now. We are grateful for their well being and God looking over them.

This coin was purchased in 2019 and has awaited its journey until just the right time. Now is that time. This beautiful Butterfly has found its place with you! You who will appreciate the Beauty for which she is and for what she stands for.
Hold her for as long or as short a time as you feel is right. Then, please pass her on to someone you feel will add to her voyage and document her travels.
Please do not forget to add your story of how she came to you, how you felt, where you are in this world and how she may have changed you, if even for a little while.

Continue to Be the Butterfly

Für Coco, die vermutlich schon mehrere tausend Male in ihrem Leben eine Butterfly-Münze hätte weitergeben können, wenn sie denn dann gerade eine gehabt hätte.

Started by Janis in Gainesville, Virginia

I'm so glad this coin is on the move and bringing joy 😊

Passing this along to a very dear friend. Meant to months ago, kept forgetting. It kept me company during many hours sitting at my desk, but now it's time for it to move on.

I am the founder and president of a nonprofit organization called Joe Boys Poker Run Inc. The purpose of this organization is to help defend an individual (in our area) with their battle against cancer. We are primarily bikers but our supporters go far beyond people that ride on two wheels. This coin was given to me on the day of our 10th annual poker run by a man I haven’t seen in a long time. A former scout master from when I was a Boy Scout. Thank you Dan! I can’t tell you how much your support means to me and how honored I am to receive this coin!

I'm ashamed to say this has been sitting on my writing bureau for AGES waiting to be journalled here. I just saw the link on the BC side bar which galvanised me to rectify the matter! My plan is to include it in the next surprise book parcel I send. (Hopefully that won't take me another 9 months.) Oh, just realised this is a separate website to Bookcrossing. (It's been a long week.) Anyway, in case I can't edit this entry if I go and sign up - greetings from Bookfrogster!

I received this coin from a dear friend, one who understands hospitality in the ancient sense, is intellectually vigorous, and great fun to play with. I carried it for longer than I meant to, but I'm ready to pass it on.

I am giving it someone who definitely rises to the level of "chosen family" for me. A friend and colleague whose kindness and perception have been both anchor and lighthouse at different times in my journey. She is a minister who embodies the vocation as few ever manage, and a sense of humor large enough to encompass the absurdity of life. I'm sure wherever this coin goes after it leaves her possession it will be enriched for having spent time with her.

I was given this coin by my good friend Guy Ellis for my birthday on December 12, 2018 in Nacogdoches Tx. I am going to give this to my newly discovered brother Steve Traweek in Santa Rosa Ca when we meet for the first time on his 71st birthday in October 2021. ❤️

I received this amazing coin last evening at a women’s recovery meeting. Our host gave one to all of us to pass along kindness in the world. I LOVE the idea and the coin itself. I’m looking forward to paying it forward.♥️

Aneela and Esme held onto this coin for 2 years and now they are finally ready to let it fly away with a new friend. They let their friend take home some toys from their toy bin.

I bought this coin and am intending to pass it on to Katrina and David, the parents of a child I am currently carrying as a surrogate, when the child is born. In the UK commercial surrogacy is illegal, the only form of surrogacy allowed is altruistic surrogacy (no payment to the surrogate except to cover surrogacy-related expenses), so I think it's quite a kind thing to do!

A butterfly coin is particularly fitting for this act of kindness, as butterflies are symbols of fertility. A monarch butterfly is even more appropriate, as the colour orange is also associated with fertility.

I am really looking forward to helping Katrina and David to finally have the family they so want and deserve, and to seeing where my coin will go on its travels.

Sweet Elsa,
You truly showed compassion, love and truth to us. Thanks for not sugar-coating anything. Thank you for keeping our mother calm and in-the-know! This world could use more Elsas❤️.
Love, Jennifer and Barb

Dottie Mann
Your love, strength and faith in Jesus have carried us. Thank you for loving our Aunt Patty like Jesus does❤️
Barb and Jennifer

My coin is on its way from Bishopton to Tyldesley, to my amazing friend who has recently embarked upon her journey to be a surrogate, one of the kindest things a person can do for another.

This coin is currently in Denver, Colorado on its way to Polson, Montana. As the coin travels, it’s owner, Selkirk, continues to contribute to the life of others by introducing them to new activities and adventures. His charity is one of the greatest benevolent achievements as it comes in the form of irreplaceable memories comprised of his inspiring spontaneous nature and infectiously good spirits.

I gave this going to my server at Pearson International Airport she seemed to be working understaffed and was working the room expertly.

We picked this coin up on a recent geocaching trip. The next day, we stopped at a business that had moved and the guy in the repair shop next door saw me reading the note on the door. He asked if I knew how to find the new location which I didn't. He was kind enough to take time out of his day to explain to me how to find it. I will place this coin in another geocache and hope that the finder is the receiver of a kind deed.

Hi Scarlett
I’m in California and I was thinking of you!
Love you

Dieser Münze kam mit einer Bücherkiste über BookCrossing bei mir an. Ich sende liebe Grüße und Gottes Segen aus dem schönen Sindelfingen (Schwabenlände, Baden-Württemberg)

Liebe Grüße
Eure FeuerLöwin

PS: schade das es die Seite nicht auf Deutsch gibt.

Received as a 60th birthday gift from my Son whilst staying at Walworth Castle, Darlington UK
Hoping those who receive this coin will be blessed and be able to bless others by spreading loving kindness. Its what the world needs ❤

(Sallie gave this coin back to me as I did give her one on her birthday.)

I am sending this coin on to my lovely daughter, Erin, for her 40th birthday. Erin, you deserve this kindness coin for your inspiration to the "you're such a catch community" as well as for your kindness to your family, friends and humanity in general. No-one is a stranger to you. You have rededicated your life to helping others by sharing your life experiences on a podcast. You are an intelligent, caring, humorous and kind person. You have permission to pass this coin forward to another kind, deserving person. Add your story to this coin's journey and "do good and fly on".
Remember, I will love you always. Mom

I wonder where this coin is now....

I have given this coin to my sister in honor of the huge step of faith she took today. Rocio, YOU ARE BLESSED! Remember to give it all to God and he will return it to you transformed and multiplied. Love you Rocio!

P.S. Deliverance is the Children's Bread!

2 months ago near 15115 Vandagriff Dr, Lakeway, TX 78734, USA
Received this in key west , fl from someone who passed on some free tickets they were unable to use.

hi scarlett!! i’m just sitting in this cliff in la jolla with santos and it’s beyond beautiful. just sitting here thinking about you and that beautiful smile and how much i miss you. love you so much -mya<3

I was honored to receive this coin from Emily who was not only a valued colleague, but now a treasured friend. I have had a wonderful experience at To Life! and have met incredible colleagues and breast cancer survivors and thrivers. As I move on in the next chapter of my life, I pass this coin to Sue with all best wishes. She welcomed me from day one and has been nothing but kind every day that we have worked together. Thank you, Sue. This coin is much deserved.
Melanie McCulley

I received this coin from my cousin. I now plan on passing it on to a very kind, deserving person, who is very special to me.🦋

Found this gem after a nice walk in the redwoods. I will set it free for the next person to fly free and share kindness. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

I've prepared a special 'sandwich' for my roomate :3

The Empress Hannah!!!!! Turkey has been very trying and no matter what was going on I knew there was one person here who was always Team Debbie. You are a Beautiful Unique Trusted Thoughtful Empathetic Reliable Faithful Loyal Youthful person whom I can no longer call a friend but a sister. You and I have spent so much time together and it’s so refreshing to meet someone and instantly connect like we did. You have such a kind heart and I feel honored to know you and love you. Thank you for being my family. Thank you for letting me be part of yours. This is just see you later because I can’t wait to visit you and meet your beautiful kids and of course John Paul. I pray for you and I know deep down in my heart your time is coming. I wish people see you the way I do, because what i see is a butterfly who has yet to see just how beautiful and amazing she is. I love you Hannah!!!!!!!!!!

Dieser Coin wurde von mir während des BC-Treffens in Clausthal-Zellerfeld am 21.08.2021 bewundert.

Bought this coin as a reminder to pay kindness forward, and to be kind to myself. Will pass it on when the time comes

Zum BC-Treffen in Clausthal-Zellerfeld ging dieser Coin interessiert von Hand zu Hand, aber es hatte noch niemand einen Butterfly-Account. Grüße vom Treffen!

I lost it 3 times tried to find it but I found it finally my grandma got it for my berth day

So glad to be able to be able to pick up right where we left off. So thankful for your friendship! You are beautiful inside and out xoxo Cookie

I received this coin from my coworker and mentor Hal at IBM in Austin, TX. He introduced me to this project and i thought it was a great idea. He gave me a coin to start spreading kindness. This coin has been with me for a few years now and its ready to be passed along to my sister, who always shows kindness, and will love the idea of this project as well. Lets see how far this coin can get.

I just received this coin today and I looking forward to sharing with someone and improving their day.

I just received this coin today and cannot wait to share it and bring a smile to someone's face.

I just received this butterfly today and cannot wait to share it with someone that needs a helping hand.

Alyssa’s bachelorette party weekend!! 🦋💜💜 thinking of you babygirl, I’ll tell you more later about how fun and crazy and amazing this weekend was, love you always and forever ❤️❤️🦋💜🦋

My family and I are known as 'Marshfield Monarchs'. 5 years ago we made it our mission to do what we could to help the monarch population while helping others to learn more about them as well. In the last 5 years we've raised and released over 8,000 monarchs, have created several monarch habitats in our town and continue to teach about and share our butterflies with those around us. We have a Facebook page where others can follow what we do. In sharing our butterflies we also want to spread joy and kindness as this world so desperately needs it. I purchased these coins in hopes that they will do just that and hopefully travel all over just as our butterflies do.
I say in some of my posts: Lots of ❤ and 🦋😘😘.
Love, Marshfield Monarchs

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